Day # 72 – ” 100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions – Part 4 – Review Of Your Daily Life “

One of my pinterest pins had the following self reflection set of questions that I though was very interesting. So I sat down and began to answer the questions that were being asked and I thought that my answers and the website were worthy of sharing.

The website offers up 100 questions that are titled “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions” divided into 10 separate sections of 1o questions in each section.

The website & its questions can be seen here at Its All You Boo – By Author
Nadalie Bardo.

I personally have sat down to undertake the challenge of answering Nadalie’s reflective questions as I feel that they will help to settle me in the year of 2019 after helping me to reflect on 2018.

In today’s daily blog post I will be looking at the third set of 10 questions of Nadalie Bardo’s “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions” – a set of questions that Reviews Your Emotions on the year that has just past.


Let’s talk about how you feel about your daily life over the year. Was it awesome, great, good, okay, not bad, or horrible? What could be better?

The unfortunate side-effect of the New Year can be feelings of lost opportunity or even anger and disappointment for the choices we’ve made – or didn’t make. Staying stuck, stalling and being stagnant in our lives can leave us feeling furious and frustrated.
(copied from Nadalie Bardo’s “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions.”)

31. What did you want to do, but didn’t?

Through the year of 2018, I set myself many goals, many of which were goals that would direct my return to my daily writing into the direction of commitment & honesty that was far deeper than I have dared to venture into.

I enjoyed my daily writing so much, it gave me so much inner relief and so much of the inner pressures that I put upon myself were given a crutch to lean on… I was able to let go of the compartmentalising side of myself in many written days of my 2018 writing and allow myself to own what I think and feel without fear of having to hide what is truly in my secretive mind.

My 2018 goal was to see myself back at my daily writings, to build a blog, and allow room for honesty and openness in a journal that I had once kept so many years ago… the more I pushed myself to journal the further I got away from just starting one entry. I gave myself a compromise & started my daily writes at & that unfortunately was where I found my writing deserved and gave credit to my inner happiness that was scared and afraid of what I harboured deep within.

So what did I do in 2018 that I wanted to do? Journaling… I just could lay pen in my physical papered book… my pen was frozen and it remained so… so I searched my soul for my reasons and I knew that holding and writing in a physical papered journal wasn’t a place I was ready for… I haven’t let go of my journal keeping want.. 2019 is a new year and I have put journaling back on my goal list for 2019.

32. Did you step outside your comfort zone? When?

I think I am at time 2 people and those two people have both strengths and weakness’s in abundance… they also have the opposite in common.. one side of me is an introvert and the other is an extrovert… when people ask me if I am introverted or extroverted I always also that I am an ambivert (a person who has a balance of extrovert and introvert features in their personality.)

One side of me is my inner child she is 8 and very free, wild almost… but she has a delicate child like state that doesn’t like strangers and hides in the shadows when they are around.

Then there is me, Tanya… I like to meet and help people out in the daily journey’s… I like to amerce myself in daily workloads that make me feel accomplished and well worked in my daily agenda’s.

I unlike my inner child like to meet people and often find myself taking on other peoples needs in order to help them out… I love being involved and I love working with people in chosen skill set of web designing & computer related technical work.

So together my inner child and I decided that we would find like minded people that we both liked, we joined a writing group, created this blog and for my inner child we wrote on the closed platform of in hopes that my inner child would find her voice and a safe comfort zone to off load her inner thoughts…

Together we went out of our comfort zone to let go of our inner fears, to write down our stories and together we co-exist today where I am often the fore fronted person as my inner child is now at peace.

33. Do you feel as if you missed out on any opportunities?

I chose in 2018 to forgo my “Bachelors Of Counselling” for what I would have though to be for a small break in my studies… I have questioned if my choice to defer was the right one, questioning if I would ever regret my decision to defer & the answer in my hear and now is NO! I do not regret my choice to defer & I personally don’t think that I will…. but that is my insight for my here and now.

Inner – Creativity burns a lot of day light and takes up many many hours and I thing that the only opportunity that I let go off was the connectivity that I could have experienced from people in the real world…. I was very much introverted in 2018 and preferred the company of my computer and my unwritten thoughts.

Maybe I could have sought out a few hours a week of volunteering in the field of counselling & youth work… that would help in deciding what the course of action would be for my studies.. clocking up a few hours of unpaid or even paid hands on training… but like I said I have no regrets.

