Day #28 – ” A L♥ve Note To My Inner Wise Self “


Awhile ago now I attended an online meeting titled “A Date With SARK on Facebook Live!” She had this following prompt up in the meeting and asked those who were willing to explore this prompt for themselves. The writing prompt was:
“It is 3, 6, 12 months or____________ months from now, and I am amazed that I have created _______________. Here was what I wrote in my “Inner Wise Love Note” to myself.

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Dearest Tanya…

Our journey has taken on a life of its own now that we are 11 months into the return to our daily writing journey. Never have you given up on writing completely, but daily writing has been the yearn for our thinking mind and deeply feeling soul for many years.

The journey to who we discovered the us in we to be hasn’t always been the easiest of roads… I truly believe that a writer must have had a past that has had many life lessons in its wake… I truly feel that what lays in us in the form of pain, hurt, anguish, tears of joy & our happiest moments is what flows out and becomes our self-written prose.

Personally, we have been lucky to take the negative happenings of my past and turn those moments it into a raw and unedited brain dump of my soul’s journey; we have had a past that has given us the gift of candid utterances.

I knew in my heart of hearts that denying my pens flow would be giving my thoughts and feelings no validation, so I deliberately waited till January 9th this year before I gave myself the permission to give in to the chatter in my head. lovedbyme

When I first started back on our daily writings path; I to found the journey a hard-hitting one, I never would have envisioned the pain stained tears that flowed out of me, there was day when I thought I was overwhelming empty of any words to write…I became emotionally overwhelmed and at times withdrawn… & then after a few weeks of pushing myself to write everyday. Writing became easy, and I woke each day energised and feeling compelled to write… there was at different stages a cloud that weighed my thoughts down, but I knew that I couldn’t abandon my love for writing again… I knew I had to I pushed on ​& through this weighted cloud & here I am today. … I did my best to keep my pen flowing no matter how many times my head hit the wall.

Some of us have emotional baggage, of my past that hasn’t been the easiest of roads to travel on and or through… I myself have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, My eldest son has Spina Bifida (isn’t disabled but has many internal issues. I taught him to be strong and let his body tell him when he needs to rest… he now is 21, owns and drives his own car and works very long hours in the hospitality industry.

I found myself listening to my own words that took him from a life of growing up disabled & found myself snuffing my nose at how I should feel and how I should live my life in and around my Ms world.

Life is a pain in the ass at times & it certainly comes with way too many hurdles but my Tanya you deserve to be here, you deserve to find your minds peaceful place… your pen is your vessel and writings will become your time capsule to who you are and were… a declaration or your journey…

My gratitude is for my struggles and for my inner strength that pushed me beyond my own barriers, though my pain and to the clearing that is today me, I believe that through struggle I could and would build a road to the clearing that is who I am today… free of yesterdays pain, free of the weights that keep my thoughts at bay.. free to write and think as I have always wanted to… Free to be the me that I was intended to be.

My ” Inner Wise Self L♥ve Note To My Inner Self “
With Love & Gratitude


I was so inspired by Sark… that I on the very day of the “Date With Sark” meeting I wrote this ” Inner Wise Self L♥ve Note To My Inner Self ” It was an exercise that gave me a few moments in time to connect with my inner self… a moment where I was empowered to place the gratitude of me returning back to my daily writing practice back into the inner depths of me that gave me the strength to push passed my fears of having my thoughts open for others to read.

I was inspired to write for myself a “L♥ve Note To My Inner Self ” … are you?

Here is the prompt that had me writing an ” Inner Wise Self L♥ve Note To My Inner Self.”

“It is 3, 6, 12 months or____________ months from now, and I am amazed that I have created _______________.”

P.s Thankyou Lauren For The “Date With Sark” Invitation

I will revisit this post 1 year from now; once again I will write a ” L♥ve Note To My Inner Self ”  – comparing today’s written note with one that I will write 1 year from now.

Till Tomorrow’s Blog Post

Author. Tanya Kelly


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