Day # 76 – 100 Personal End Of Year Reflection Review Questions – Part 8 – “Questions that Explore Your Finances”

One of my pinterest pins had the following self-reflection set of questions that I though was very interesting. So I sat down and began to answer the questions that were being asked and I thought that my answers and the website were worthy of sharing.

The website offers up 100 questions that are titled “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions” divided into 10 separate sections of 10 questions in each section.

The website & its questions can be seen here at It’s All You Boo – By Author
Nadalie Bardo.

I personally have sat down to undertake the challenge of answering Nadalie’s reflective questions as I feel that they will help to settle me in the year of 2019 after helping me to reflect on 2018.

In today’s daily blog post I will be looking at the 8th set of 10 questions of Nadalie Bardo’s “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions” – a set of questions that your finances for the year that has just passed.


No end of year reflection would be complete without talking about your money and how you managed your finances.

71. Did you pay off existing debts (credit card, school or otherwise)?

Through the year of 2017 I knew there was a credit card bill hanging in the wind… we hadn’t used the credit card for sometime.. so we knew that we could live without it… so we made a vow to pay it off and did so throughout 2018 in 7 months… we celebrated by cutting up the card & closing the account.

72. How much money did you save?

Coming into the Christmas period of 2017 we had put enough of a Christmas nest egg away that meant we didn’t have to go into debt to put Christmas on… then just like the unexpected outlay awaited us at the mechanics… $1800.00 air conditioner refit to our car that just happened to die on a grueling 42 degree celcius day without a warning that it was going to not just need a gas refill – the whole thing needed to go to landfill & another needed to be fitted…. on top of Christmas and a few days of entertaining in between… sorry savings account… maybe next year !

Oh yah… been asking for years “what’s a savings account?” I always get asked check, credit or savings & I answer spending account thanks.

73. Did you create a budget for last year and stick to it?

Budget…. huh… food in fridge, electric bill gets paid for, internet is always on and the kids are never short of $5 note for the canteen… so if a budget is keeping up every week with the weeks bill payments and I am not falling behind,,, then yep budget was created and dealt with… stuck with hmmm probably not so much…

74. What was your annual income for last year?

Unapologetically.. I will not discuss that here.

75. Were you living paycheck to paycheck?

We always get by with a little left over for the unexpectables or for that little more to go on a little family playtime. There is always room for that little extra… and there is always that rainy day that seems to storm heavier than any other rainy day…

We managed a few charitable donations throughout the year of 2018… so all in all things were ok.

76. Did you take out new loans (including mortgages and car payments)?

No mortgage repayments and no car repayments for the year of 2018.

77. What did you waste too much money on?

I wouldn’t say that we waste money on many of the things that our family requires but there is always room for cut backs and or for improvements to be made.

The one change that could happen in our household is our food shopping habit… I am not a liker of keeping meet in the freezer.. I hate the whole defrosting process either by leaving it out in the fridge or by defrosting in the microwave… so instead of doing a sustainable weekly shop we find that we shop everyday or at the most every second day.

Stocking the freezer with a variety of meats and vegetable for the week is ok on the odd occasion… but I prefer my meat and vegetable to be purchased on the same day that I use and  consume them.

Other things that we spend money on is 12 Litre bottle of water for the water cooling system… having to change the bottle over every 4 days… I know my children wouldn’t drink water if I didn’t buy water the way that we do… and frankly neither would I…

We also do way to many short trip in out car and at times the petrol bill can get a little high.. price we pay for convenience hey!

I have a guilty pleasure of technology related products… 2018 gave me the opportunity to upgrade 2 of my children’s computers.. as they use them regularly & of course they will see them through the next few years.. I think the upgrade whilst the computers were on half yearly sales were warranted.

78. Did you have a best find or purchase from last year?

Purchase of the year went to a garden setting that I had my eye on.. one day whilst I was looking on gumtree I saw that someone was selling one that was very similar.. 8 seater for $200.. I thought it was a bargain.. so I messaged the seller and made my enquiries and asked if we could have it for $150.. as the price was negotiable… her reply was we are moving we need it gone … so yes you can have it for $40.00 please just come get it… it is perfect and only needed to be oil so it can remain protected from the harsh Australian sun ( an investment of $10.. well spent).

79. Do you have a retirement savings plan? Did you contribute to it?

A little naïve of me to say… but I am not up to speed with this area of my life…. gasp yes I know….

80. Did you put money towards an emergency fund?

Our emergency fund of $4,500 went to our cars air-conditioning and to the Christmas fund… our emergency fund was going to be spent anyway but on our houses guttering…. but the car decided to be needy.. so this years emergency fund with all fingers crossed will be spent on our houses guttering and may a drainage system for our driveways runoff.

What’s the word on your finances and what steps do you need to take to get in better shape? What sacrifices do you need to make this coming year, so you can live even better in years to come?

So 2019’s finances will be a little tight as I don’t have much work lined up for this year… things are slowing down and I have noticed that fewer and fewer people are calling for my help in fixing their computers or in doing computer/website related work for them.

We have needed the houses guttering done for awhile now and because of the rain the weather is starting to show on our front door.. so maybe it will be drainage for the driveway, guttering for the house and a new front door that we will be needing.. what will need to be sacrificed in order for the above to happen… mmmm leaving the emergency fund in its hide away and don’t touch it for any reason.

So there it is questions 71 to 80 of Nadalie Bardo’s “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions – Part 8 – Questions that Explore Your Finances.” Tomorrow I will explore Part 9 of  Nadalie Bardo’s “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions – it’s title “Light-hearted & Fun – Year End Review.”

I look forward to exploring more of Nadalie Bardo’s “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions, the end result and or outcomes of my honest reflections of me and my year of 2018 will certainly be an interesting 1.

So how about it…. Challenge yourself to Nadalie’s ” 100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions. ” here at her blog ” Its All You Boo ”

Author. Tanya Kelly

©Nadalie Bardo – “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions.


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