Day #59 – “Ripples Of Life & The Interpretation”

Here is a poem titled Ripples Of Life”
A self written poem that I wrote many years ago in celebration of my life & my journey. There is also a self written interpretation of Ripples Of Life” below my initial writing.

I do think that my self titled pieces titled “Ripples Of Life & Interpretation Of Ripples Of Life” are very much important written piece of both my past and present life settings. These Pieces of writing celebrate my journey & how I got where it is that I am in my life’s journey.

Ripples Of Life
My reflection presents itself;
As I steep down into the abundance of my depths.
With the autumn leaves crushed,
They show the pathway to the beginning of my journey.
The droplets of water;
Fall from depths of un-known heights,
But quickly dry in the warmth of the afternoon sun.
The golden rays forbid the darkness to overwhelm;
The beauty of the keepers soul.
Like moss on a stone;
The grasp held in times of hardship,
Reflects purely on the willingness and beliefs installed in oneself.
In the midst of my journey;
My roots are up-rooted,
And again earthed with gentleness of love and care.
In years to come,
My path will have weathered,
but still detectable by the gifts of my womb.

Written By
Tanya Kelly

Interpretation Of Ripples Of Life
I present myself as I step into the roles of my life.
As I walk,
The path behind me is clearly marked.
It shows my life from its beginning;
To its present.
The tears that fall from my eyes,
Fall from deep within my heart,
But quickly dry as they fall upon my face warmed by the sun.
My heart made of gold;
Doesn’t allow the problems and insecurities of the world around me,
to over shadow, or to tarnish;
The good that I do.
My hold on reality,
Helped by my beliefs and willingness in myself,
Helps me pass through times of darkness.
I go from a young child to my early and late teens,
To grow into the beautiful creature;
God intended me to be.
As years pass, my body will have aged,
But my gift to the world,
My Gift of words,
Will still remain.

( This is what the poem is truly saying )

Written By
Tanya Kelly

Written By
Author. Tanya Kelly

© Copyrighted By Tanya Kelly. 2018. All Contents Of This Blog Including But Not Limited To; Poetry, Graphics, Photo’s Are Copyrighted. None Of It’s Contents Or Part Thereof Maybe Used Without Prior


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