Day #35 – Summing Me Up

twosides-e1541762100956.jpgThe above writings about me are very much true.

The Good Side Of Me

The good side of me is everyone’s friend, even those who have chosen to walk against me & point fingers in my direction. I am known for giving chances to those I love, but I in doing so acknowledge that a walk a fine line of trepidation for  those who scorn me.

I am very sensitive to the wants and needs of others around me.. I get hurt way to easily.

But no matter how hard the pain of hurt hits me, I choose not to sit around and let the mood get me down… it maybe a crooked smile that is hinting on my face but a smile is smile right?

The Bad Side Of Me

I am known for my unpredictable turbulent behaviour…
I may make a good friend but I make a far worse enemy.
I do very much admit that I have a temper,
over the years I have worked hard at curving this very side of me.

I rather than stand and fight like I would have years ago,
Today I choose to cop the viciousness of another’s verbals on the chin, turning the cheek
& simply walking away, no exchange of words & with no backward glance,
Just silently slipping into the flow of the world and its flow.

If my resolve is tested;
I become my stiffened backbone & stand my ground.
When pushed beyond my thresh hold I stand and fight for me.

Who Am I?

I’m 100% me…
with a hint of temper,
a splash of kindness,
a cup of heart..
and I am held together by my angelic halo – wrapped tightly around my heart
all along my devil horns keep pocking me…
and keep me on the go.


Author. Tanya Kelly


4 thoughts on “Day #35 – Summing Me Up

  1. I don’t think we have good side and bad sides. I think we have emotions that all of us possess that get stirred up by good and bad situations. I think you have a HUGE heart. ❤️


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