Day #50 – ” It’s Not The Skills Or The Layers That You Have, Its The Attitude That You Have That Helps You To Survive “

kybillyToday’s daily blog post came to me late last night when I was watching a re-run episode of Naked & Afraid on tv.

The episode that I will be referencing is season 1 episode 6… a quote was said at the end of the show by one of the participants of the show (Ky Furneaux) after her and her partner (Billy Berger) successfully completed their 21 days in the Louisiana swamp.

Reference –

Billy Berger and Ky Furneaux are dropped in it up to their necks as they have to survive 21 days in the Louisiana swamp. They are washed out of their shelter by storms and have to tackle deadly snakes at every moment while avoiding the hungry alligators.

In the episode of naked and afraid… Billy spends his time in his shelter… having a hard time with the always wet and swamp conditions… Ky gets concerned about Billy’s state of mind when he talks about how the conditions of the camp are unfavourable and are making him miserable.

Billy says to Ky on day 14 that if he and Ky don’t find other accommodation that he cannot stay … Ky reluctantly says “w e started together we will finish together “ and agrees to find another place where they can build a camp for the last 7 days of their 21 days stay in the Louisiana swamp.

Even after packing up camp and trudging through the swamplands of Louisiana Billy continues to see the negative in the swamps lands… his demoralising attitude starts to wear Ky down & she begins to question if moving camp was the right decision… even when Ky spots land both her and Billy aren’t sure that what they see is land…

Ky keeps Billy level-headed and focused throughout their episode of naked and afraid…. she was determined that they as partners would conquer their 21-day challenge and that they would stay together… no tapping out!

At the end of Billy & Ky’s episode of naked and afraid Ky says the following quote “ we started together we will finish together “ Ky’s spoken quote got me thinking and gave me my ah ha moment to today’s daily blog post.

I know that she was talking about her strength and determination of keeping Billy billy2focused on conquering the Louisiana swamplands and his mindset that was forcing him to question himself and his mindset… but I feel Ky’s quote resonated with yesterdays daily submission titled “This Is Who I Am” – a daily submission where I talk about me and my inner self as if it was just as an onion is multi-layered and protective of its core.

I very much believe that she was talking about her determination to keep Billy from tapping out… using her inner strength to give Billy the perseverance to keep going… it was important to Ky to have her and Billy start and finish together in their Louisiana swamp challenge… Ky showed remarkable strength and aptitude in being the backbone that both she and Billy needed her to be in order for them to be at the finish line together.

As said by Ky….“It’s not the skills or the layers that you have, its the attitude that you have that helps you to survive”

In life there are so many hurdles and uneven terrains that work against us in our life’s journey… these hurdles and terrains ate ready to trip us up at any moment of our unpredictable journey through life.

Like I wrote in yesterdays daily writing “My outer self is a husk… the toughest part of me that I use in protecting my inner ingredients from being bruised or spoiled by the hurt and words of other peoples actions.

I also wrote in my yesterday ‘s daily writings a few words that came to through the song “This Is Who I Am by Vanessa Amorosi “ the following mantra that I stand tall too in my life “ In the strength of standing alone, I have given myself the permission that I need to be ok with who I am, unwavering in my convictions, my morals and my values.”

kynakednafraidI like Ky believe that it takes a lot of inner strength and unmatched attitude to get us through the toughest challenges of our days…. being able to pull ourselves out of the ungiving swamp pulling ourselves onto flat land where the sun is shining and trees give us the air that we require to breathe and to revive ourselves as well as the shelter we need to rest our weary bodies and minds at the base of their strength. Ky helped Billy to stay mentally and physically switch on and in the moment, helping him to get through each day as it came… giving him the ability to see the finish line at the end of their final 7days of their 21 Louisiana swamp challenge.

Throughout many occasions in my life, I have had to dig deep and push way past the point of my own giving up… I have also been challenged with the task of carrying people in the wake of my strength who have given into their own challenges.. they have been beaten down and lost their strength and motivation to keep moving forward…

Carrying oneself through the swamplands of life is a task that often leaves us wondering how and why we keep finding the extra mile that serves to keep us upright and pushing forward… but it takes a great sense of self to help another along the way.

People and their baggage is notoriously heavy and often a burden to the workload and strength of others, but when a person in need comes into a tide that they can no longer struggle against it is human nature, mateship, empowered and a strength that comes deep within ones core that finds that inner strength and moral backbone to help another who is in need.

Having a strong mindset and empowering strength that enables me to be able to help ky3others or to carry them through their toughest days are certainly not the easiest of human qualities to process…. putting other people and their needs above my own can at times leave me feeling empty of energy and at times I feel the ungrateful attitudes of others… its times like these that I wonder why I am like I am… why do I not just look after myself and my own self’s welfare…? Well, the best answer that I can muster up here is this… when I find myself trudging through the swamp… I am weighed down by the water and the unknown debris in the water… but if I was to turn and see another way behind me pushing hard to find the strength to take one more step… I know in my heart, mind and soul that I must turn back and lend my strength to them…

I see it this way… whilst I may be struggling to complete my journey, I still have reserved strength in me that allows me to turn and see another person struggling… so instead of wasting that energy in continually turning around to see the distance in our divide, I choose to turn that strength into a hand that I lend to others.

