Day # 73 – ” 100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions – Part 5 – Questions On Your Experiences From Last Year “

One of my pinterest pins had the following self reflection set of questions that I though was very interesting. So I sat down and began to answer the questions that were being asked and I thought that my answers and the website were worthy of sharing.

The website offers up 100 questions that are titled “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions” divided into 10 separate sections of 1o questions in each section.

The website & its questions can be seen here at Its All You Boo – By Author
Nadalie Bardo.

I personally have sat down to undertake the challenge of answering Nadalie’s reflective questions as I feel that they will help to settle me in the year of 2019 after helping me to reflect on 2018.

In today’s daily blog post I will be looking at the third set of 10 questions of Nadalie Bardo’s “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions” – a set of questions that Reviews Your Emotions on the year that has just past.


Questions on my experiences from last year. A walk down memory lane and talk about what actually happened in 2018. What did you do, not do and wish you did? We hate that we didn’t take that trip, or we didn’t declutter our the house or that we’re still trapped in a life we hate. Sometimes it’s the little things like a leaky faucet we never fixed or not reading enough books, other times it’s the BIG things like wishing we could escape our toxic workplace or start a profitable business.
(copied from Nadalie Bardo’s “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions.”)

41. Where’s the best new location you visited?

Throughout 2018 I didn’t travel and or go away from my family home ( for holodays)… many of my activities were either in my favourite places & or haunts or they were in places that I had already previously visited.

What can I say about this but “I like being home… I like my own surroundings & I am guilty of liking my own comforts.

42. What’s the most exciting new thing you tried?

I taught myself how to crochet… a skill that I have been wanting to learn for years.
I also tried out a new web design/graphics program that I am very fond of – that software being Xara Web Designer 10 Premium – I used it often throughout 2018 in many of my client projects.

43. Did you accomplish anything on your bucket list?

My 2018 bucket was set out at the end of 2017… my bucket list has always been for the greater good of others… for the longest time the only thing that existed and had no heart beat was my deeply private want to return to my love of writing. As a child all I did was right, and there were moments in my childhood when I used to see it my minds studio/reading room surrounded by my wall to wall book shelves pushing through the end of my column’s deadline… then something in me changed.. that something came when my hearts deeply written words were stolen and shared (so I thought) around the neighbourhoods traps.

I vowed never to write again… but I didn’t stick to  this plan… instead of writing in my long suffering journal, I wrote poetry… year after year I started my journal over again.. and never got passed 5 entries throughout the year.. I was scared of my words and I was scared that my thoughts would become someone else’s amusement… so I just learned to ignore my yearn to write.

2017 Rocked around & I became bogged down by my studies (diploma of counselling) and I told myself “let me finish my studies and I will pick up the pen and begin to write again.”

I finished my studies and told myself that it was now time for me to be selfish & that it was time to put my pen to my page… there was no new years resolution for 2017 – and that new years resolution certainly didn’t have a new page of writing in its winds… that is why I started back at my writing on January 9th 2018… with no new years resolution and no pressure to keep a promise to anyone but me.

So “my bucket list” was more of a “do it or don’t do it list”…. finish my studies and go for head first into my bachelors or take a chance on me and my unwritten thoughts. I made the vow to start and here I am just over a year now and counting…

44. What did you plan to do, but never did?

I must sound boring but I spent 2018 exploring my own interests and want for my return to my daily writings. I spent many hours writing, probably far more than I should have… in my defence; I was bitten by my inner author and my inner creativity.

45. Have your tastes or interests change this past year?

I was always driven to the life of being an academic.. now I am drawn to my love of writing. I love to crochet and I love to hang at home with my family… I am not a hermit but I do love the quieter introverted life style.

46. Do you have a new favourite food or drink?

I have always been a Red Wine love.. & beer was very much so my least favourite drink… I didn’t like Rosé Wine much either…somewhere over the hours of writing I found a liking for beer and I found rosé wine to be very refreshing.

Red wine I see now made me a serious person, highly strung and didn’t allow much creative thought… beer and rosé wine gave me a les serious attitude and even chilled me down just a little.

My food habits haven’t changed much … I tell people that I am a vegetarian who likes to eat meat… my hubby calls me a 2nd hand vegetarian for cows themselves don’t eat meat….

