Day #32 – ” If You Were Offered A Reset Button For Your Life Would You Use It? “

reset2.pngThere are days when I set myself writing challenges. These self imposed questions & writing challenges give me a moment of self gratitude, as well as moments of self & inner reflection.

So todays question that I am asking myself is this. ” If you were offered a reset button for your life would you use it? “

Here is my answer this very question !

There are many things that have happened throughout my life that I am both happy about and have mixed feelings about.

I have made friends in times of need, many of which have become life long companions…

I have helped many friends through their personal trying and testing times… I have personally sat beside them & talked them through heartbreak as well as their grief & loss of loved ones lost… giving them moments of an unconditional ear or even a push in the right direction when it has been needed.

I have walked behind my children and watched them grow through the years that have had many obstacles land at their feet…

I walked through my fields of enemies and thanked each and every one of them for the lessons that they have taught me…

Hand in hand I have walked with my loved ones, my Friends & Family… supporting each and every one of them through…our field of dreams.

So in answering today’s daily self-imposed question If you were offered a reset button for your life would you use it? I would without even taking a single moment of my day to think about how I would answer this question…
I would answer “ No… no, I wouldn’t…restet4

In my life, I have worked the long and hard yards o achieving the many things that I have been blessed in and throughout my life…

I have been a devoted partner of a relationship that has spanned 23 years almost to the date, we have just moved into our 24th year together….

The devotion that I have to & for my relationship has had me emotionally, physically and mentally checked into a marriage that has honoured me with my 18 year Marriage… just about to set a blazing path through the beginning of our 19th year of marriage.

My children came to bless our world and our life in August 1997, April 2000 & May 2006… the 3 of them are starting to step out in pursuit of their own life’s paths hopes and dreams… finding their career paths and educational dreams.

I have made peace with my inner self and with my past… putting behind me the many things that held me back from me being my true & authentic self.

Over the years I returned back to school and completed in an on and off again capacity a few areas of study that interest me… ranging from many areas in the Information Technology & Web Designing fields… & finally becoming what my life’s plan always wanted me to be – a counsellor…

I have given back myself the greatest of my own gifts…
My love of writing & in return my written words have given my mind and my soul a resting place in the words that I write, unbuttoning my world to a much calmer place.

So for the above reasons and many more… the questions being:
“If you were offered a reset button for your life would you use it?
would again answer…  no, I certainly would not use the reset button & undo all that I have accomplished and gone through.

I believe with all my heart that there would be very few people in this world that actually get to live out their lives in an exact pattern that they had their life’s plans drawn up to be…

I feel that there would be moments in a person’s life when they are down andimagesi1xciw9h-e1541511700325.jpg out… feeling blue & that their very thinking would give them feelings that would have them resetting their lives… These same people maybe accomplishing their dreams and living their lives to the fullest, living a life that is both beneficial and fulfilling; it is highly unlikely that a person living the dream would want a fresh start or a reset button to their life.

Life is a tight rope & an unpaved journey of many a life lessons.
When the days are long and weary & nothing seems to be going right it would be so easy to yearn for a fresh start but when they days are good and life is happening and giving you what you are seeking; then one wouldn’t dare to think about it that reset button

I do very much believe that my path in life has a journey that will not only deliver us all; myself included… out the other side of life’s hurdles… but I also believe that this same path will show the generations that walk behind us; the trials & the tribulations that have grown us the inner strength and personal growth in pursuit of one’s own happiness.There is a lesson to be learned here and that is:
If whilst watching & contemplating hitting that reset button you are focussing on the problems of your life you will definitely be feeling the yearn to hit and reset. at this very moment that reset button would appear as a life saviour to you, but look at how much you would loose in restarting your life again.

But if whilst watching & contemplating hitting that reset button that you become focussed on the happiness, the achievements, the relationships that you have made with people that you have so far experienced, you would never want to press that button… for your memories of these days & those people in your time line will see you through the badest of bad days.lovelifeRegardless of where you’re coming from in your life’s journey,
you can make the road ahead more rewarding by setting a few good footings and foundations.

There are two ways of living life one is failing and learning from your failures
and the second is regretting the journeys that you have walked and never knowing the feeling of ever living a life worthy of being lived – this very path that has a reset button sitting in the intersection of your path…

” Easy Peezie.. Take The Easy Road.. Just Hit That Reset Button “

So the moral of this blog post is a lesson within itself…

Accept the life that you have and take life as it comes….
and if you are not happy with your life’s path or the events & or the people within it, then it is up to us as individuals to make improvements that would help us in becoming who it is that we want to be.

Get a fresh start on your life by figuring out where you want to go. Then, adopt small positive changes to gradually improve your life. Or, if necessary go to the extreme &
implement a major life shift.

Small changes won’t take away our life’s wrongs or unenjoyable moments… but a rest button to our lives would take on a permanent existence & the strengths and struggles that have made us the people
that we are would also cease to exist…. 

We in this event would as people would never grow beyond our mistakes because a reset button would simply become a button of the searching of a perfect life; living our days in a constant loop… forever seeking what doesn’t exist.

reset3”When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes, own your disappointments, find the strength to stare defeat in the face, because defeat & despair are the tools that God uses to show us the way.” Author – Paulo Coelho.

I don’t ever want a do-over to my life… I love the person that I am…
I love the journey that I am on, I love the people in my life
and I love that I am becoming one with the good and bad parts of who it is that I am.

So there it is my answer to the question…
” If you were offered a reset button for your life would you use it? “

No is my answer…. my now life is where I wish to be.

” Would you if offered a reset button, would you choose to use it? “

Author. Tanya Kelly



5 thoughts on “Day #32 – ” If You Were Offered A Reset Button For Your Life Would You Use It? “

  1. I am with you, Tanya. Even though there were bad times and trying times, I have conquered so much and came out on the other side filled with blessings. No reset button for me. ❤️


    • Maggie.. if ever there was a reset button I would say no thankyou also… indeed the testing times may have been hard.. but the struggles of my yesterdays is where my strength owes its than you’s.

      I am so glad that you too have found the peace in your struggle, come through conquering your life’s story…

      All I can say is “wooo what a ride”

      Liked by 1 person

    • Marge, I have asked many whether they would hit that reset button, you would be surprised at home many look at me and say “wouldn’t you” their faces drop and say no way.. I love my yesterdays for all the pains and the struggles… the whole 9 yards.


  2. I will be the anomaly, as usual. I would not actually change my difficult past, as that is what made me who I am. But if I could change some other things only if I would know what I know now, I definitely would. As an adult I made decisions thinking there would be time later, and sadly there isn’t always time.


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