I’m Learning To Know Myself – Day #3

“Plan B’ing My Life”

This week it was proposed to me that I enter a call to myself mission and put a few of my loose ends into the spotlight and find a workable model that will serve to enhance me and my life’s journey.

“T.I.L.Y.B” an acronym given to me by my fellow ‘sista scripta’s’ an acronym that I will reveal its meaning and the outcome of its 7 days of learned experiences to in a weeks time.

My ‘sista scripta’s’ have become my unofficial accountability partners… they call me on my bullshit, they call me out on my days of lack of self acceptance… all with love, care and genuine concern to give.

To my Sista Scripta’s…

Let the journey to accountability, self discovery and self acceptance begin.

Today I awoke with a spring in my stumble filled walk… & after some reordering of my minds thoughts this week … I have been putting some of my life’s plan A movements into the background so that I can spend sometime in “reskilling in my plan B.”

Sorry to be vague right now… but still getting my ass off the fence where it has been busy collecting splinters – “Sharon Pearson.”

Sharon Pearson writes “change the objection into the objective”… so that is exactly what I am doing… I was just this week called into “A Call To Me Mission ” by my fellow Sista Scripta’s… so here is my day #3 call to me… the do something for me… stop procrastinating and meandering around things – stop going around things the long way let the winding path that I have been living find a more directional path… it’s time to end the circuitous path in this my journey through life.

Curious about what I am rambling on about? You will have to stay tuned…

I was asked one question this week and it was… “In a years time where do I want to be”… now that I know my direction “I Am Off … Treading Footsteps Plotting My Plan B Path”…

Author. Tanya Kelly


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