Day #129 “Prettiest Wreck You’ve Ever Seen!”

Here it is 1.17am March 12th 2019… in the aftermath of a Sydney induced dizzy day.

I was reading the mornings newspaper (Facebook) hoping to kill a few moments before I try to put my blogging thoughts and the fact that I am a little behind in daily writes/blogging post to bed for just a few hours, before I rise and shine and try against the hash deliverances of my week and my “My Kick Ass Ms Week” dressed & ready to push through the heated days that are still engulfing Sydney in this being the beginning of Autumn 2019.

So in reading the early morning edition of the life’s self imposing newspaper (Facebook), I came across the following pictured message.

Yeah I’m Hurting…
But on goes  the mascara & lip-gloss.
That’s right,
I’ll be the prettiest wreck you’ve ever seen!

prettieswreck.jpgI often get asked why it is that I bother to get dressed most days.. not only get dressed in clothes, but why do I bother to attempt to tame my freshly washed hair and make myself up in what has been described as “my life’s colouring book pallet” by one of my closest friends.

Well why the hell not I say?

I like being dressed I often say… and I like that my use of makeup helps me to feel less sick or fatigued… and I certainly like that don’t have to look like I am dying even though my Ms can at times leave me feeling as though I am about to crumble to my knees. There is also that small part of me that feels confident in who I am and in what I am offering to others throughout my day when I am dressed in clothes & face etched in colours and tones… what ever my reason… my makeup and my everyday get up and get dressed attitude is who I am and want to be !

Why do I bother? I often get asked… well in my own true to myself spirit I ask in the same curious tone “Why The Hell Not.. & Why Don’t You Bother To Colour You In With Human Made Colours & Hue’s… without sounding like I have a bee in my bonnet about the need for people to ask me why I bother to wear makeup… I want people to know that I wear makeup and choose to put myself together because I truly do not like seeing my Ms down trodden self in the reflection of a mirror…

“Fake It Till You Make It… I Say – or Makeup Yourself The Colours Of Happiness That You Wanna See… Instead Of The Colour Blue That Ms Has You Laying On The Lounge Feeling Sorry For Yourself…”

That is why I put the effort into me and the colour pallet of happier hue’s that make me feel more like me minus my Ms struggles.

I am grateful to those who say that I don’t need to dress up on their account, or that I don’t need the makeup that I take the time to apply.. all so that I can make myself feel alive and living in a brighter sate of mind… I love those who say that they appreciate and love me more in my natural state… but I like my colour pallets and I love being the human colouring book that gives a shit about looking like the person that I see with myself.

“I don’t really care what other people see me as. I seriously don’t. I’ve always worried about what my opinion of myself is… Ms is aprart of me, but it doesnt define who I am… who I was a well dressed person who went to work everyday freshly showered, presentable and happy within myself and my many jobs that I have taken on throughout my days… My makeup doesn’t define me & it certainly doesn’t make me who I appear to be… it just helps colour my world when I am feeling blue.”

My advice to you my readers would be…
“Paint your life however you want it doesn’t have to be the way others paint it.
Your own attitude will always be your best paintbrush, giving you different shades when you need them the most.”
Quoted Reference Link Here

Author. Tanya Kelly


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