I’m Learning To Know Myself – Day# 4

—>> Continuing On With – “Plan B’ing My Life” <<–

This week it was proposed to me that I enter a call to myself mission and put a few of my loose ends into the spotlight and find a workable model that will serve to enhance me and my life’s journey.

My Journey in this my life thus far has been one of much learning. I have been a pharmacy assistant, a child care worker, a secretary, a computer/web technician, a web designer & a counsellor… amongst my little skill sets that I have shared with others.

I have taken the plunge and started the movement in footsteps towards my new journey…. I am interested in setting my goals and dreams… yesterday I was ready to take my first steps… and today I am committed !idea_plan_action.jpg

I spent my day doing what I promised myself that I would I took my diary’s today’s “to-do entry” & started making tangible progress to follow through with my “call to me mission.”

I Today have the F.A.B Model running along side me in my day to day life’s journey.
(What does F.A.B stand for ? F.A.B = Focus -> Attitude -> Belief – turning my can’ts into I Can, I Will Do & I have Done So…

Till Tomorrow’s Daily Write.

Author. Tanya Kelly


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