Day # 66 – “ What Peeves Me Off ? ”

snow_white_-_grumpy.jpgWe all have those little things that linger within us that boil up our tempers.. & I for sure am nobody different.

What serve to peeve me off more than anything else in this world is how we as humans we are never content with the ” here & now moments of our lives. ” How can we as Parents & or Leading Members of our Families ever truly get to teaching our children the significance of traditions when we keep skipping and jumping from one holiday/celebration into the next.

It was only Christmas Eve 2018 just a few days ago and what was on sale and were being highly publicised ” Hot Cross Buns ” – a wonderful Easter yummy treat that in my opinion was 4 months to early… I sure do love ” hot cross buns ” but I love them even more when they are a seasonal treat and not a readily available sweet treat all year round.Lets not get into the argument of easter eggs being available at this time of year… here  in Australia it is 39-43 degrees (99-107 degrees fahrenheit) who has the room in their refrigerated spaces to home Easter gifts for the next 4 months.

I wasn’t at all surprised to see the “Valentines Day – Cupid, Love smothering cards ” beautifully place throughout the stores…. seriously its exhausting getting over the Christmas & New Years run and running straight into the girth of yet another celebratory money spinner.

Don’t get me wrong … I love all the little all the little celebrations that we share and express to, with & for each other but when was the last time that we watched human behaviours and noticed that we have become an easy come and easy go society.

This Christmas I asked a few of my nieces and nephews as well as a few of my friends Children what Christmas meant to them… of course they without hesitation spluttered out ” Presents “… it truly saddens me when I hear them say this… I know they are children and full of excitement and expectations but Christmas has truly lost it’s meaning.. how many children today truly know the meaning behind Christmas. (I know that Christmas is an exciting time.. and that children do indeed get caught up in the hype of Christmas and in all the presents under the tree… but if we don’t stop to teach our Children the religious beliefs of Christmas, and the meanings of the many celebrations throughout the year, along with the reasons behind the need for much needed family time…. I cant help but wonder what will happen when there is no-one left to teach them that togetherness is important?).

I watched from the side lines of a Christmas celebrations when people had a present in their possession and had barely unwrapped and were waiting on tender hooks for the next gift. What ever happened to reading the hand written card that told the recipient who a gift was from and expressing gratitude for the remembrance…?

I as a parent have always asked my children to see past the gift wrapping and the excitement of the wrapped gift and go straight to the card that has a far greater meaning written within it.. ” maybe I’m way to bloody annoyed by other people but I for one would rather receive a handwritten note expressing how I was thought about…. ” there for me is no better gift than a book that could express my years thought or be covered in my yearly long scribbles… a journal, a diary a sketch pad that will us through the whole tear… the gift that everyday reminds us that in the giving of this book someone truly thought of me in this special moment of giving.

This year I struggled with a few people’s ignorance when I sounded that I think that we all should take time out of our years grind and sit down into a yearly holiday of ” Thanksgiving ” the response from many was this is an American Holiday.. & I always had the come back line ” being grateful shouldn’t be a holiday it should be a human practice… sharing with others our gratitude that is given to for and by others shouldn’t need a holiday .. that we should freely express how others have impacted our lives.”


So today’s blog post is all about ” What Gets My Goolies – What Really Peeves Me Off” – ” What Are My Pet Peeves ” – or ” What Pisses Me Off ” … well the answer is simple ” the lack of here and now togetherness of what it is that we should be Celebrating in ” – Christmas Day had just turned over into the calendar day and already people were asking “what are you doing for New Years?” One of my loved ones even jumped right in and spoken of what he would like to do for Easter – just 4 months away… I found myself apologising when I snapped and said ” Cant we just enjoy Christmas that I was to bloody exhausted to give a care for the next event planning run”…

I can’t be the only one who would like to see the world slow down, is it any wonder why people ask “where did the year go?”… well I always ask the same question… did you stop long enough in your hop, skip and jumping life to actually see the day that was just yesterday? … we are as humans so adapted to planning for our tomorrow’s we cannot see what we have in our today’s.. the days and years are going so fast… speeding past us because we are never content being in our here and now present.

A quote that I feel sums up my thoughts on today’s daily blog post is this…

“Mother Theresa – “Yesterday is gone. tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. let us begin.”

I do strongly believe in the saying “Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift , that is why it called – The Present – live for our today’s for our tomorrow’s are never promised.”

Lastly I want to say this… This world that we live in… the place that we call home is forever changing… what was yesterday… will not be in tomorrow’s plan… we are just travellers of our world & we are just passing through… so if we are insistent on calling the world home and want to make it our forever stop then why don’t we just sit still long enough to enjoy our here & now?

img_3067.jpgI would love to see us slow down and enjoy our here and now’s, take time out to celebrate with our loved ones the remembrance that they bestow upon us… learn gratitude and thankfulness.. but more than anything learn that “Time goes by so quickly, people come and go out of our lives, that we should learn to stop for a while and hear and feel their presence around us, that changes happens every moment of the day whether we like it or we don’t… that we should enjoy every moment in celebration and in remembrance but one day soon enough all that we have in our here and now will be tomorrow’s long since passed memories – Tanya Kelly.”

Bernard Kelvin Clive Wrote – ” Your Dreams Will Not Die – “Today, just take time to smell the roses, enjoy those little things about your life, your family, spouse, friends, job. Forget about the thorns -the pains and problems they cause you – and enjoy life”

Written By
Author. Tanya Kelly


4 thoughts on “Day # 66 – “ What Peeves Me Off ? ”

  1. Yikes, I’m thankful that the Easter crunch hasn’t appeared here yet, although maybe I didn’t notice being about to leave for traveling. Valentine’s Day, yes — as I picked up a prescription today, I think I might have seen some of that among the Christmas clearance.

    It’s all quite not in the moment, that’s for sure.


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