Day #62 – ” Dear Past Me… “A Note To My Younger Self ”

Below is a writing exercise that is titled “A Note To My Younger Self “

“A Note To My Younger Self “is a letter to my yesterday’s self that reflects upon my journey of many challenges… this is blog post is a writing exercise  that offers up insight to the life’s path that I have walked… offering up insight but not enough to alter the path of my younger self’s future

imagesX5M45SKZ“A Note To My Younger Self ” …

Many years have passed since we have entered this world & learned to walk, talk, eat, drink & sleep through the night. Much has happened but I am her as proof that  we survived.

As A child we were a quiet book loving introvert who kept to herself & managed to evolve in a small company of who we called close friends. Our childhood wasn’t always easy and many struggles kept us locked away in self protection mode.

My dearest past self here are my words that I will tell you about the Me that makes up Us…

Some of our journey will be heart breaking, our resolve will be surely tested. Some of what we will go through will for sometime hold us back – we will grow to be introverted liking more and the company of only we but this too i have learned will become a lesson in love and trust… forgiveness wont be easy and why should we offer forgiveness you will surely ask but I will tell you why my younger self and it is simply because if we do not learn to listen to the what we know in our hearts, we will pull ourselves through the struggle and never get loving us.

As we got older we learned to trust the people we felt safe and sheltered by, we should have known then that everything has an expiry date… even the relationships that make our days seem brighter.

lovedbymeAs a teen our relationships evolved and at many key times we were happy and blissful in our own bubble. The weekends were filled with get togethers, bbq’s and swimming… adventures to the sea side and the occasional weekends away.

We have entered into relationships with others some good and some bad. Some of these relationships dissolved with mutual agreement and others passed on through natural progression. We in our own opinion always put fourth a foundation of treating others as we would treat ourselves and we have been know for often putting others first but at age 42 (the age i am today January 13th, 2018) I know that I must work on putting us first. For you my younger self in our years to come we will go through many hurdles in the years that will pass.

Friends will come and others will pass, people that we hold deer and close to our heart will push us to the limits of our very core – the struggles associated will in time pass, but the length of time and longing ness for the familiar voices will never leave.

Our life isn’t all dreary… our self created family will become your everything. They will fill your days with the strength that you will hold, they will be your everything. Family to us is the very centre of our core.

Our health will have its hurdles… most will come and go…. but someday soon in your future you will become aware of that little something that has ailed us should be the imagesCUK1UK9K.jpglittle voice you should listen to. As hard as some days will become; we too will survive this… this journey maybe ours to be on, but I feel that we were given the task to teach others along the way. Hold on tight, not everyday is easy… but we certainly could, would & should learn to be a little easier on us…yesterday’s self we were born headstrong, independent, open minded and very determined to be who we want to be, but yet I know from experience that I have been to hard at me.

My younger self I could only wish that I was more confident in the me I cover up. I am less self spiritual (I have lost my way in my faith, but I do not “Denounce God”). I feel he has tested me and handed me far greater than my share… but my younger self “We meaning you .. will to survive this.”imagesBI02AO9I

Someday beside you will walk with one of this earths greatest souls, together hand in hand. You need not be told who this may be because someday soon a face will become part of we. Learn the lessons that unity has installed, not every day will be roses but love and foreverness will become the everything that you will become.

Let your face and heart be held tightly, let him caress your heart and soul, let the depth of your unity be the bubble that will surround you both.. everyday will be a journey of strength and of struggle but if you have faith in the path that I have already walked; you too my younger self will know the true side of forever love.

Enjoy your journey my younger self, there is much coming your way. Don’t let others imagesTJW3XC2Acurve your enthusiasm or dim the fire in your soul. What others think of as arrogance will serve you well.. stay strong for who you are; for who you will become will be forever faithful to the very person that you will become.

” I wish I could protect you, or show you even more of the journey that you are yet to take.. but I cannot alter your reality  but I do hope that your journey is different now that our life’s insights are yours.

I want you to know that I know our journey may be at times difficult, but I now at the stage in my life; like the view from where I write this note to you.”

Written By
Author. Tanya Kelly
“A Note To My Younger Self”


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