Day # 100 – “Kaleidoscope Of Me”

light inPictured Quotes Author – Sara Bareilles
Original Quote – Ernest Hemingway
Reference – The Minds Journal

The idea behind a kaleidoscope is that
It’s a structure that’s filled with
Broken bits and pieces, and somehow if
You can look through them, you still see
Something beautiful
& something recognisable by you.

The kaleidoscope symbolizes the release of blocked creativity and it gives you the opportunity to see yourself in the bigger scope of life, and connect to the meaning of it. The various colours and forms in a kaleidoscope can symbolize your escape in time of difficulty and self-doubt. A kaleidoscope constantly generates changing symmetrical patterns from small pieces of coloured glass, and therefore a kaleidoscope symbolizes anything that changes constantly.

Reference –

Many of us are broken; in fact all of us are broken in one way or the other. And it’s okay to show. Every blow teaches us how to defend ourselves, every pain teaches us how to bear it, fight it and leave it behind, every failure shows us a new way to succeed. It is in these dark hours that we can see even the tiniest bit of light clearly. In a closed dark room, all it takes is a crack for the light to sneak in and fill it, helping us see.

Reference –

I have since seen the written pictured quote sat down to re-write these words in a verse that mirrors Sara Bareilles – The Minds Journal, written pictured quote.

Just like a kaleidoscope
I too am made up of the broken pieces
Of my life’s journey & past.
I am the vessel that all my broken parts exist in;
Some are beautiful
& some are dark
But I am the very vessel to which they live.
I am their protector
& they are my stories.In all of their beauty and in all of their sadness’s
They bounce and reflect
From places within…
Heart offering reflection
& the soul placing trust
Together they mirror and beam what is to my mind.

Beautifully clustered colours of triangled thoughts
Offer mirrored reflectiveness to all that hold within.
& whilst my triangle thoughts may seem to be nothing other than clustered shapes
There is always a reason for why they are there
Positioned and angled to reflect light to where it needs to go.
Those broken pieces may unrecognisable to some
 But they are all images of stories once lived or told
Living now as broken pieces of what yesterday once was.

With a twist or turn
My kaleidoscope’s broken pieces are moved from this place to the next
Those broken pieces come together pirouetting into stitched up & mended spaces

Where new stories will someday will reside.

What comes of yesterdays mirage images
Is that they are tightly packed into a never ending slideshow;
Never to be forgotten
But instead a play of images to learn & grow from.

Unrecognisable by self
Yesterdays images in time rewrite
There are some however they stay and linger awhile
They serve the purpose of keeping ones mind, soul & heart in check
Shaping its new self’s design, pattern and giving shape to the one’s life.

Our kaleidoscope life’s story
Broken pieces of our whimsical selves;

Once unnoticeable & uncharacterised by our heart break
Always learns to twist & turn itself back into a definable shape
& becomes perfectly framed in natures mirrored toy.

That was once understood to be broken and unviable becomes perfectly framed in natures mirrored toy.

There is a lesson in my words

when I write about the kaleidoscope of life
That are stated  and worded without rhyme
And that is that the broken pieces
That lives within each of us
Can serve as a source of light
And a deserving lesson that teaches us
That even broken pieces
Make beautiful masterpieces out of all the pieces
That we’re at some point broken
But with time and resolve; they too can become whole again.
In the end my life’s internal kaleidoscope colours
are the colours that make me; me.

Author. Tanya Kelly


3 thoughts on “Day # 100 – “Kaleidoscope Of Me”

  1. Beautiful, Tanya. I have never seen you as broken. I love the symbolism of the kaleidoscope but in you, I feel the pieces are not broken bits but pieces carefully given by your creator through which the most brilliant light will shine. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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