I Am Learning This Week To Know Myself

Today it was proposed to me that I enter a call to myself mission and put a few of my loose ends into the spotlight and find a workable model that will serve to enhance me and my life’s journey.

“T.I.L.Y.B” an acronym given to me by my fellow ‘sista scripta’s’ an acronym that I will reveal its meaning and the outcome of its 7 days of learned experiences to in a weeks time.

My ‘sista scripta’s’ have become my unofficial accountability partners… they call me on my bullshit, they call me out on my days of lack of self acceptance… all with love, care and genuine concern to give.

To my Sista Scripta’s…

Let the journey to accountability, self discovery and self acceptance begin.

Day #1

T.I.L.Y.B… this week you have vowed that recruit yourself into the movement of finding your life of 10’s… a movement of getting to know oneself on a deeper level.

I am no stranger to the stories that make up my life… but I have come to recognise that I hide behind the persona of the person that I have put a happy & smiling face to whilst hiding the true self that lives in me from my own reflection in life’s mirror.

Part of this weeks task put forward by my sista scripta’s in to look for and identify my own life and where I see I am on a scale of 1-10… a task that will enable me to see my life & its levels for what it truly is… no bullshit and no sugar coating… just a scaled rawness of me and my life of 10’s.

So here I am on day 1 of a 7 day journey where I will find myself & where I am in my life’s journey through a series of self discovering activities.

(Level 10 life is a thought process, a way of life, and a journey to becoming a better person through personal development, receiving and providing mentoring, self-help, and changing behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and cognitions.)

Tomorrow’s activity will be based on the wheel of life assessment tool… by the end of day 7 I will have a clearer picture of who I what my level of satisfaction is in 10 areas of my life… a self discovery tool that will put me on the path to levelling up who I am in my own life.

Author. Tanya Kelly



3 thoughts on “I Am Learning This Week To Know Myself

  1. So nice to see you back here. I know you have had more than your share on your shoulders these last few weeks. Living in your 10’s can be life changing. Life is short enough without having to live a life doing things that do not satisfy us or bring us joy. Carry on, sister!

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