Day # 68 “My Written 2019 Mantra”


I don’t feel that today’s pictured quote needs any introduction… it to me clearly says everything that I have to say for how I feel about me snd my here no journey at this moment in time.

“I Am At Place In My Life
Where Peace Is A Priority.
I Make Deliberate Life
Choices To Protect My
Mental, Emotional
And Spiritual State.”

Just like the leaf falling from the tree’s heights just above Charlie Brown’s & Snoopy’s togthered embrace; I will watch as the ambered leaves fall from season changing trees and let them show me their natured and nurtured beauty rather then seeing them for the mess that they make to my home.

Symbolically the leaf in this pictured quote are representation of all those around me…
Those who work to walk beside me
& those who struggle to fall with me..

& for those who choose to walk with me
embracing me no matter how many leaves blanket my exterior
they will have the luxury of seeing me for all of whom I am.

Mentally, I have always been pretty strong & I have learned to depend largely on myself.
I know the people that embrace me
I know them intimately in my heart
but I am also very aware of who those faux fur imitators are
I know who is there;
No matter how deep I go within myself
& no matter how far I push them away.

Emotionally, I get by on the smell of an oil rag;
Taking each day one day at time
Embracing the turbulence within me.
I would like work on things affecting me less,
Finding the switch that turns the negativity of others off
I am working on this as a priority
I will start with learning the words “No & Not Today”

Spiritually, I am not lost to religion
Rather I am lost to the mixed messages of the religions spoken & written words.
I am deeply sound in my own hearts beliefs
& I know that my journey isn’t in finding a higher God
its in finding my own very self.

So whilst  today’s daily blog posts pictured quote doe not need any introduction… I feel that it needs a concluding statement that will become my “2019’s To Work On Mantra.”

I will sit upon my own hearts benched seat blind folded & alone in all of 2019’s seasons. I will wait in silence as people come and go & I will embrace those who wish to communicate with me – not through their spoken words but through the promises and their actions.

& as the last day of 2019 comes to its last seconds end
those who remain will be held strongly in my embrace.

For me 2019 is the year of cleansing,
Working on me and my life’s journey
Ploughing through the lifeless crops
That blanket my fields with promise of seasons of goodness
But deliver little when those season’s turn to dust.

2019 is my year
My year to find my okayness in who it is  that I am
Giving into no sentimental attachments
Screaming loudly… “you are either in or you are out.”

” 2019 this is my written & spoken mantra
A written plan that isn’t at all fool proof
But it is a worded mantra
That I walking and working on & through you with.”

Author. Tanya Kelly


2 thoughts on “Day # 68 “My Written 2019 Mantra”

  1. This was just wonderful Tanya. I wish you the best of everything in 2019, and yes, peace for us all. I need it badly. Blessings to you and your family honey…




    • Hey there Maitri… thankyou for your beautiful gratitude.. appreciated much… may you find you happiness in 2019 also … I hope that you find your forever companion & human fur baby in the very near future xxx Happy Thoughts & Much Love


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