Day # 96 – “4 Months Of Blogging & Counting”

⋆ ✢ ✣ ✤ ✥ ✦ ✧ ✩ ✪ ✫ ✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰ ★✰✯✮✭✬✫✪✩✧✦✥✤✣✢⋆

I began creating these gifted awards for my fellow online writing group members. There was a group of who took on a 365 Day Blogging Challenge both with & alongside our mentor Maitri Libellule. Initially discussed with us as a group about how it would be great for us to all to have our own blog, working alongside each other in our own blogging/writing challenges; each with our own idea’s about what it is that we are would be sharing with each other, our reading subscribers our community… all whilst supporting each other in our journey along the way.

Well initially the first few days of my own 365 day blogging challenge was spent simply finding my way, getting each daily post written & posted. I worked hard at presenting content that would entice my readers and my fellow bloggers to my daily writes. I came into the challenge of writing everyday with nothing more than my heart on my sleeve and a hope that I would do nothing more but appease my own love of writing but what I found was a comradery and a group of people who spend their days and nights writing their own daily posts and then turned their hands to supporting the rest of our writing group… inspiring & supporting the worded journey of all our fellow writers.

Over a very short period of time we became a tight-knit community of woman; each of us writers in & on our own journey but together we became the driving force that spurred and inspired us all on in our journeys. We are a very diverse group of woman from all corners of the world, we share the love of writing and enjoy very much the company of each other and our written words.

As the first month went by we all settled in and began to find our stride… we each took on a degree of mentoring each other, answering questions and pushing the development of each of our daily writes towards the greatest of potentials that we all had in our own individual writes.

By creating these monthly encouragement awards I feel that I was playing my part in encouraging us all to stick with our 365 Day Blogging Challenge.

My relationships with many of my fellow daily bloggers was more than a comradery and far more than a group of people who banded together in the undertaking of a writing journey… they had in fact become my daily highlight, and they became a big part of my daily routine.

Many of my fellow writers offer up much of themselves in their thinking in and through their daily writes, I truly wasn’t expecting to grow the relationships that I have grown throughout my journey… I knew that we as a group of women writers had something special but I didn’t expect the comradery and the support systems that we all took the time to grow to develop as much as they had.

Gifting my fellow 365 Day Blogging Challengers a monthly merit of encouragement was for me just a small token of gratitude for all the support that not only was continually being bestowed on me but it was also for the encouragement and the sister hood  of “sista scripta’s” that grouped as often as they could to hold each other up in their daily mind grinds.

What began as a writing group that sat weekly in the company of each of us, gathering to write and listen to the words that we  offered to share had indeed developed into personal relationships built on the mutual love of our written words.

Many of us gather on a regular basis to touch base and continue on with supported our conversations that offer solutions and feedback to our writing and written thoughts… many of us are still journeying towards and to the end of the end days of our 365 Day Blogging Challenge. What was just over 100 days ago the beginning of a writing/blogging challenge is now the journey of scripted words and a comradery that will continue to develop into personal development through the sisterhood of our encouraging pens & typed words.

We are not just a writing group that has come together from the many corners of the world, we are the strength of every single word that we write and offer up to share in both our private conversations and in the words that we offer up in our daily blogging writes.

I may speak for myself but I feel that there will be a number of us that will remain friends and support systems to each other long after our 355 Day Blogging Challenge is ended. Many of us will continue to write and share what at the beginning of our weekly writing group brought forth many hidden away thoughts and feelings.

The monthly encouragement awards that I have drawn up for each of the past 4 months I will continue to draw up and present to my fellow writers until month 12 of our 365 Day Blogging Challenge, encouraging and supporting each of my fellow writers to the end.

Today’s daily blog post is a dedication & a thank you to each of the 365 Day Blogging Challengers who continue to support and offer up genuine friendships & comradeship in the challenge of finding our stride & voices in our journeys and our written words.

⋆ ✢ ✣ ✤ ✥ ✦ ✧ ✩ ✪ ✫ ✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰ ★✰✯✮✭✬✫✪✩✧✦✥✤✣✢⋆


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