Day # 64 – “I Can Do It” – Louise Hay – 365 Days Of Daily Affirmations (Jan 2nd)

I was gifted a present for Christmas.. from my blogging buddy Lauren, Her gift was a 365 daily affirmation calendar by Louise Hay – Titled “I Can Do It.”

So I was on receivership of Lauren’s well packaged “contacted” (book wrapping/covering) covered package.. I told her that I would embark on a writing journey where I would go day by day through the 365 day affirmations calendar  (with no sneaky peaky looksie’s at what affirmations are coming up).

So for each day of Louise Hay’s 365 Day Affirmation Calendar I would sit & write something for each written affirmation page that I turn.

So today being January 2nd… Louise Hays daily affirmation was… “Today I open My Heart, Knowing That Love Guides My Every Decision.”

©Louise Hay “I Can Do It” 2019 Calendar – 365 Day Affirmations

What this written quote by Louise Hay says to me is this:-

I have been busy taking a hard look at me as of late. I can see how it is that I put myself last of the list for the things that I need (personal needs)… I have always known and seen that I put others ahead of myself… my family & their needs are very important to me & I know that putting myself last has started to take its toll.

So in realisation and after taking some time out to look at myself I know that I have needs that are now having to be put forward & be put onto the priority list… “I & my must have needs have to become my own priority.”

In 2019 I will be learning to take my share and gain some of the things that I nee.. letting go of feeling guilty for what I need.

Self care will let me see that I am important to me… & that putting myself and my needs forward will not make me any less loved or unwanted by others.

2019 has delivered me a need for self care & the okayness to say I value myself enough to tell myself that I am deserving of my needs.

So there it is my daily blog based upon Louise Hay’s “I Can Do It” 2019 Calendar – 365 Day Affirmations. (Dated January 1st).

So thanks a bunch Lauren for getting my cogs spinning in a moment of self giving. A writing journey that will show me that the inner power & attitude of “I Can Do It” does indeed live in me.

I will be from time to time be sharing what I write in my writing journey of Louise Hay’s “I Can Do It” 2019 Calendar – 365 Day Affirmations. I am inspired explore my thinking’s and thoughts as well as what the meaning of Louise Louise Hay’s “I Can Do It” 2019 Calendar – 365 Day Affirmations in a 365 day writing challenge.

Written By
Author. Tanya Kelly


3 thoughts on “Day # 64 – “I Can Do It” – Louise Hay – 365 Days Of Daily Affirmations (Jan 2nd)

  1. Self-Care, oh yes!
    That’s fallen by the wayside these past few years for me, as a caregiver of two.
    I’m looking forward to both remembering & implementing self-care practices in 2019. 🙂


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