Writing Exercise Given To Me By My Online Writing Friend.

Last Monday (August 19th, 2019), I waa given a writing task by my online writing friend Maggie McLeod.

Maggie & my other online writing friend Lauren Swanberg feel that when I write something in any my daily writings that I write in a long winded manner snd have little to no self restraint in keep to a word or time limit… well I am not ashamed to admit that they are right in calling me out on my inability to just cut to the chase of my daily writings… & yep if I don’t have to keep to a time limit or word count then things seem to appear on my page or computer screen in a long winded verbal stout that happens between my mind that is always full of thought and my pen & paper that seems to dribble snd scribble out all that I hold within.

So the exercise instructions were this… write 1 page daily writing (no more, no finishing a sentence or thought on the next page… write 1 page and stop, even if I an to stop mid thoughts… oh geeeze 1 page…I never write just 1page)… when done send it to our online, anytime chat yo be reviewed on

Monday August 26th, 2019… well my dearest friendly writing accountability writers… I told you that I can write in short and that I don’t always need to write in a long winded manner…

So I took on my writing accountability friends and their daily writ& proposed that she send me a topic or subject line every day through this weeks writing task, I asked that she sent her daily topic or subject daily so that i would be held accountable for each day’s writing in each days here and no without being able to see the following days writings… I asked this of a Maggie because I know me…. I knew oh to well that if I was to be given the weeks topic or writing subject that I would just sit down and get the rask at hand done… I wanted to experience each days writing topic/subject as it came; 1 day at a time.

Challenge Excepted (please don’t tell Maggie that I Love Love Love challenges and love even more the concept of someone else asking me questions that they would like to have me answer… or have me look at topics that they think up.


Day # 1 –

“ Who would you choose to play you in the move of your life & why? ”

In my weekly catch up meeting with my two American friends, I was given a 7 day writing task that would have me answer 1 question daily for 7 days.

Question 1. Who would you choose to play you in the move of your life & why? The answer to this question would be a toss up between Mary.J Blige &

Christina Aguilera, both these women have fought hard to pull themselves out of the betrayals of their youth, sexual abuse and the very deeply felt feelings of shame and uninpowerment.

Believing that we were not only powerless but also the very reason they were violated and devistatingly hurt beyond all trust. They have both become powerful delivers of messages of self worth through their voice their musical words & lyrics.


Day # 2 –

“ Do you think that we die with the same soul that we are born with?”

I personally don’t feel that anything ever stays the same. How could it?… we are always learning and changing aspects of who we are in order to keep in touch with life’s changing ways.

I do however believe that our soul no matter what we experience in life is ever completely written over, there for sure would be part of our yesterdays soul, this part of yesterday’s soul I feel would find it’s way home in the morals, ethics and values that we build for ourselves and our lives that we build for ourselves.

Our souls are the purifiers of all that passes through our mind, bodies & heart. The bearer of all that we are.


Day # 3 –

“ What does being spiritual means to you? ”

It is worth me noting that there was a time that religion had a place in my heart, what I am saying here is this; I am not not religious it is just that religion has left me with

Far more questions than the answers that I seek.

For some people religion and spiritual connections go hand in hand, but in my life I feel that religion and spirituality live in worlds that are far apart from each others realistic vision, earthy vibes & of course what they mean to the people believing in the practices of both.

Spiritual means what it is that I feel inside, the power that gives my body the fuel and the inner moral standing to stand tall in the face of everything that wants to hold me down.


Day # 4 –

“ What is the value of laughter in your life? ”

The value of laughter in my own selves day holds an important imprint in my life. I feel that laughter is the souls life line, the medicine that gives us the opportunity to connect with others in a moment of light heartedness, no real emphasis on a behaviour, but instead laughter is a mood & a well being lifting experience that allows the mind and body to have a good giggle and jiggle.

For me, a life without laughter would be like living a life in mono-tone, I would never be able to read the non verbal cues of a person who displays no external expression.


Day # 5 –

“ What do you most love about yourself? ”

What I love about myself is the recipe of of me that keeps me on track to becoming the best me that I can be.

I love how i am always there for people, even when I know that my friendship and giving bus has has long since sailed.

I love hard and forgive far beyond my own hearts explanation, I hold people within my inner circle closer than I do anything else in my life.

Secondly I have a few moral and value traits that I follow & abide by in my day to day life. I believe in these values and morals and stand firm footed in the belief of them, unmovable & unapologetically stuck in the core morals and values of me.


Day # 6 –

“ If money was no object how would it change your life? ”

I have been asked this question many a times and my answer is this… of money was no object I would have to become a far greater humanitarian to others than I already sm. My best and worst parts of who I sm is the giving side that I freely begift to others. I have been told that I would rather give than receive, really a more cut my nose off to spite my face kind of a person…. I have a giving nature, so what can I say?

Money may make the world and its habits go round, we would all like a money pile, but I am a person who has all the wealth I need in the people that I have & hold dear to my heart. Money would have me sharing with those in need.


There it is my week long writing task given to by my online writing friend Maggie, spurred on by other online writing friend Lauren…. thank you guys for giving me a time and page limit writing challenge that was a challenge to do in terms of actually writing daily… but it was in the keeping of the 1 page limit – stopping



Tanya Kelly



3 thoughts on “Writing Exercise Given To Me By My Online Writing Friend.

  1. I think your words and thoughts are more impactful when you just write quickly without too much thought. I am grateful you played along. It reveals a piece of you seldom revealed in your longer writing.

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