All About Me In 80 Questions!!!!!!

All About Me In 80 Questions!!!!!!


Name. Tanya (after Tania makeup)Mary Johanne (after my maternal grandmothers) Dannielle (confirmation  name) Deegens (maidens name) Kelly (Married name).
Nickname. Ms.T, Yoda Guru
Age. 43
Birthday. September 2nd, 1976
Birthplace. Blacktown Hospital Sydney New South Wales
Current LocationAt Home In Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 
Eye Colour. Hazel 
Hair Colour. Dark Brown 
Piercings. 5 Piercings (2 done by myself)
Tattoos. None. Would love one but worry about getting a bad tattoo artist who will  leave me with a tattoo nightmare.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Stephen John Kelly (Been Together Since September  22nd, 1995.
Siblings. Brendon  (November 25th, 1974), Tracy (April 11th, 1978.
Colour. Blue, Medium/Dark Purples,  Olive Green, Silver, Charcoal Grey
Music. Music for me is a life line… my tastes in music rely heavily on the feelings and emotions of my day to day life.  There are way to many to list.
Sport. As a child I play netball (center, goal attack), softball (out fielder), indoor hockey, & volleyball. I like to watch clay shooting, archery, fencing, diving skeet shooting these days.
Holiday. I someday want to travel to greek islands or go on a Mediterranean cruise. Maybe see fiji, hawaiii, cocos islands or an african village. I am not much of a traveller, I like being home where I feel safe.
Food. I like many varieties of food.. Steak (medium to well), spaghetti bolognese, cavity stuffed chicken, pasta dishes (most)…  love bbq food, homemade Chinese 
Number. My Favourite Number Has Always Been #3
Movie. Dead Poets Society – Robin Williams 
Celebrity. Oprah Winfrey… A person who has steered my thoughts about me being myself in the direction of self acceptance.
Place. Yellow Rock & Woolongong Light House Are My Calming Places
Drink. Love Cocktails, Moscato (wine)..Jack Daniels & Great Northern Beer. Enjoy  orange juice, ice water and frozen drinks.
Day Of Week. Friday & Saturdays…. no run days
Month. September because it’s spring – a time for new life to begin… all is new and fresh
City. Sydney… couldn’t imagine being anything other than a Sydney sider.
Animal. Sloth.. cute and sleepy… Meerkatt… cute and sneaky, penguin … awkwardly built and fun to watch
Time Of Day. Morning, The Break Of Dawn… love the early morning quiet time … the waking of the earth and it animal sounds.
Smell. Cup cakes baking & Estee Lauder, Red Door Perfumes & Disinfectant (gives me memories of my grandmother Mary and her always clean floors).
Tv Channel. Foxtel & Music Channels On Foxtel
Song. Cher. You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me
This Or That
Hugs Or Kisses. I like either… but love the comfort of a kiss the build up & longing  of tender touch
Pepsi or Coke. Pepsi… coke is harsh
Burger King or McDonald’s. McDonald’s if I had to make a choice
Vanilla or Chocolate. Chocolate not a van of vanilla unless it creamy and not icy
Lover Or Fighter. I love hard… and am willing to fight if I am provoked or if my morals and personal values are challenged
Friends or Family. My Self Made Family Is My Preference … i love everyone that i hold in my inner circle at equal parts of who I am.
Love or Money. Love, money isn’t as important as being with people I love. Love  keeps me in grips of riches beyond  any value of money.
Listen To Someone Talk or Talking. I love To Listen… but enjoy a deep and meaningful two way conversation
Personality or Looks. Personality… I have known people who are appealing to look at and they are often vein, cold, superficial or just boring. Looks sre nothing… if tour connect with someone the persons being is all that matters
Magazines or Comics. Magazines. Enjoy a good read and catchup on worldy gossip and new trends
Pop Star or Wordup. Word up. As I do Love a mental challenge
Are You In Love. I know my heart was with Steve since I was near the age of 16. My feelings and thoughts of him have never diminished.
Have You Ever Been In Love. Love takes me a long time in finding my security within it… but yes I have been
