Day #52 – Gratitude To Someone Who Is Not Invisible But Will Go Unnamed


Ok Guys Here Is  A Rarity For Me
A Small Written & Heart Felt Note Of Thanks & Appreciation
For Someone Who Will Remain Nameless
For I Am Sure He/She Will Know Who This Note Is For.

Sometimes Even The Strongest Of People
Need A Moment Of Clarity
& A Gentle Nudge In To Clear Out The Volume Of Debris
That Comes Through Our Lives
& Stands In Our Way
Of Us Being Truly Us.

For Me This Person Who Will Remain Nameless;
& No This Unnamed Person Certainly Isn’t Me…
I Will Today Play Gratitude To
Because He/She Was The Shove In The Shoulder
That I this Week
Needed He/She To Be…

You Put Me Back On Track
& Listened To My Moment Of Wows & Weakness…..
You Sorted Me Out
& Slapped My A$$ Back Into Reality
But I Am Sorry For This Short Lived Moment…
For I Am Going Back To Being Me !

For “Nameless”
Forever In Your Gratitude

Author. Tanya Kelly


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