Day #30 – 1 Month Into Our 365 Day Blogging Challenge

To My Fellow Bloggers,
Congratulations to everyone on starting & completing our 1st month of our 365 day blogging challenge. This month has been challenging for some of us, many things have transpired but together we have grown & supported each other.

Thankyou to our mentor & fellow writer Maitri Libellule for suggesting that we all embark on this 365 Day Blogging Challenge as part of our journey of becoming the writers of our life’s stories . Let there be no mistake; the empowerment that we all share and give to those reading and following our journey is one that gives others moments of contemplation, moments or remembrance and most defiantly an insight into who it is that we are,

We each started our blogging challenges on or around October 4th, 2018.. today we go forth into the 2nd month of our writing & blogging challenges, shoulder to shoulder and in support of each other.

I personally have been touched by the comradery and the companionship that has been born out of this blogging challenge.. everybody is busy with their own individual blogging journey but we all busy taking time out of our days to support each other in our different blogging challenges. Maitri told us many weeks ago that we are a community and through our blogging journeys and through the support that we freely give to each other; we are indeed the community that we all need.

Much thanks to everybody who is not only writing and sharing their daily thoughts but  thankyou also for those who are empowering others on with their words & comments of encouragement that are being left at each of our blogging projects by everyone one of us. Don’t estimate the power of feeling supported, sometimes the gift of being supported & heard is all that we need to make a difference in our day to day lives.

The above graphic is a small merit of appreciation & gratitude to & for you all.
I hope that inspires you all to keep writing no matter what it is that you want to write. I also want you to know that many of us are reading your blogs on a daily basis & that most of us are inspired & in awe of the stories that we read.

“Who are we to know what impression & or impact our daily writings will leave in the minds of those who stumble upon our blogs and follow us into the many months ahead.”

Onwards & upwards to beginning days of month two of our blogging journeys &
Best Wishes Everyone On The Remaining 334 Days Of This Blogging Challenge.
On behalf of us all; keep writing & keep posting the many snippets of your lives & days.

Here are a written quotes that I am going to use in the close of this daily blog post
& they are as follows:

“You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page”
– Jodi Picoult –

What this quote is saying is this…
Everyday that you write; you may not see you holding a piece of writing that you with 100% conviction love and adore & might even have moments where you get stuck in your thoughts and never finish what it is that you set out to write about at the end of your daily write…. but what will make you a great writer is your persistence in picking up your pen everyday and just write as your thoughts come to mind.

In the end you may be left with the worst and or the greatest piece in your collection but if you don’t pickup that pen your page will be blank and void of all words and your thinking thoughts would become lost to your unwillingness to try.

You can not edit, rewrite or reminisce over what it is that you haven’t written in your future reflections.

CHANCE IT“Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly”
Franz Kafka –

What this quote is telling you is this…
Write your story and write it the way that you think it, feel it. Don’t sugar coat things, own your thoughts and feelings and tell your story with truth and conviction. Let no other hold the pen to you thoughts, thinking’s or life’s story…
” Just Write & Stay True To Yourself “

A Favourite Of Mine… Full of Great Advice For Any Writer Seeking An Audience…
“If the book is true, it will find an audience that is meant to read it”
– Wally Lamb –

What this quote is telling you is this…
Tell your story and tell it well. If truth & honesty is seen on your page and in the convictions of your words, you will find yourself being read by an audience that continue to follow you throughout your journey.

Lastly one of my favourite all times quotes is this:
“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn” 

– Anne Frank –

Sit down and write your heart out, let your stories and life’s events flow freely
into your page. Let the words that you write unburden your heart, mind & soul. When you have written all your thinking thoughts down there will be a day when you no longer be burdened or weighed down by what just yesterday held your hearts love against it’s will.

Below is a list (in alphabetical order) of all of the 365 day blogging participants.
Donna Julia Kim
Lauren Lisa Lynn-Jean
Maggie Marge Maitri
Tanya Victoria
If anyone would like a personalised copy of the above graphic please message me on Facebook or E-Mail Me with your request for it to be either in your name or in your blogs name.
Author. Tanya Kelly



5 thoughts on “Day #30 – 1 Month Into Our 365 Day Blogging Challenge

  1. 1) Thank you for reminding me that I need to write whether I feel I have something to say or not.
    2) I couldn’t agree more that supporting others is huge.
    3) Thank you for the beautiful certificate. Your endless talents never cease to amaze me.
    4) Thank you for being my friend.


  2. Writing clarifies my thinking, whether about something personal or something that I’m pondering. And you’re so right that the first draft isn’t the best one, and it’s necessary to write something to have a piece to edit.

    Thanks for your support of our daily blogging journey!

    It’s been good to have made a commitment to writing a post every day — sometimes the days that I’m not “inspired” by something interesting have the most surprising writing outcomes, I’ve found.


    • Lisa we are all very pleased to have you in our fold on the Sunday Night Writing Group and on the blogging journey…

      So pleased to hear thst you experience the gift of surprising writing outcomes… its great when you gain something within yourself and in your writing even when you feel that you didn’t have it in you on any particular day…

      Thankyou for being part of this Journey.


      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much dear Tanya, this was absolutely beautiful, I have been so proud of you all, and in light of my current difficult situation, unable to teach and barely holding on blogging, seeing you all carrying on has been a beautiful thing to witness. I’m blogging each day, but just barely, and it helps me knowing that you all are blogging too. Bless you honey for all you do.



    • Dearest Maitri…

      With everything that you are going through I am in awe with your thoughts that you write here.

      If continuing on through the journey that you started and brought us all into is the way that we can show our support of yo, then it all seems worth it.

      I know that I speak for us all ehen I say we are walking with you in your sadness over losing Delilah… We all miss you and hope that sometime in the near future that you return to pickup where our writing group left off… we will all be right here waiting and watching for you when you are ready.

      We sit and read your blog also with baited breath just hoping that you are looking after yourself… one hardly knows what to say dear Maitri… no words that anyone could offer you would iffer up the comfort that you seek but know that when you are ready, we will be the support and the group that we have always been.

      Much Love

      Liked by 1 person

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