Day #29 – ” NESCAFÉ Gold – For the Moments That Matter “

Watch The Advertisement Here –

Todays Daily blog post came to me one night whilst watching tv some time ago. I was drawn to this add and just had to go and write about it.

Sometimes my days writing thoughts come from the simple things…

• Sometimes a song or its lyrics
• Sometimes a memory or a thought
• Sometimes a pictured quote or a statement that was made

” This piece of writing proves that you can get inspired to write from many various sources…”

img_2516But this evening whilst watching an add on tv advertisements that was promoting “Nescafe Gold Coffee” whilst watching this add; I got teary and felt a sense of sadness come over me…

My sense of sadness wasn’t a self-loathing moment, it was more of a displacement/disconnection moment that just happened to hit me through the words of the Nescafe Gold Coffee TV Advertisement.

Reference – Please Watch This Short “NESCAFÉ Gold – For the Moments That Matter  Advertisement so that you can understand what this daily blog post is about.


We will meet around 80,000 people in our lifetime but only a few will be really special to us. We don’t often get a chance to make that many truly meaningful connections, so when we do it’s worth making an effort to hold on to them!
• If you can’t remember my name
Please sit down.
• Sit down if you didn’t know my nickname whilst at school was princess.
• Sit down if you don’t know about the one who got away,
• If you’ve never seen me cry.
• Take a seat if somehow we have lost touch,
• Do you have a moment now?

The Nescafe Gold Coffee TV Advertisement depicted a young man walking his lone walk to an audience awaiting him in full house arena; he began talking to the arena of people that symbolised his life and the people that knew him throughout it & through the different stages that each person in the arena had a place in.

As the Nescafe Gold Coffee TV Advertisement went on the young man asked the arena of people a series of questions, asking them to sit down if they didn’t know the answer or they didn’t know him when…

moment 3The crowd began to diminish the people standing as they took their seats as the man continued his questioning…

By the end of the Nescafe Gold Coffee TV Advertisement who was left standing was his best friend and his wife.

To which he asked the following questions…

If you’ve never seen me cry, every beam of light in the arena had been turned off and it was just his wife and his best friend left standing.

The young man continued…. and the light was shining on his wife & best friend … his wife at this moment was smiling and he was back at her…my tears were falling her for I felt the pain that he was feeling and knew what was coming in his next few words.

And then he spoke the words… “Take a seat if somehow we have lost touch?”

The young man was looking at his wife with a loving reconnecting face; looking for her glance as she was forced to admit they had become distant as she sat down.. his best friend looking solemn also took his seat, all of a sudden the young man was symbolically standing alone in an arena full of people….

I saw the young man’s wife holding back her tears, but mine began to stream… I knew that I was truly being affected by the symbolism of the young man and his disconnections with the people that has past through his life, although the young man had many people around him, he was standing in the company of a room of people who moment1didn’t know him in his present self.

My heart broke and suddenly I was that young man standing alone… unsure of who I was and who I have become to others.

He looks up and asks his wife and best friend “Do you have a moment now?”

As the advertisement is ending it shows the people who have had their lights dimmed coming down the stairs to re-join with him once again.

The Nescafe Gold Coffee TV Advertisement may have been promoting Nescafe Gold Coffee and how coffee can bring people back to the table for a break or gathering or a chance reconnection but for me this add hit home hard…

For some time now I have been feeling like that young man standing within my 4 walls, keeping my home fires burning, watching my family and friends coming and going but no one stopping long enough to offer a reconnection that from my point of view has been for the longest time been missing…

I know I am loved and I know that my family come home each and every day to be the family that we have always been… it is probably me and my own self that feels lost in my own mind but I do see a large disconnection that is evident in all of us…. it no one person’s fault for the disconnection of our family togetherness or time… life has simply guided us along our own separate paths… paths where we may see each other and even have an occasional casual conversation or 3 but the real connectivity & connection is at times what is missing.

I am crying again as I realise that the one person in my life that means everything to me is sitting in my full house arena with his lights dimmed… even though we see each other coming and going … what is missing in those coming and goings is us.

moment 4For some couples; the longer that they have been in their marriage or relationship the more they feel lost in their relationship or even not wanting to be in their relationship.

I cry so hard when I emotionally think of how far we have come and come to the realisation that he and I are still very much one… I do know we are still as strong as we have ever been and I am very aware that my love for him is as plentiful if not even more so then it has always been.

We have been through so much emotional heart hurting moments… he has often made it clear that we are strong enough both mentally and emotionally to see us through our heaviest of heartfelt moments… that we will be indeed be holding hands when our youth is no longer with us, when our children have grown and we find our life being just us.

I’m laughing now as I think about the Nescafe Gold Coffee TV Advertisement … neither Steve nor I like coffee… Isn’t it amazing how the metaphorical imagery and verbalised symbolic words have struck a cord in what I miss so deeply in my heart…

An advertisement for Coffee has had me sobbing like a baby and made me see what is truly missing in my life…

I like that young man in the Nescafe Gold Coffee TV Advertisement Add will work on me finding my reconnection with the man in my life who is always present in my life…but I very miss our one on connection and the unity that we have always had…

How true are the words…”We will meet around 80,000 people in our lifetime but only a few will be really special to us. We don’t often get a chance to make that many truly meaningful connections, so when we do it’s worth making an effort to hold on to them!”

Thank you Nescafe Gold Coffee For making me see that my hearts true love and I have never sat down and given up & our light has never been turned off, for us we are still here and have no wants to apart… Coffee will be the re-ignition to our love hearts and fire.

Coffee may not be the vessel that will carry us back to us reconnecting, but it has indeed been the tool that has led us back to the journey of our love.

I look at my Husband and my best friend and tell him “I will forever have a moment… with you.. & that “in that moment is where I want to always be found.”

I hope that you got some inspiration out of this advertisement piece titled –
” NESCAFÉ Gold – For the Moments That Matter.

Author. Tanya Kelly


4 thoughts on “Day #29 – ” NESCAFÉ Gold – For the Moments That Matter “

  1. Beautiful. I cry often at the symbolism with certain commercials. We have a chain of grocery stores here — Publix — and their holiday ads tear me up EVERY STINKIN’ TIME. Why? Because they ring true for all of us. Our journeys are long traveled and those that see us though are very special. This is the reason I miss my sisters so much. They knew me longer and loved me longer than anyone else I would ever know. Thank you Tanya.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dearest Maggie .. could I impose on you to find the commercial that has you all twary … would love to see it (would be great to see each other’s perspective)….

      I see symbolism in lots of things… sometimes the words just flow out of me.

      Very glad that you have read my Nescafe ppece i so appreciate it… glad that you are having some thought provoking moments to (i just hope that they are more In moments of reflection and happiness rather then them being in sadness).

      Symbolically there are islands in our stream that are there to remind us that the loves in are journey have just moved to another room to a world that we cannot enter.

      Happiness & Love To You Maggie



  2. Dear Tanya,
    I have had moments like that when I first watched Twilight at home after having seen it at the movie theatre. Crying for my “lost youth” when I had no real obligations. When my older sister died about 7 years ago in July, I grieved but didn’t cry much. One day, I had Clannad playing on my car CD player and I burst into TEARS, grieving for Lizzie. I was VERY weepy. She was exactly 366 days older than me and I miss her greatly. The year she died we were going to celebrate our birthdays together in our hometown where she lived. Hugs, Memarge


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