Day #60 – “My Words Of Scribe”

I am happily sharing with you a few of my self written pieces of written works that I have written over he years… celebrations of who I am & written pieces that show you who it is that I am.

I am hoping that through my written works that you will get a look into who it is that I am.

My Words Of Scribe
I scribe my words;
Of thought of fear,
I scribe my words of;
Of hurt and tears,
I scribe my words;
Of thoughts of remembrance,
I scribe my words;
Of Love and heartbreak.
My words of scribe;
Will one day tell one or more,
That I was once here.

Written By
Tanya Kelly

The Colours In Our Life

Like the colours on this page;
You fill my life with many special spectrums.
Red is for the colour in my cheeks,
That the words I love you bring to my face.
The colour blue is for the tears in my eyes,
That you take away with a loving hug.
Green is for the garden,
Where we have made our home.
The colour pink is the blood;
Running through our veins.
The swirls are for the turbulent times;
That you and I will pass on through.
Each of our spectrum colours mix with black and orange;
Symbolising the busy little bees,
That we always seem to bee.
We you and I;
Are like a rainbow,
We show our many colours,
Through the love that we have for each other.

Written By
Tanya Kelly

Written By
Author. Tanya Kelly

© Copyrighted By Tanya Kelly. 2018. All Contents Of This Blog Including But Not Limited To; Poetry, Graphics, Photo’s Are Copyrighted. None Of It’s Contents Or Part Thereof Maybe Used Without Prior


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