Day #33 – A Letter To You My Dearest Love

love-wallpaper.jpg” A Letter To You; My Dearest Love “

An Anniversary Poem That I wrote Earlier This Year,
In Celebration Of My Husband & My 18th Anniversary.
Maybe Someday This Very Written Note Will Be A Greeting Cards Wording.”

If the pen on this page could write a verse in thought of you today
I would sit staring into oblivion
Because I can find no words to say.

With every pen movement
I become more frustrated at the blankness of my page.

I must have faith in our togetherness
And the bond that you and I share.

Firmly in my grasp
Is my forever trusty pen
I hope I can do you justice
In playing homage to our written love.

With every passing minute
I stare at the blankness of my un-worded page.
Sliding down in my chair
I find myself wondering
Why I can’t think of what to say?

Then in my darkest thoughts
My pen begins to write…

My Dearest Dearest Love,
I don’t know what I would write to you
That hasn’t already been told or said;
Only to tell you that if there ever was a day
That I had to remind you of our love
Forgotten by you in some mishap
I would tell you that I love you over and over again;
showing you true love
Through actions & through truth.
Not forgetting  to tell you that I know you didn’t mean to forget me.

I would start by reminding you
That for you my heart is fond and true
And although our journey may have been tough
But I am strong because of you.

I would then begin by telling you
That I once gave you nothing more
Than my scorned but beating heart
And that what you have given to me in return
Has been far greater than the universes stars that exist .
Way way above us.

The gift of You And your endless love,
Gave me more than I could hold.
For even when my mood is at its ugliest
You have never been far from me
Offering me time to see the reality of the unknown fears
That exist in only me.

And when my mind wonders
If in the end our togetherness,
Was worthy of all the pain and tears.
You have been known to tell me
That at times you have wondered the same.
But forever you have been there to reassure me;
Reminding of our past, for seeing our future,
Lovingly saying together we are one.

You will look shocked at this moment,
Fearful of the thought of you ever hurting me
But i will tell you its ok;
I extend my hand to you,
Wiping the tears from your saddened smile
I will be there to tell you
That at times the harshest words can take away the pain.

I wouldn’t leave out the heartaches
For they have made us who we are.
I wouldn’t change the events of time For I treasure everyone
The trials and tribulations
I would share without A fear.
Not even the dreaded arguments would be left without a visit.
My Dearest Love;
Worry not Nothing would be left unsaid.

With photos to touch and trinkets to hold
I would story everyone.
When the stories have run their course
I would give you time for questions.
No boundaries would be placed; On the questions that you will surely ask.
All of them would be answered; With love and honest truths.

At the end calmness will gently flow over us
And our eyes will gently close
For tomorrow would be another day
And the dawn would bring us back as one.

Your memories would be replenished
Nothing would have been stolen, lost or forgotten.
All that was will be again
For the stories I have told you
Would have been told and not over written.

So My Dearest Dearest Love…
After all my blankness on my page
In my thinking, I think; I finally found some words to say.
I didn’t repeat what I have already told you
But what my words have told you
Is that i am glad that we have made it here today.
Our journey has all been worth it
Both the happy and the sad.

My Dearest Dearest Love…
If you have any doubts of the sincerity
Of my loving words
Just as you had done so many years ago
I will wrap my arms around you,
Gifting you unconditional love
Bandaging your heart around my grasp
Till the day we are whole again.

Finally my Dearest Dearest Love,
I love you in every way;
I am glad i took the time In writing to you today.
The justice of our love has been scribed by my Trusty pen,
It didn’t let me down even when I had nothing written or said
On the blankness of my page.

Lastly and ever so gracefully
With great pride I would shyly say;
I wouldn’t change our days together
Or the years that have drifted by.

Side by side with you my love;
I would do it all again.
For My Forever True & Loving Husband
Who Is My One True Friend.

Author. Tanya Kelly



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