Day # 84 – “I Can Do It” – Louise Hay – 365 Days Of Daily Affirmations (Jan 1st)

I was gifted a present for Christmas.. from my blogging buddy Lauren, Her gift was a 365 daily affirmation calendar by Louise Hay – Titled “I Can Do It.”

So I was on receivership of Lauren’s well packaged “contacted” (book wrapping/covering) covered package.. I told her that I would embark on a writing journey where I would go day by day through the 365 day affirmations calendar  (with no sneaky peaky looksie’s at what affirmations are coming up).

So for each day of Louise Hay’s 365 Day Affirmation Calendar I would sit & write something for each written affirmation page that I turn.

So today being January 1st… Louise Hays daily affirmation was… “I Am Moving Into A New Era Of Life That Is Far More Satisfying Than Anything I Have Experienced Before. This Is Just The Beginning Of An Amazing Year.”

©Louise Hay “I Can Do It” 2019 Calendar – 365 Day Affirmations

What this written quote by Louise Hay says to me is this:-

For me 2019 will deliver me the okayness to be me… standing strong within my moral and standing even taller in my own convictions… whilst I have always been very headstrong and capable of standing up for my beliefs there is a part of me that is hidden from others is the side of me that is an independent people pleasure…

On one hand I am outwardly independent and stand proudly that I rely on very few fo my existence in this world…. some see this quality in me as that of me being stubborn and driven to prove a point but there is a small part of me that knows that this quality isnt about being and or proving that I am strong minded & willed …. for me being stubborn is my self defence wall that is afraid of others seeing my vulnerabilities out of fear of reprisal and the misuse of the powers that my vulnerabilities may harbours.

On the other hand I am but just s speckled bleep of human existence. I bleed just like everyone else on this planet… and I certainly feel pain like everyone else does.. but what few people see from me is how hard I can truly cry… I may appear strong  and even stronger willed… but I am very much the opposite to who others see me as.

Self confidence is how many see me… strong minded, strong willed and morally driven but the true and rarely seen me is child like and scared of physical, mental, social & relationship abandoning… I am very much afraid of coming unravelled… I am afraid of the unseen characteristics that may come of my unravelling… afraid of the unknown and afraid of what will come of the instability of my loss of self control.

So day 3 of Louise Hay’s 365 Day Calendar Affirmations brings me to say this about todays daily affirmation… 2019 is about me standing & giving myself the okayness to let the things that I am afraid of not be the parts of me that I keep hidden … I want to give myself the support that I feel that I deserve… but the biggest part of me letting go of my outward self confidence is becoming ok with the consequences that my vulnerabilities may exposes.

In 2019 the new era of me want to learn how to say no! … & I want to find the inner strength to learn… learning what saying no will bring & I want 2019 to be the year that my decisions and my needs either come first outweighing the many needs of those around me…

2019 for me tells me that  I want to be my priority and that I want to be the receiver of my much needed long standing in the wind needs.

“ I am moving into a new era of life that is far more satisfying than anything I have experienced before. This is just the beginning of an amazing year! ” … this whole year will be new territory for me… will my self’s self promotion make me the target of the misgivings and misunderstandings of others… to become my priority I have to find  the inner strength to be ok with the consequences of me becoming my own priority…. and letting others deal with their own difficulties in accepting that I am entitled to stand in a line for my share of personal time.. just as others are.

An “Amazing Year” mmm  well with no negative or double meaning… bring on 2019… I am ready to become my own priority.

So there it is my daily blog based upon Louise Hay’s “I Can Do It” 2019 Calendar – 365 Day Affirmations. (Dated January 1st).

So thanks a bunch Lauren for getting my cogs spinning in a moment of self giving. A writing journey that will show me that the inner power & attitude of “I Can Do It” does indeed live in me.

I will be from time to time be sharing what I write in my writing journey of Louise Hay’s “I Can Do It” 2019 Calendar – 365 Day Affirmations. I am inspired explore my thinking’s and thoughts as well as what the meaning of Louise Louise Hay’s “I Can Do It” 2019 Calendar – 365 Day Affirmations in a 365 day writing challenge.

Written By
Tanya Kelly


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