“…Stop Long Enough”

I was commended today for the courage and strength & support for others that I process but rarely claim ownership of… I was told to stop being so hard on myself, give myself a break and for once stop long enough in my controlling of things and give myself the chance to see the strength in those that I give my love, heart, trust, loyalty & protection to.

Before I had a chance to open my mouth and put my opinion across to what was brutal honesty being spoken to me out of love and concern… I heard the words “now don’t get your back up… I only said what I said because I give a damn… & once when I needed this pep talk not only did you deliver it to me… but you were a hell of a lot more direct and you didn’t even apologise !!”

I smiled like I have never smiled before… because I knew that the person who was grinning like a cheshire cat … laughing because they finally got a spoonful of my own medicine into the deliverance of a sentence… was right !!

I laughed and said wipe that smirk off your face… “this roll reversal will not last forever.”

It seems that the universe is delivering me messages bothe verbal and symbolic that are telling me to stop and be present in my here & now.

Author. Tanya Kelly


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