Day # 63 – ” Happy New Year “

newyearToday should be day no#88 of my 365 Day Blogging Journey… but I have decided to start from where I left off instead of trying to catch up on the days that I either missed or was way to bogged down by… there was so much going on over Christmas… the  celebrations/get togethers, shopping for Christmas… Christmas Day itself… not to mention the many visitors that we had & of course the New Years slurry To have sat down in the lack of available time to write a post of any kind would have given me just one more task that would have served to push me and my equilibrium to an unstable centre.

So here I am… thankyou to all those who have messaged me over the Christmas / New Years break.. & a special thankyou to all those who has sent beautiful cards and or presents. even my mail out is still sitting on my table and I will get it to those who are being very patient with me just as soon as time permits but let me thank those who have messaged, checked on me… sent me letters cards and gifts again… I am so very appreciative and thankyou from the bottom of my heart for taking time out of your busy rightfootedChristmas / New Years Schedules to adorn me with such beautiful treasures.

Firstly Happy & A Very Belated “Merry Christmas To You All, Happy New Year… ” here is to wishing you all the positive vibes that will you see you through to a great 2019….. 2019 can you believe it? wow how time seems to be flying by.

Todays blog post comes with a version of the following quote that I saw Last night on Facebook as 2018 rolled into 2019 – When The Countdown To The New Year Begins Raise Your Left Foot, That Way You Start The New Year Off On Your Right Foot
newyer2019.jpgSo here I am walking along with you all in our blogging journey’s, wishing you all the greatest of wishes for the new year and the days that will surely follow.

I am excited & energised to be back at my  daily blogging writes… & I look forward to reading everyone’s daily writes.

Again Happy New Year Fellow Bloggers & Followers Of 365 Day Somethings.

Written By
Author. Tanya Kelly


8 thoughts on “Day # 63 – ” Happy New Year “

    • I love the fireworks… but I do so wish that the money that the government spends on it would be halved and the other put towards feeding and housing the homeless.. even if it was for just 1 evening….

      The world lights up so beautifully every New Years.. it is so nice to watch the fireworks and the celebrations from around the world…

      Best Wishes Marge & May I also take this moment to thank you for your beautiful Christmas cards that I received in today’s post.. (I by the way think that you have the most beautiful handwriting)…


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