34. What was your daily, morning or nightly routine?

My Morning Routine Is:-
– up awake and moving at 6.45am
– wake the kids at 7am (if it’s a school day 8.30am if it’s a weekend).
– pay bills, work out what the days agenda will be
– shower, teeth, hair, makeup and & dress
– play with my puppy Lucas & attend to his needs
– answer my mornings call list
– work on my client project till 1.30pm

My Afternoon Routine Is:-
– have lunch at 1.30pm
– run what errands need to be run & strive hard not to nap
– work on client activities till 4 pm (or is we are picking them up we leave at 3pm for a 3.26pm pickup).
– await my children’s arrival home from school at 4.20pm
– run afternoon errands till around 6.. or choose for the time to be family time or homework time.
– start dinner preparations around 6pm whilst watch the evenings news

My Nightly Routine Is:-
– dinner around 6-7.20pm
– prepare my daily writing for my blog & write for about 1-2 hours at my blog
– around 9pm I usually settle into my writing, most days writing both here and on my research for tomorrows writes till about 10.20 – 11.00.
– watch tv for a an hour or so of relaxation time with my hubby
– I do try to go to bed before 1am but sometimes I return to my computer and take on other writings until 3am (bad I know but this is my creative hours – the hours when I am very awake and have the ideas for my writings ready & willing to flow out of me).

Of course there are other things in here like keeping up with my online friends, and sitting for my online classes/groups… and of course the accessional mid morning nap sneaks in throwing my whole day out the window… but the outline of my general day is there for you to see.

Atleast one day of the weekend comes and goes … with good intentions I hope to spend it with my Family & extended family doing things that we all enjoy doing with each other… I try for the weekends to be free, but shamefully I say the weeks overflow at times gets in the way.

35. How did you waste the most time every day?

hmm how do I waste most time everyday?… well to be honest showering takes up so much time the morning can often slip away – my primary progressive ms hates showering and is often overwhelmed by how it feels by the end of my shower.

I like to watch my foxtels music vide channel, I love how it’s music can not only change my moods but it can also lead me into deep thoughts of writings for what I call “my song appreciations” – they are like reviews of a book… but I actually sit and rewrite my thoughts into the verse of the music and songs.

Of course there are times of the week when I procrastinate so much that I stress myself in the process of getting my daily writings complete – vowing each day to just get it done… a vow that I have a hit and miss relationship with.

Atleast one day of the weekend comes and goes … with good intentions I hope to spend it with my Family & extended family doing things that we all enjoy doing with each other… I try for the weekends to be free, but shamefully I say the weeks overflow at times gets in the way.

36. What negative daily habit did you break?

My negative daily habit that I have to break is my sound off moments that I have with my home telephone….

I scream at it at times in frustration for the constant calls that it rings… I love that people want to call and say hi but there are days when its a stop start, stop start day… when I am busy doing a website or fixing a clients computer I can see the value of a break… but I d hate a break in the flow of my writing… I like to be quiet and left to scribe out my thoughts…. but my phone is the one true pain in the ass and or constant demanding  ring ring in my ear.

37. Did you create any new habits?

– daily writings of course (in many more areas than what is discussed above).

– joined an online writing group that included weekly writing sessions.
– made agreement to do 1-3 meet ups with friends online (personal, writing group members and international friends).
– joined other online groups of interest

38. What do you wish you could do more every day?

I have just taken on writing morning pages that I take 10 minutes of timed time to write… I always said that I wouldn’t for I used to think that short thoughts were a waste of time… & I hated having my creativity stunted by the hand of a ticking clock.

I wish I would get into the habit of journal daily for 30 or so minutes… this is what I am working on in 2019.

& of course I wish I made more time to read things that didn’t include web designing texts or other peoples blogs, I’d love to read for the love of it & have a book that I read a chapter of each day.

39. Is there was one thing you could stop doing, what would it be?

The only thing that I would really like to stop doing is allowing myself to give an audience to other peoples scrutiny…. I so wish that people and their thoughts didn’t bother me & I wish that I didn’t have the room deep within me to internalise their words and take them to my heart.

40. Does anything feel incomplete or left undone from last year?

I do feel very content within myself, my growth and my completion of my 2018 wants for me list. So no I know that there is nothing left undone from last year, my choice were made to do what I am doing and if I had gone the way of completing my studies, I would indeed be answering yes to this question… my writing and personal journey path was my go to now cross road…

Now you have a better idea of how you spent your daily time. This is powerful intel, as it’s your daily habits and routines that help you become successful. How can you improve your days? You’ll be happier and more successful once you do.

I am content and know that my daily schedule sometimes beats me up and leaves me feeling lost or drawn to endless days of being tired but I know that I am breaking through my inner barriers and becoming the person that I have always wanted to be.

Maybe it would help if I added a moment of relaxation and unplugging to my day… no technology or writing books, no schedule or tickings of a clock… time for breathing and a non thinking mind, a yoga class or place for me to sit in nature… maybe what I am missing is a time out in and for my “airport baggage claimed mind”

So there it is questions 31 to 40 of Nadalie Bardo’s “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions – Part 3 – Review Of Your Daily Life .” Tomorrow I will explore Part 5 of  Nadalie Bardo’s “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions – it’s title “Questions On Your Experiences From Last Year.”

I look forward to exploring more of Nadalie Bardo’s “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions, the end result and or outcomes of my honest reflections of me and my year of 2018 will certainly be an interesting 1.

So how about it…. Challenge yourself to Nadalie’s ” 100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions. ” here at her blog ” Its All You Boo ”

Author. Tanya Kelly

©Nadalie Bardo – “100 Personal End of Year Reflection & Review Questions.


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