Day #36 – “The Phoenix”

phoenix656F5140-D3D7-4715-8DCF-7D17345DCE98In today’s daily blog writing; I bring forth a pictured quote that represents where it is that I am in my daily writings.

“the phoenix is symbolic of my continual 200 days of re-emergence back into my daily writing (I achieved this back in July this year).

As I said above today’s daily submission is about bringing forth a pictured quote that represents where it is that I am in my daily writings.

The quote
“The Phoenix Must Burn To Emerge” means that you have to go through tough times and walk through hell before one can bounce back and find themselves in the clearing of the trees.

Author – Janet Fitch – 4 am Is A Lonely Place 2018. Reference – &

Throughout my daily writings I have certainly had to come face to face with a few of my hidden thoughts and feelings and truly come head-on into the many internal fights that I have either hidden from myself and the prying eyes of others.. or that I have simply become a master at hiding the inner hurts and turmoils of the deepest parts of me.

The journey to finding myself again in my writing is a thing that I often write about in my daily written writings… I am constantly touching on how it is that I feel less weighed down and or burdened by the high functioning baggage claim in my airport like mind.

I have found myself again in my writings and I have given my inner hurts a room of their own … the room that I have given to my inner hurts us open at all times, my inner hurts are not locked away and forgotten about…their room is a room where they are free to resurface and find a reason for them being reborn into my daily life’s story. A place where they are free to make sense of why they exist.

So today’s quote “The Phoenix Must Burn To Emerge.” Is a pictured quote that I simply flames.pngcouldn’t scroll past… Today I know that my daily writings have had a very big role in rebuilding my inner happiness.. & delivering me from the pain and hurts that have plagued me for the longest time… not every day is a sunny, smilie 100% perfect day kind of a… but I am less stressed and able to let my baggage find a place where it to can rest.

I am the Phoenix in my writings of today… I have with most certainty had to burn – I have had to burn the build-up of the energy that I have denied the existence of for all these years… it is true that the mind is truly a wonderful cousin of the body’s sensory organ the brain… after letting go of much of my inner hurts and stored feelings of loss and hurt feelings I have been able to find the happier me that has been buried deep within myself for the longest time.

My mind has freed up space and has been able to focus on a few of my hobbies… such as writing again, blogging, web designing & crocheting… to name s few…

My soul has been able to rebuild itself and find a place of inner happiness for the new me to live in; whilst giving myself the open door to my most inner hurts… giving a face and an identity to their very existence.

My heart has grown gratitude for the lessons that unlocking myself has given… I am on a journey of myself; learning how to be more patient with myself and learning how to forgive myself for the lessons that I chose to take on as criticisms and moments of anguish that I have for the longest time thrashed out in my moments of self-destructive behaviours.

The Phoenix writer in me has burned through all that kept me from being who I was born to be… and or grown to wanting to be… I have become more honest with myself and I truly own every part of me with equal value regardless of the pain or the lessons their existences have given… I can see that the good things in life are brought forward when I finally grew to become one with myself… the bad sides of me have now taken the bull by the horns and delivered me from the destruction that laid with me… & truly I am happy to see me emerge but I am happier to see that the hurt in me hasn’t been told to leave… I love my bad days and the lessons they have given me… for they are where the growth in me becoming who I am today stems from.

I very much believe in the following paragraphs found & copied from the following Reference – Calm Down Mind – Understanding the 6 Dimensions of Human Mind –

When you “consciously” (though an understanding of our wholeness and “being nature”) understand that the mind is the mind, and you stop trying to impose a “divine” nature on it, you will no longer be in opposition to your mind’s natural make-up and thus allow for a harmonious physical experience.

phoenix3When you are no longer identified with the mind and have a stability in your awareness, you can allow it the freedom to “express” all its dimensions without being lost in it, moreover, your awareness will ensure that your vibration is not influenced negatively by any of these dimensions of the mind. This is a state of true freedom and allows for a holistic experience of physicality.

So to today’s daily writing and written pictured quote – “The Phoenix Must Burn To Emerge.” I say thanks for the burning of the inner selfishness of my inner soul that kept me protected and absent from truly accepting me and the pain & hurts that laid with me… the emergence of who I am is only the starting point of me becoming who it is that I truly want to be… full-fledged into my actualised self and open awareness.

I am growing into the Phoenix that lies within me… that is in the self-awareness phase of its life like the Phoenix… I hope to someday grow into a very mighty Spirit, a respectful guardian, and a wise patron for everyone who calls me.

Author. Tanya Kelly
Copyrighted By Tanya Kelly. 2018


2 thoughts on “Day #36 – “The Phoenix”

  1. hun I feel that writing has been natures natural medicine to all my life’s woe’s.. I have been writing since I was a wee child and have many things that I could share.. but now I feel the time is right for today material to be written… xxx we have all had a rough road & we are all strong and we but will come out of the awakening with a greater resolve and a renewed sense of ourselves.



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