Day #27 – “Ghosts Of The Women I Have Been Are My Inspiration & By Choice, I Choose To Share My Stories.”

My inspiration for today’s daily writing is inspired by a pictured written quote by Author Nikkita Gill.
She writes in her pictured quote the following: –
womenghostThe ghosts of all the women
You used to be are all so
Proud of who you have
Become, storm child made

Of wild and flame.

Another Author named Janine Shepherd writes:

When we share our stories,
what it does is,
It opens up our hearts for other people to share their stories.
And it gives us the sense that we are not alone on this journey.

In today’s daily writing I will again be paying homage to the many people that I have become in the journey of my life. In today’s writing titled “Ghosts Of The Women I Have Been Are My Inspiration & By Choice, I Choose To Share My Stories.”

The roles that I play in my life are varied, but just a few are as follows:-

this is me
Wife, Mum, Daughter, Grand Daughter, Aunt, Cousin, Sister-In-Law, Daughter-In-Law, Counsellor, Lover, Friend, Multiple Sclerosis Warrior, Web Designer, Poet, Blogger, Writer… just to name a few. This list doe not sum up who I have been, this is a list of who it is that I am in my here and now.

There are so many roles that we play out in the day to day journey of our lives… some roles are seemingly insignificant to us and a matter of us just getting through our day; doing our errands and daily chores as a means to living our lives.

Other roles are important and a necessary role to be played in order for us to be meaningfully seen as a somebody to the other people in our lives.

The ghosts of all the people that we are and become in our lives sit in the shadows of us watching and looking on… we do not see these ghosts but they are known to us as our past or our yesterdays… they silently sit and watch as we grow in our given roles and are brought forward when we reminisce the memories of our journey… these ghosts visit us in the many lessons that we journey through throughout our lives… pushing us forward to become the wild child and the wild flame that burns deep within all of us.

Throughout my 2018 year writings… it has been written the many stories of my life… those many stories have taken on many facets of my life that have become the witnesses to my life and my existence… these stories that I tell will become the chronicles of my life.

These life chronicles of my life I hope will show how I have come through my journey with my gratitude and love for the people I hold in my heart intact. For the very people who have forced the crossroads in my journey they too I hold a special place in my heart… the lessons that have taught me may have altered my life’s path, but my stories are the proof that I have come through these lessons intact.. not necessarily unscathed but in my opinion in a better place to understand how the people in our lives alter the very people that we are in all directions of our lives.

“As I write this I want my audience to read that my words are not of heartache or sadness.. they are of gratitude to those people who have come through my life and taught me to be a greater person of my own existence. The events and happenings that have surpassed me in my life’s journey are a treasure map to the days, years and months that have made up my life… my chronicles are the gift to my future years, they will serve to remind me of how far I have cone in the journey of my life.”

In sharing my life stories; my hope is to show people that there is always a clearance imagesXVNCW2O1from the struggles and a sense of accomplishment somewhere in every person’s journey…. the lesson that will be learned is that no matter what we go through; our lives do not simply stop evolving when our journey reaches a hurdle in its path… there is, in fact, a lesson to be learned from every single story that our lives imprint on our souls…

It is important to point out however that every person’s story is as unique just as every person is… how my life emerges from my life’s journey is unique to only me. It is how we as individuals choose to hold ourselves in our morals, values and behaviours that sets the journey of our lives aside from that of another.

I have sat down and shared the stories that make up me because I want to be able to inspire others to see that they are not alone in their journeys or in the emergence of them re-entering their lives.

My only hope is for the power of empowerment of the people who are going through a hard time or for those who are emerging from their journey and rejoining their self-made life’s plan.

In empowering others to find the strength that will lead them out of their crossroads and back onto their life’s path… my role in their lives will be of support and of a guiding hand from what the life that has become them and the world that is awaiting them. I want for others to see that when I was going through the struggle years of my life; that I had to learn to be my own best friend… pushing myself to see past my then life’s events and peering forward to the life that awaited me.

I want others to know and feel that what we achieve inwardly will change in outer selves, that we have power over our minds but we do not have control over outside events and happenings that happen outside of us; that if they like me to come to realise this, that they will find strength the inward strength to carry them forward… giving them the gift of knowing that we may get knocked down on the outside, but the key to living in victory is to learn how to get up on the inside.


Seemingly at first to the person going through this transition period of their lives that these lessons are hard lessons to learn and are even harder one to live with … but with self-determination and hard work in learning the ability to grasp inner empowerment… a person can and will emerge and will emerge intact and ready to build themselves up and beyond the happenings of their past.

“In reflection of today’s daily writing… the only thing I can add is that the hard times do get easier to live within the period of self-empowerment and in the days, months & years we learn to stand up in our own convictions & we in time life will resume along the path that awaits them and the continuation of their lives.

For me, the storm child in me that is indeed made of wild and flame has grown to embrace my tears and heartache that just yesterday plagued me.”

Through my daily writing and poetry I have learned that I am the victim of non-acceptance from others & that whilst I have a long way to go in learning that the events and happenings that have happened to me should never have happened… that I am alive and working have to see myself through this darkened period of my life.

Meanwhile and whilst I empower my own growth I will continue to share my life’s stories and gift them to the audience that falls upon my writings.

“I am the survivor of some really bad circumstances but I know that I as a person I need not be a lifelong victim stuck in my own life’s past history.”

Till Tomorrow’s Daily Write

Author. Tanya Kelly
Copyrighted By Tanya Kelly. 2018


4 thoughts on “Day #27 – “Ghosts Of The Women I Have Been Are My Inspiration & By Choice, I Choose To Share My Stories.”

  1. Our past shadows are our teachers and sometimes the lessons they taught are difficult. Each one of them brings us to today. I am sorry for the difficulties you have had but I am thankful that your past selves created the ‘you’ that I know in the present. ❤️


    • Dearest Maggie.. never be sorry.. I am not…
      my difficulties of yesterday have delivered me oto the person that I am today…
      with a few hiccups in my road.. I m happy to be here today… walking along side you& the others in this our 365 day blogging challenge.. armed and ready to share without a tear in my eye. XX Thankyou for your words they are beautiful.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Lauren..
      I have never been one to allow in the shadows of people and things that have brought me down…. I am not always positive.. and it has taken me many a years to see passed the hurts of others, I have had to see the ugliness in people… there is no other way through the trying times but to wade through the mud puddles that other create.

      I look forward to us meeting you, me & us in person someday…. XX


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