Day # 123 – “Words I Stand By”

This week in my many hours of reading, taking notes and drafting my daily & future blog posts I came across a meme that smacked hard into the very core of who and what I am.

This meme was only a few words long but for me it said everything that I stand for in just a few short words.
The simpleness of theses written words “Who Am I To Judge Another… When I Walk Imperfectly” for me does not talk about judging other for the good and the bad that a person delivers, these words do not even convey the disapproval that I may have towards the choices and or the path that another person may take in and throughout the journey of their life…

“Who Am I To Judge Another… When I Walk Imperfectly” for me is worded sentence that shows my support of people who are going through times of struggle in their life… I choose to sit and listen in an open-minded capacity rather than with a mouthy and question riddled mind.

I have walked through the hospital corridors for many years seeking medical interventions and treatments for my Spina Bifida Child, who today is a happy-go-lucky young man who works long hours and snobs at anyone who feels that they have the right to label him and his inabilities. His Spina Bifida has been his journey but it will not impede on his life’s story… strong-willed or stubborn mmm get to know him and then make up your own mind about which one he is.

Through my own struggles I get asked how it is that I can be so positive and happy to help others out through the trials and tribulations that they find themselves in… the answer is simple… ! My struggles are everyday but if one person can have someone put some faith and hope into their struggles, than I with good consciousness am and will be the person to see a person through to the light at the end of their tunnel.

Why help another out when I myself find myself without someone standing for me and my needs, for my struggles and for the fight against my body and its primary progressive diagnosis? well this is the point of the words “Who Am I To Judge Another… When I Walk Imperfectly” just because I have primary progressive multiple sclerosis doesn’t change the person that I am… I have had many judgements placed on me and the ailments that my body now presents with… my position and personal standing in my life is to stand as an advocate for other people, the very people who do not have a voice that carry’s the determination to stand ones own ground… not because they don’t know how or unable to stand in their own knowingness or convictions… I advocate for others because I believe that it takes a village to fight of an enemy… numbers speak volumes & I know that it often takes multiple voices to spike the attention and the understanding of someone in the position to help out a person with a need or a cause.

Medically I have seen how doctors have passed judgements onto my Spina Bifida Son and his body’s inabilities… I stood tall and starred them down and told them I will never back down.. for he is my Son, my young man who deserve far more than a blanketed judgement that doesn’t fit him or his medical issues at all.

Personally I chose to lend people an open heart and a listening ear… I try not to counsel people, I just try to be there and show that someone does care.

“Who Am I To Judge Another… When I Walk Imperfectly”
I am not this person I say…
I walk with a funky walk and a presence that is hard to ignore.
My struggles are varied and difficult at times
But I with all good consciousness
Cannot see past a person who is carrying a heavy load
Afraid & feeling the emptiness of the burdened soul.

So ! “Who Am I To Judge Another… When I Walk Imperfectly”
Not I
Not Me
Not Today
& Certainly Not Tomorrow.
For I literally walk imperfectly with a funky gaited walk…
I don’t like being told that I am drunk
But I don’t mind when people ask me why it is that I walk the ay that I do…
I don’t the generalisations and or judgements that medical persons pass at me…
But I know that I can not sway the opinion
Of someone who thinks that they know more about me and my body
& the things that make me; me…

I know who it is that I am
& who I am is this…
I am a person who stands up for what she believes in
Judging no other, because in my life I too walk imperfectly.
Maybe not in my uncertainly,
But certainly symbolically in my funky gaited walk.

I believe that judgement of others cheapens who it is that we are….
Passing judgement is a statement that states our intolerance
Judgments and intolerance of others sends out unspoken messages
That warns people that the safety that we seek in  times of need,
Will not be found in this person.

I Choose To Not Judge People
Because There Is Always A Part Of Their Story That Lays Untold
& This Part Of Them I May Never Be privileged To Hear About.
I May Never Fully Unfold Their Life’s Map & Or Journey
The Only Thing That I Have To Offer
People Who Often Are Their Own Worst Judgment Callers
Is An Open & Supportive Ear.

Do not judge others
By the judgements of their past
Instead I embrace them
& their help them regain contentment
For them & their scorned & hurting heart.

Written By Tanya Kelly

A Lesson To Be Learned In The Art Of Judging Others Is

Before You Assume…. Learn The Facts.
Before You Judge…. Understand Why.
Before You Hurt Someone…. Feel.
Before You Speak….Think.

Author. Tanya Kelly


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