So I was a vegetarian and I now eat meat…. (sometimes I really like it) and I was a red wine drink now I like beer and rosé wine…. but just so you know my favourite alcoholic drinks are cocktails… gin and whiskey (Jack Daniels & Bundaberg rum are my fav’s).

47. Do you feel guilty about anything you did?

Mmm… I try hard not to put myself in to moments or occasion to which I would later feel guilty for what I have done but there was a point throughout 2018 where I was to meet with a new neurologist for the treatment of my Multiple Sclerosis…. my neurologist I took an instant disliking to .. he was plain and simply rude rude rude…  he had a point and opinion about everything that I was asked to answer… initially he would ask a question and interrupt you & remind you that order for him to be able to help me that I would have to be upfront and completely honest…. he had told me that on numerous occasions throughout our first meeting so at some point I ask him where would you like me to start and what part of my story would he like me embellish & or stop making up.

He had asked me nothing personal about who I was and then he asked about my children… I told him that I have 3 children my eldest was born with Spina Bifida and my second was born 6 weeks prem…. and out of the dark he sprouted “primary progressive Ms … no no no I don’t think so …. I think you may be mimicking your child’s illness .

I looked at him and said the MRI’s are they fake to… ??

Looking at them he responded oh dear umm yah.. your diagnosis is maybe right but I want to do my own testing (may I add these test he sent me to were very early in the morning and 1 hour away & in the peek of morning traffic)… I told him I have children to get to school.

Looking down at me whilst he pinched me… he said cant someone look after the children? how can I help you if you wont help yourself….

I looked oddly strange at him and called him an idiot… I asked him what it in his medical training to learn “asshole bed side manners skills.”

There it is … not necessarily my regretful moment but probably a moment where I could have held my mouth shut!

There is a very small part of me that regrets not completing my Bachelors Of Counselling… I have deferred my studies & I know that I can always go back and pick it up at anytime… but like I have written a many a times before I don’t regret not finishing my studies… I am just slightly disappointed that I have let one of biggest wants of becoming a fully fledged counsellor go to the wind (for the time being at least).

48. What hobby did you spend the most time on?

What hobby did I spend my most time on…. mmm no surprise for those who are following me through my daily blogging submissions… “my writing” of course is the answer… I may be guilty of being found at my computer for way to many hours of the day throughout 2018. I spent the day working on my daily writes, blogging, crocheting to unwind for all day at my computer & web designs/graphic designing. There was a small amount of reading done away from my computer in all of my hobby interests… as well as a few moments out and about taking photo’s and editing them.

I am happiest when I am writing or being creative.

49. Did you enjoy learning about something new, if so what?

At the very end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 I taught myself how to crochet … (just a few different stiches and designs…. nothing spectacular… but beautifully coloured blankets and bed throws was just a few of my accomplishments.

50. What experiences stand out in your mind as “the best” and “the worst”?

For me the best and the worst parts of 2018 can at times overlap… I love family time both intimate family time and extended family time but I hate the dynamics and the politics of these gatherings…. I get exhausted by the reliance on the same people to organise these gatherings… and I hate that at time people don’t bring their happy faces, instead they choose to bring their ignorance’s and their bias’s.

I have had to learn to divide my time (and not equally) been my own private time and the time I spend with others… “on the best side of things – I have found my inner author… and my writing voice, I have found my calmness & my quiet place.”.. & on “the worst  side of things – I have become a little to introverted and a grapple hook is often needed to pull me out of my own zone.”

I regret nothing of my 2018… maybe that is the worst part of my solitude coming out.

So there it is questions 41 to 50 of Nadalie Bardo’s “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions – Part 5 – Questions On Your Experiences From Last Year.” Tomorrow I will explore Part 6 of  Nadalie Bardo’s “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions – it’s title “Questions For Your Relationships.”

I look forward to exploring more of Nadalie Bardo’s “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions, the end result and or outcomes of my honest reflections of me and my year of 2018 will certainly be an interesting 1.

So how about it…. Challenge yourself to Nadalie’s ” 100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions. ” here at her blog ” Its All You Boo ”

Author. Tanya Kelly

©Nadalie Bardo – “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions.


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