Day #54 – Footsteps Of Life

Those who want to change themselves and the story of who they are
For both their now selves and the tomorrow’s person that they want to become
Will place their life plans into the pathways of tomorrow’s winded jet stream
And they will learn to captain themselves in becoming who they want to be.
Those who don’t want change persist with the excuses that work against them & become The anchor of their life’s hang ups.
They will become held up by their unwillingness to try
Becoming forever stuck in the revolving doors of their life’s unseen plans
And the regrets of plans made but never seen.

Personally my journey is to see myself through to the clearing
Of the deepest parts of my minds thoughts.
Only the Lord knows If I have the inner braveness & the inner strength
That will see to the clearing in me that I want to see.
A well trodden path where plenty has been done and seen.

But the one thing I know is that I will never know if I will succeed
If I don’t at first
Pick up my feet and give my journey a footstep forward to begin with.

Choices that we take in life are very much like footsteps in the sand, maybe those footsteps are hard to treed for nothing in life worth having is ever easy.

Sometimes we sink into the days that our lives have us living
& on other days we may take a wrong turn and see life through a different perspective
There will certainly be times
When the sand under our feet moves and makes our journey a hard one
& maybe those same sand will become
The footing that we will place our life’s footings into.

There is no guarantee’s to life,
Life offers nothing more than a journey to be had
One foot in front of the other,
One grain of sand at a time.

Written & Reference Where Applicable By
Author. Tanya Kelly


1 thought on “Day #54 – Footsteps Of Life

  1. I have had times in my life when I felt my feet were firmly entrenched in cement. I felt I could not move. What I have learned is as you stated, we must make the choice to move. It is not always moving that is hard, it’s the choices you first have to make. 💕


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