Day #46 – Self Acceptance


Self Acceptance Has Never Been My Strong Point, but I am working hard on being the acceptance model of myself that I feel we should all have for each other.

Acceptance doesn’t mean agreeing with the events & happenings of  another persons life or even being happy with the way of that they do things… Acceptance means that we can see what makes us different and expect no other to live up to the expectations And or norms that society places on us; accepting that we all have our individuality and that we cannot be moulded into perfect society driven cut outs.

Today I accept my differences and accept that letting go of my own self’s morals, values and beliefs would have me not believing in myself and the path that I have built for myself.

I have learned in my years of growing into my adult years that I am a work person n progress & that no matter how old I get thst I am not in control of the perceptions thst others have of me. Learning the hard way that the only things that I am in control of are my actions & beliefs in my here and now….. so i figured that whilst I have no power to change the worlds people and it’s beliefs that it’s people possess… I can indeed work at my own level of self acceptance…. Roam wasn’t built in a day & neither was I but at the speed of 1 day at a time I can learn to be my own best friend & the self acceptance in me that I am looking for in the eyes of others.

So today’s pictured quote writes…

“Go Easy On Yourself. Whatever you do today; let it be enough.”

So whilst I am in the process of going easier on myself; I am working on the self acceptance  of me and for me as well as for the person and I am… putting the expectations of others in the path the trudged through in my yesterdays unworthiness…. today I am owning it & I am saying it out loud …

“Today I Am In My Own Right Self Enough.”

Author. Tanya Kelly


2 thoughts on “Day #46 – Self Acceptance

  1. Every day truly gives us different challenges and I must admit, sometimes I cannot beat the challenge. But what I can do is simply do my best, and that is enough. If I have given my best, I have given all I have to give. There is no more. Thank you, Tanya.


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