Do You Believe In Love At First Sight. I Knew That I Loved Steve Before I Truly Knew or Got To Know Him… soo yes indeed I do. I remember telling a friend of our that Steve was going to be the person that I married one day. I made this statement after only meeting Steve on two other occasions.
Longest Relationship. Comming into the 25 year stretch (September 22nd, 1995)
Kiss On The First Date. Depending… but physical connection isn’t the same as the mental and mindfull connection that I seek in others. As a rule usually no.
Ever Cheated On Someone (be honest). Yes… was awakening moment that  took me to discovering & understand ing the values and morals that I hold true and dear. We knew our relationship was over but we stayed anyway.
Do You Do Drugs. Nope & Never Have
Do You Drink. Yes I Do .. I like a social drink or two
Do You Have Any Regrets. Yes… Not Becoming The Teacher That I Always Wanted To Be As A Young Child.
Ever Want To Get Married. Wish That Steve & I  Did Get Married In 1996. We did marry in October 2000.
Want Kids. Always Wanted 3 & Had 3
– Sean John Les Kelly – August 30th, 1997
– Nichaalus Adam Kelly – April 12th, 2001
– Katijana Mary Margaret Kelly – May 14th, 2006
– Lucas Jack Russell Russell Kelly – February 28th, 2017.
Do You Believe In Yourself. Yes I do… I work hard at learning all about me and the life that I have lived and want to live… I see the value in all that I do for others.
Last Movie You Saw At The Movies. Venom. Was It Good. I didn’t expect to like the movie venom because i am not a Batman or spiderman fan… but I enjoyed venom and it comical story line.
Can You Handle The Truth. I prefer truth and honesty over a made story or answer.. truth hurts at times but real and lasting relationships are made up every little struggle we go through.
Biggest Fear. Dying Alone
Most Missed Memory. Childhood events that I chose to forget to save me from heartache 
First Thought Waking Up… arrg what time of day do tou call this? Most days up at 4am
How Do You Want To Die. Holding the hand of Steve… one breath at a time speak nothing but my love for him
Do You Get Along With Your Parents. Yes when our attitudes and differences are aligned 
Do You Swear. Yep at times like a sailoYep a puppy. Lucas Jack Russell Kelly (February 28th, 2017) got him at 5 weeks old
Have You Ever Passed Out. Yeah .. once drank a whole ready to drink pack with a friend and slep out my backyard for a few hours. Crashed car back in 1997 and passed out… been sick a many a times and passed out also.
Do You PartyDo when I do.. but  not often
Did You Get Good Grades. Yes except for my  10th year when I deliberately set out to fail. Have always been and keen to learn student.
Do You Believe In
God. I believe that there is higher than ourselves.
Religion. We all believe in something… religion may not be the title of our belief…but yes in some ways I do.
Aliens. We cant be the only living things in this entire world and universe… yes I believe there is something out there.
Ghosts. Yes I certainly believe that we when we dye never completely passover for one reason or another.
Afterlife. I at time believe that we live in a world between hell and earth… that we when we passover go to earth or hell.
Myself. Like I said up above…  I work hard at learning all about me and the life that I have lived and want to live… I see the value in all that I do for others.
Karma. Yep I believe that there is most definitely an equal, opposite and reactive power to everything that we say, do and am.
Magic. I believe that we all have the ability to be shown differences in the reality of what we are actually supposed to be seeing.
In A Boy
Eye Colour. Any
Hair Colour. Dark
Short Or Long Hair. Either but well taken care of is a preference.
Height. At least- 5 foot 6 and above
l Either way as long as they have meaning and are well represented.
Just Cute Or Sexy. Looks are nothing… personality and honourable behaviour all the way.
Hobbies. I like a man who has interests that he loves, enjoys and wants to share what his experiences are or have been.
One Girl Man. I am not a person who can share.


There We Go…. some short Q&A’s about me…. I Challenge you to look the above Q&A’s and answer them with yourself in mind… & if you are wanting to know anything else about me… please drop me a line.




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