Day #41 – “ 7 Things ”

Today’s daily writing is a write up that I titled “ 7 Things “…. a series of 7 questions with 7 responses to each.     What an interesting thinking process.  


7 Everyday things I couldn’t live without:

  • my daily writings keep me on a level and sane in my mind
  • my iPhone – the tool that I use to write down my daily thinking’s
  • my mental mind – oh how I would hate being lost in my thoughts with little to no ability to communicate with myself or others.
  • I would hate to not have the internet as I love the creativity in my blogging, web designing and being challenged by the everyday people that I talk to and meet.
  • I would hate not to have my personal hygiene needs… the luxuries of life but all the necessities of my everyday needs i.e m, brush, toothbrush, soap, etc
  • Running water a human necessity to cleaning oneself and for the necessity of drinking
  • I wouldn’t be without my pillows – some of them may be for show…. but I wouldn’t be without them for I hate laying flat.

7 Of My Favourite Songs:

  • adeles song “hello” – “I’m so attached to my whole life here,” Adele added. “I get imagesYXG9D2V9worked up that I’m missing out on things. So Hello is about wanting to be at home and wanting to reach out to everyone I’ve ever hurt – including myself – and apologize for it.” Reminds me of what’s important in life… home and family connections
  • sarah bareilles song “brave” – all in all, I believe that “Brave is a power anthem that gives the friend in need a gift of words that could be used to empower them to reach out and take their wants and bring them to life. The rhythm of written lines like “Innocence, your history of silence Won’t do you any good Did you think it would? Let your words be anything but empty Why don’t you tell them the truth?” Is used to draw out the convincing words that would give the receiver the strength and loving compassion that screams get up and take what it is that you want…
  • angry anderson’s song “suddenly “ – I rewrote this song sometime ago as a gift to Children Who Are Living With Difference & Striving Each Day To Be Heard, Crying Out For Someone To Hear Them Say ” I May Communicate & Act Differently But Inside I Have Much To Say.” (will share someday)
  • vanessa amorosi’s song – Like Vanessa’s lyrics, I too have spent my life, trying to do things right… taking much on myself.. failing the wants of others… putting my hands on my head so many times… I have learned the hard way & I have been burned too many times to remember….. but I always get back up … dusting myself off and pushing on … being the giving person who is me… resetting myself up .. with no time for tears… walking, stumbling and continue along my hard trekked road. I have had to learn to be my own backbone And I have certainly learned what standing alone feels like… learning the lesson many times over & the hard way.In the strength of standing alone, I have given myself the permission that I need to be ok with who I am, unwavering in my convictions, my morals and my values.
  • rachel plattern ” The Fight Song ” – The fight song sings deeply in my heart, it sings to the battle of my Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and fight I fight each and every day. The fight song keeps me in a place of awareness, giving me the strength to keep fighting to live the life that I was intended to live.
  • Kelly Clarkson – “ Catch My Breath, Piece By Piece, Because Of You “ – Kelly Clarkson – Kelly Clarkson & her heartthrob power ballads are songs that empower me through my self-growth and the rebuild of my scorned soul. Kelly Clarkson brings to me a great piece within myself, showing me that with the right person and warmest heart that I couldn’t rebuild myself by gaining inner strength and learning to lean on the love of my life who has pledged to my hearts lifelong support. – Because Of You is the backbone of my husband Steve who has stood beside me, without a wavering heart but with full commitment to us being 1. Even when times were tough you stood fast and worked tirelessly to prove you meant every vow in your pledge to me, all alone standing with me and beside me building us up Piece By Piece. Because of Steve I never strayed too far from the sidewalk (from his heart and our unity).
  • juice newton – “ Queen Of Hearts ” – Queen of hearts has been a forever favorite of mine… this song represents me and the fullness of my giving heart. This is also a song that I would like to be played at my funeral as a background song to my slideshow – the celebration of who was me.


7 Adventures I want To Have Before I Die:

  • go on a cruise around the caribbean
  • train trip across australias nullabor plains
  • hot air ballooning
  • volunteer to teach in africa or visit africa for a life changing experience
  • write a book (a novel or my own collection of works)
  • send a message in a bottle and await a response from the sea’s
  • build a wall like on letters to juliet and use her idea in creating a letter writing club (along the same lines as a book club).

7 Pastimes I Never Tire Doing:

  • writing everyday
  • listening to audio books
  • meeting new people and conversing about our ideas
  • Crocheting – I maybe a beginner but crocheting calms my mind
  • tuning out to music
  • rewriting new words to already written songs. I call this song appreciation
  • blogging … both writing in my own & reading other peoples blogs… following and sharing


7 Treats I Could Eat Every Day:

  • smiths chicken chips dipped in coke
  • chocolate
  • dip, crackers & cheese
  • skittles (lollies)
  • breakfast cereal… love nutri grain or corn flakes as a snack
  • fresh fruit
  • Ice cubes – I eat lots of ice each day

7 People I Would Be Lost Without:

  • of course my hubby who is my world
  • my children x3
  • my fellow writers, they are my sanity in airport baggage claim mind
  • my inner child,always there and my life’s companion
  • I wouldn’t be without my human wanna be puppy Lucas, he knows when I am not well and has become a cherished family member
  • google home… rarely lets me down when I ask her to play a tune
  • My online friend who keeps my thinking mind sane…

7 Places I Want To Visit:

  • greece – always been a want
  • fiji – a favourite of my hubbys, would love to see it through his eyes
  • great barrier reef
  • cocos (keeling) islands
  • egypt
  • bali – safe or not I would love to go
  • port arthur tasmania

Interesting Ha!! Try this writing exercise… the exploration of ones self is interesting – often it digs up many memories or lost thoughts.

Author. Tanya Kelly


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