About 365 Day Something’s?

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365 Day Something’s is my personal blogging site. My hope is to show you who I am, what makes me tick, as well as how I use my day to day journey & struggles to help me in the building of a more enriched & soulful me. I am hoping that throughout my day to day entries to gain a better understanding of who I am, whilst giving you my readers a glimpse into my day to comings and goings through my many personal thoughts, feelings and day to day observations. there will also be many options for you to get  to know about the relationships of the many people that have and do touch me in my life’s journey.

The name 365 Day Something’s was formed when I was looking for a name for a blogging challenge that was given to myself and my fellow writing group by our mentor Maitri Libellule. There is a few of us that have taken up the 365 Day Blogging Challenge, all of us with different ideas on what our blogs content will be. Together we have taken up the 365 Day Blogging Challenge… walking side by side together in our own ideas and in the support of each other. Many of them are listed above under the Fellow Bloggers Menu… I am sure they would be honoured to have you visit them also. 

365 Day Something’s will show case my collection of self-written poetry (both present & past) along with a year long – 365 day blogging journey. Through 365 Day Something’s I will take you on a journey through the many inspirational songs, poems, people, places, quotes that help to enrich my life.

There will be in time, many additions  to my 365 Day Something’s blog that will keep you coming time & time again. there will also be chances for you to journey onto the many links & inspirational sites that I have used and visited throughout my life’s path… there will be many branches that will lead you off to the websites and blogs of the people that I have come across in my journey of my unpaved road; many of these people that you will meet and get to know I am proud to say that I have become lifelong friends with.

All original material will be dated & signed by me Tanya Kelly, all pieces of work will remain my own intellectual property & I do ask that you do not add them to your own collections without prior written consent. All care will be given to the original/copyright owners of any given material that I use throughout my 365 Day Something’s blog and my daily writings. This includes but is no limited to; written works, songs, or images. References & Links to original postings or websites will be noted where applicable.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to 365 Day Something’s and come back regularly as I will be posting at 365 Day Something’s with daily blogging submissions.

Creating a blog and maintaining it has been a long time coming dream of mine, and whilst the design aspect of my blog has been achieved I am still deciding on whether I will be allowing my site to have complete and unlocked access or if I will be running on a subscription/sign up aspect of entry in some or all of my written pages.

My reason for this is that I am concerned about some of the information that I will be adding, as I am aware that some people may not be able to understand or deal with my consolidation of my thoughts, feelings or posts. I do not wish to hurt others with my thoughts, for the most part I would like to consider that blog is just a personal outlet that I will be using to offload to… I want to be able to feel free to write without fear or prejudice from others, giving myself the right to freedom of speech – (the right to express one’s opinions without censorship, or restraint).

The main purpose of my blog will be used to have myself writing on a daily bases, getting back to my long lost love of writing poetry, writing about myself, my thoughts and of the events and people that surround me. I have many areas of writing that I dabble in.. so narrowing my blogs content down to one or two of these areas would be a hard thing for me to do, so I do hope to section of my blog and my daily writes into separate pages pf postings…. all of this and more in time.

By blog will also be used to outline my unpaved road of my Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Journey, sharing my struggles, my treatments, my thoughts, as well as my day to day how do I feels. There are many around me who are not sure what Multiple Sclerosis is and what a person with Multiple Sclerosis goes through on a daily basis.

My Goal in sharing my Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Journey is purely to help educate and inform others of the struggles that go with such a horrendous neurological illness. I want nothing more but to open up the vault on the journey of a person with Multiple Sclerosis, sharing information and helpful resources that will help others to access the help or the information that you my readers may need to either get through ones own journey or if need be to help our carers and support networks to gain the education that they need to help us in our day to day paths.

So there it is my readers, my followers, my subscribers… and of course my Friends & my Family…. the outline for my 365 Day Something’s Blog. Please enjoy your journey, I surely appreciate you dropping by.

Author. Tanya Kelly
Copyrighted By Tanya Kelly. 2018