Day #124 – “Memoir Writing”


Guess What Dearest Readers, Writers, Subscribers & Anyone Else Reading My
“365 Day Somethings” Blog…?

I just popped into give you an update on what I have been up to today.

I hope that I don’t disappoint any of you, but today’s blog post will be a short 1.
memoir.jpgWhat do I mean when I say a short 1..? well a short 1 – no 1000 -3000 long-winded writes.


As if I needed to add anything else to by self-imposed daily busy schedule I have signed up for a course titled “Kick Start Your Memoir – Writing Exercises” with Udemy “A Global Marketplace For Learning & Instruction.
Course Link & Details Here

I am working hard at chronicling my life’s story in my daily writtings so I figured that taking a course that would not only spur on my thoughts but I was hoping to find an ‘ah ha moment’ in how to put the story of my life together in some sort of chronicled write.

My course instructors name is Dale…
Dale is a writer, coach and author. Her aim is to teach you how to Kickstart Your Memoir by going through a set of wonderful writing exercises. (exercises, assessment tasks, assessments.. oooh how I look forward to these).

I am looking forward to starting and undertaking the 10 chapetrs of this Kickstart Memoir Writting Course, I look forward to taking under my wing and nurturing the memories that will flow from theworkbook that is supplies, the many exercises and of course the flood of writting that I expect to scrawl into my notebook. I know that this writing will also help till fill out my daily journaland other daily writing adventures.

Why a Memoir Writting Course.. Why A Memoir ??
The answer to these questions are simple for me to answer… I want to leave my Children & My Future Decendants a story & a timeline of how we as a Family began our days.. & how as individuals they grew to be the people that they are… whilst learning from me all about me and my life’s story.

Here is where I will begin my Memoir Writing – Yet Untitled & Ready To Be Written.

Who are you?
What is your story?
Why are you writing your memoir?
What is the most important thing you want to discover?
What are the life experiences that make you who you are?
If you were to view your life from an outsider’s point of view, what would you know about your life?

So Udemy & The The Early Days Of Writting Of My Memoir Here I Come…

Author. Tanya Kelly