Day # 77 – 100 Personal End Of Year Reflection Review Questions – Part 9 – “Light-hearted & Fun – Year End Review.”

One of my pinterest pins had the following self-reflection set of questions that I though was very interesting. So I sat down and began to answer the questions that were being asked and I thought that my answers and the website were worthy of sharing.

The website offers up 100 questions that are titled “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions” divided into 10 separate sections of 10 questions in each section.

The website & its questions can be seen here at It’s All You Boo – By Author
Nadalie Bardo.

I personally have sat down to undertake the challenge of answering Nadalie’s reflective questions as I feel that they will help to settle me in the year of 2019 after helping me to reflect on 2018.

In today’s daily blog post I will be looking at the 8th set of 10 questions of Nadalie Bardo’s “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions” – a set of questions that your finances for the year that has just passed.


End of the Year Reflection Part 9. Here are 10 Light-Hearted and Fun Year End Review Questions

81. When you say 2018, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

2018 in a nutshell was a mixed bag of up’s and downs…. but for the most part I very much enjoyed my exploration time in getting back to my writing… learning the deeper & inner aspects of myself and of the unwritten words and thought-out thoughts.

So what comes to mind when I talk about my existence in the year 2018… Gratitude for vowing to explore what I have for the longest time haven’t seen or heard on any page…

My gratitude plays homage to words that I write every day, it has been s a long way back to my writing and to the download of my thoughts… writing has always meant a lot to me and now that I am back into writing every day I feel less frustrated and much happier within myself.

82. Is your favourite colour still the same this year as last year?

I have always liked the colour black, black is a very dominate colour in my non coloured wardrobe… but something changed in me the year of 2018 and I found a greater appreciation for the beauty found in colour.

I have come to like all shades of purples and yellows… but my most loved colour of 2018 is and has become “olive green…. surprising enough there is room in me to find a like for some shades of pink…a colour that I  have been to fond of.”

So yep guilty as charged… my inner colour palette & my new found like for colour has been a new something in my 2018 year of me… My hope is to in 2019 to replace some of the black in my wardrobe with some colours…. I want my clothes to show the happiness in my calming soul.

83. What’s the most shocking news you received?

The most shocking news that I received throughout 2018 would be of course the loss of a people that I not only knew well but I had great affection for… the news of someone passing is always a hard pill to swallow… death may very much be a central part of the “life cycle” but when it comes around and takes the people that we love, the reason and the news for the passing of our loved ones always seems to come at the most untimely time.

84. What new skills did you develop or discover?

Throughout 2018 I have taught myself new software packages for my web designing & I have leant how to blog in a daily capacity & one of my cherish hobbies has come to me after many years of trying to gain the skill of crochet (a few stitches and designs maybe… but a personal accomplishment just the same).

I love the development stages of watching my much loved gift of writing come back to life… I do feel that blogging is very different to my skill set of web designing… my procrastination about my lack of skills in blogging is no longer the thing that hold me back from returning to the written words that deliver me a sense of happiness in my every word.

I have had to learn patience and self-acceptance & I will be the first to admit that being grateful for my own self’s inner working has taken a great deal of time and strength in the acknowledgment fazes of getting to know me. Learning patience and self-acceptance is my 2018’s greatest accomplish… yet it is still an accomplishment that is underdeveloped and I am aware that there is a great deal of room for further personal growth in this area of my life.

Patience and self-acceptance whooooo knew that I had it in me….??

85. Did you have a favourite quote or saying?

“And as I stand on this battleground, I remind myself of the truth: That I am a force, to be reckoned with. Through all of these wars, I’ve won, lost, and learned. And I am not afraid, to utilize every ounce of my power. I will light this bitch on fire; then stand back, and watch it burn.” – Little Girl Speak

86. What’s your favourite song, movie, book and or TV show from last year?

Favourite Movies Of 2018 – Girl On The Train & Room
Favourite Song – Brave – Sara Bareilles & In my Blood – Shawn Mendes
Tv Show – Poldark
Book – I shamelessly admit that 2018 wasn’t a year for reading books for me.

87. What was the best compliment you received?

Like any person struggling in their life’s journey the best compliment that one could receive is “how I inspire other to see their daily drains and diversity’s and look at them with fresh eyes… having the inner strength to laugh and put my best foot and help for others ahead of my own struggles & pain.”

It is both humbling and a questionable experience when someone tells you that they are in awe of your get and get it one attitude… telling me that I show others how to see my diversity’s and raise them up with a smile. On the other hand the questionable experience comes from the negativity that is often shown to me when people choose not to be educated or shown how my diversities truly affect my everyday.

88. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rank your year?

On a scale of 1-10 my 2018 was probably about a 6 or 7… it wasn’t a terribly great year and it wasn’t at all a bad year… the struggles in my health had me up and down but through my gift of writing I found my happy place… & in return some of the people that I have come to encircle myself with have given me much support and have made the hard pain riddled days easier to bare.

Like I said 2018 wasn’t at all a bad year, for me I kept to myself for the most part and spent the majority of 2018 giving back to myself… allowing myself the time and inner perseverance to find my hidden voice and inner thought written deep with in my soul.

I put my own self into frying pan of 2018 and gave myself a “it’s a now of never pep talk” I knew  that there would be personal sacrifices in finding my long lost written word and voice, but I knew that I had a great yearn to write…. & the personal struggles that I had with my own inward isolation was so worth the lone moments that I sometimes felt.

If I had to do 2018 again… the only thing that I would change would be my level of procrastination… and the giving up a lot earlier of the fear of putting my thoughts and myself on the line… I knew that I would stick with my years return to my writing… but just getting started was where I laid in question of my own starting point.

89. What three words best describe last year?

The 3 words that best describe 2018 are ” Gratification Towards Actualisation ” meaning that I am grateful for the journey has given my back my love of writing, paying homage to the strength that my perseverance and ownership needed so that I could give my writing a fighting chance to flourish.

90. If you wrote about last year, what would it be titled?

If I had to write a titled line that summed up my 2018, I would have to co to my unofficial anthem by singer/song writer “Cher – You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me”  – a song that sings loudly how it is that I get up every day and put myself into my day, choosing not to sit and or lay down to the inner struggles that my multiple sclerosis brings to me.

“You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me” sings loudly and proudly that no matter how bad things get and no matter how far down trodden I get; the sun will soon enough cast its light on my life & that I choose to get up and make the most of my life… leaving the whinging whining why me’s on the shore lines of hurting bodies tears.

So there it is questions 81 to 90 of Nadalie Bardo’s “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions – Part 9 – “Light-hearted & Fun – Year End Review.” Tomorrow I will explore the very last part of Nadalie Bardo’s -100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions titled “Personal Reflection – Questions For Next Year.”

I look forward to exploring more of Nadalie Bardo’s “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions, the end result and or outcomes of my honest reflections of me and my year of 2018 will certainly be an interesting 1.

“I look forward to finishing up Nadalie’s 100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions…. having looked at my 2018 through different questions … offering up responses that I truly had no idea that they existed until I wrote them. But answers that not only reflected but also summed up 2018 and how I myself grew as a person… finding my way in my world, in my existence & how I of course found myself and my voice in writing adventures.”

So how about it…. Challenge yourself to Nadalie’s ” 100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions. ” here at her blog ” Its All You Boo ”

Author. Tanya Kelly

©Nadalie Bardo – “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions.



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