Recently in this being 2018, the Commonwealth Games were held in Queensland’s Gold Coast Australia… I was watching the Men’s gruelling 42.195km road race that was taking place in 30 degrees plus weather… I am not big on sports myself… but I like to watch the Commonwealth and Olympic Games on the tv.

I sat and questioned how the race was being allowed to continue in the Australian heat that was relentless in its heat.

Athletes train and give up on everything in their lives to participate as an athlete in competitive competitions at the Commonwealth and Olympic level…

I was watching as the road race was coming to an end… I saw many competitors end their own race with a did not finish rather than pushing on through the unbearable Australian heat.

Callum Hawkins.pngI watched as Scotland’s athlete Callum Hawkins struggled to keep himself hydrated, upright and pushing forward… his disorientation was very evident… you could see that he was stumbling to the finish line… and then he collapsed… showing much strength he picked himself up and stumbled on through his race… his strength was wavering and finally he collapsed and he was unable to right himself again… I watch and watched as I waited for someone to come to his aid (I know if I was on the roadside I would have jumped the barrier and handed him my water)…

I watched as I am sure thousands of people did as Aussie Michael Shelley came into view… and I prayed that he would do what Australians are known for doing “ Stand By Yah Mate”… I felt for him and the choice he was confronted with… he had run a race and came into second after the gruelling weather took runner after runner out of the race…

I felt for Michael Shelley….he had done his training, given up all to be there & now to think that he had to choose between “The Australian Mate Ship Way” & a Commonwealth Gold Medal… I watched as I saw him conflicting with his morals … I also encouraged him to know that he was almost home, in first place and the gold was his… keep going .. keep going… stop and carry that man to the finish line… share your empowerment share the finish line…

Michael Shelley slowed to make sure that Callum Hawkins was ok but chose to keep running… you could hear the negative comments breeding as I watch take back to the road.

shelby.jpgMichael Shelley is now known as a disgrace in the eyes of many people who feel that he left a Callum Hawkins crumpled on the road… but the truth be told… Michael had the right to finish and it should have been the support staff and the organisers of the race that should have cone to Callum Hawkins ‘s side and it should have also been then to encourage Michael Shelley to keep going.

I write about the Commonwealth Games running marathon – Callum Hawkins & Michael Shelley – in today’s daily post because I want to share what I would have done if I found myself in the same morally driven choice that Michael found himself in.

If I was in this moral dilemma… I know that I would have stopped… I would have done my utmost best to carry Callum to the finish line… I would certainly have been screaming for someone to come to lend a hand… I am a person who chooses to be the Australian Who Stands By Their Mate, Their Enemy, & Anyone In Need.”

Like I said throughout this written daily submission… having a strong mindset and empowering strength that enables me to be able to help others or to carry them through their toughest days are certainly not the easiest of human qualities to process…. putting other people and their needs above my own can at times leave me feeling empty… sometimes like Michael I am not the one who empty’s me…& it’s more often than not the people looking into my need to help others out that empty me with their words, opinions, criticisms and opinionated words as well as their ungiving hands that weigh me down; leaving me angry and empty.

I am by no means an athlete or deserving of a gold medal in a 42km plus road race… but I am a morally driven who has a great deal of self-integrity. I am a self-appointed giver to people who come into a time when they need someone to be there… to help them back onto their feet.. or to give them strength, a helping hand and empowerment to see the finish line in whatever they are doing.”

Michael did what he did to keep his own mental awareness with him… he stated in an interview “On the home straight, as you can see, I tried to accelerate but I was gone as well. I’m glad to finish, to be honest”…. he deserves his win… he deserved to finish the gruelling marathon… he deserves his accomplishment but he certainly doesn’t deserve to be the disgrace of the nation or the Commonwealth Games….. sheer willpower kept Michael upright… he pushed through his legs wanting to collapse… it could have very well of been him collapsed on the road. Michael isn’t the nation’s disgrace he is a winner of overwhelming willpower and self-empowerment.

Ky also gave Billie the same empowerment and together they both conquered their 21 days stay in the Louisiana swamp. Ky was a pillar of strength that saw her stand tall to her morals, and she believed in herself enough to carry both her and Billy to the Louisiana swamp… one person’s determination to help out her fellow man.

Empowerment and self sacrifice is what many humans do in order to help their fellow man out…. whether we help our friends out to cross the finish line, or stop running our race through life to check if our fellow man are ok… the spirit of a person’s empowerment and giving hand is always worn on the sleeves of the people that choose to help others out.

Today’s daily blog post was all about the human spirit and empowerment that we all own and possess… the lending a hand attitude to those in need.

So that’s my today’s daily blog post.

Author. Tanya Kelly


2 thoughts on “Day #50 – ” It’s Not The Skills Or The Layers That You Have, Its The Attitude That You Have That Helps You To Survive “

  1. I am not one to watch Naked and Afraid often. I have seen a few episodes when too lazy to change the channel. They usually have similar scenarios. You did an amazing job of analyzing the process of the competition. Actually I prefer your synopsis to the actual show, bravo.
    That being said I also do not watch sports either. I would be of the opinion that anyone who is participating in an event of that caliber should compete to the finish.
    I see your personalty in both scenarios. You are the one to encourage everyone at all times. You are the one who will succeed no matter what forces oppose you. You are the one who helps out everyone even if to your own detriment. But the best thing of all is that you do not pretend to be anything but who you are. I admire you my friend. You fight the fight and carry not only your weight but the heaviness of those you love.
    Kudos to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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