Day # 67 – “The Hunger That Drives Me”

I think that this pictured quote sums up any person’s strength throughout the journey of their life, it very much is a testament to my own personal life’s journey.

I can in many stages of my life see how the quote that it scribes sings to my own personal journey through my many struggles of my mind and bodies health.

“Sometimes It’s Not About Who Has The Most Talent, But About Who’s Hungrier.”

I decided many years ago to push through the pile of life’s bullshit, seeing myself through to other side where a moment of clarity would see me through the haze of tears that I would often cry.

Pushing through my life’s pain, especially my “Multiple Sclerosis Hurdles” didn’t make me oblivious to the struggles that many have thought that I haven’t come to terms with… these struggles have made strong in my own stance and given me the strength to find something to smile about at the end of each pain filled day.

My life wasn’t full of ambitious moments and it certainly wasn’t full of money or riches… and whilst it has been full of my mind and body playing out a one sided boxing match inside and throughout my body… I chose to look at these moments as moments in time where my body chooses to communicate with me to teach me the strength of never giving up.

I may have my fair share of these moments and my Ms may at times giving me a deeper slice of pain then normal… but what keeps me going every day is my hunger that has me wanting to see my Self Made Family grow into the group and single entities that they are.

I have a hunger in me that doesn’t give me any leeway.. it keeps me pushing on to the tomorrow’s that come with each dawn… my talent isn’t in being a boxer it is in taking the bullshit of life and the painful moments of my Ms and turning them into stories that give me in my darkest days the reason to stand up and take a deep breath.

Whilst I was born into this world with a great deal of inner strength; there are days when I too flounder…not everyday is rosie but not everyday needs to see my tears

Giving up isn’t and will never be written on my timeline… I have a life that has many replenishing moments & people and this is the very hunger that drives me.

Pushing is all that I can do.

Author. Tanya Kelly


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