Day #26 – Song Appreciation “Adele – Hello”


I love song appreciation because it allows me to  see the thoughts and feelings that I have deep within me. The songs that I write about touch me and evoke feelings, memories of my years gone by. I see the pains, the heartaches, and the love stories that these songs play out and portray.

Song appreciate is a writing exercise that I at times dabble in when I am either hearing a song for the first time and am struck by the lyrics that are being sung. At other times I dabble in song appreciation so that I can learn the back ground of the music and lyrics… always wondering are the lyrics apart of the song artists actual life story or is what is being written and sung a just a thought-provoking song.

Adele’s song “Hello” speaks so loudly to me… Adele sings of the heartache that becomes irreparable by the love that is pushed aside by the person who was holding onto a love that was taken for granted & placed on a  pedal stool higher than the reach that only love can give.
“Hello” – Lyrics
Hello, it’s me
I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet
To go over everything
They say that time’s supposed to heal ya
But I ain’t done much healing
Hello, can you hear me
I’m in California dreaming about who we used to be
When we were younger and free
I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet
There’s such a difference between us
And a million miles
Hello from the other side
I must have called a thousand times
To tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done
But when I call you never seem to be home
Hello from the outside
At least I can say that I’ve tried
To tell you I’m sorry for breaking your heart
But it don’t matter it clearly doesn’t tear you apart anymore
Hello, how are you?
It’s so typical of me to talk about myself I’m sorry
I hope that you’re well
Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happened
It’s no secret that the both of us
Are running out of time
So hello from the other side
I must have called a thousand times
To tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done
But when I call you never seem to be home
Hello from the outside
At least I can say that I’ve tried
To tell you I’m sorry for breaking your heart
But it don’t matter it clearly doesn’t tear you apart anymore
Ooooohh, anymore
Ooooohh, anymore
Ooooohh, anymore
Hello from the other side
I must have called a thousand times
To tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done
But when I call you never seem to be home
Hello from the outside
At least I can say that I’ve tried
To tell you I’m sorry for breaking your heart
But it don’t matter it clearly doesn’t tear you apart anymore

Below is a series of questions that I use to help me understand my thinking’s of the songs that I cover is my “Song Appreciation Exercises.”

1. If there is a title, does it tell you what the song is about?

The title “Hello – By Adele” it tells me that she is singing to a friend that she has lost connection with, holding out with hope that she will be answered.

2. Read or listen to the song quietly. What is happening?

In Adele’s song “Hello” she is on the phone in a place many miles away from the person that she is desperate to have answer the phone, calling a million times maybe a little far-fetched but when we are longing for someone to talk to us… the time often is exaggerated and seems far longer of a period than it actually is.

Adele talks about her regret for everything that she has done, for breaking the heart of the person that she is wanting to talk to – but she now feels that sorry doesn’t matter for she feels that the person who is not answering on the phone has now moved on and is no not affected by the heartache that has been caused.

Adele is longing to be heard… & is seeing what it is like to be treated like a nobody disconnected from love and feelings but is now seeing it being done to her – facing the mirror of what she has done to lose what she is longing to reconnect with.

Adele I feel through her words is also sorry for making something of her life, leaving behind the person that her heart longs to hear from. She is indeed apologising for leaving a place “where nothing ever happened.”

3. What is your first impression of the song?

My first impression of Adele’s Song “Hello” is of sadness… I feel that she is a world of pain and is longing with all that she has within her to find a way to fix what it is that she has done in her past life and in her actions of hurting someone who she truly loves.

Regretful & sorry.. & regretful that the love that she has lost is running out of repairable time. Adele is longing for the phone to have the familiar voice of her love to be  on the other end of the phone telling her that all will be ok.

4. Now read the song a second time. Notice how it is punctuated. Do any images stand out to you? Is there a rhyming pattern? What is it? Is there a noticeable rhythm to the words?

“Hello” I feel is being punctuated to emphasise her part in her losing the love/s of her life… taking the blame for the disconnection of familiar love and placing it all on herself….

5. Is there an obvious meaning to the song?

For me the obvious meaning of the song “Hello” is of a person begging for the hone to be answered, for words of sorry to be heard. A long for reconnection, the place of belonging in the heart of another to be returned.

6. Is there an implied meaning?

Implied meaning of the song “Hello” – how more simple can the meaning of “Hello” be… answer the phone and hear me out… Adele is pouring her heart out… answer me, let us work things out before time and hurt makes the disconnection of friendship and love irreparable.

My interpretation Of Hello By Adele

Coming home and uncovering the furnishings of a room long ago left to the dust bunnies that accumulate in absence of human inhabitants is symbolic of the disconnection between Adele and where she arrived back from.

Returning home to where the mind, body and soul once found solace. Blowing of the cobwebs to a place that she once found ease in her space.

Talking about the memories of yesterday that once gave her connection to her then life.

Walking away from everything that was once known… disconnected from the love that meant so much but at the time walking away from what was without a worry for what tomorrows memories will have installed for the hurting heart that just yesterday left without explanation.

When time comes around and a reconciliation is sought, the communication lines are far from what they once were… lines of communication are broken and when a call does get through; the only thing waiting to record the regret of yesterday is an answering machine with no one to intercept it at the other end.

The pain and loss that disconnection brings is evident in the pain of words bellowing from ones hurting heart… now on the outside of what was yesterdays well walked life, screaming to be heard, screaming sorry… begging to have the why’s answered and given…

Sadness falls when the realisation of what once was, no longer has a forwarding address.

Small talk shows how the dissolution of time being wasted on decisions that had no real plan or path take the toll on both sides of the hurting war.

A thousand times calling … trying hard to mend the hurts of yesterday by admitting fault, apologising… finally emotionally connecting to the loss that is now ones to feels. Conceited and demoralised… admitting that at least the effort is being made from her point of view to rectify the what it is that no longer has acknowledgment.

Not liking the vision of what is now the silence that once was shown to the voice that now ignores the thousand tries.

The gift of heartbreak is now the ache in heart that love once filled. Regret and sorry no longer the tool that tares one apart, giving back the gifts of torn heart and battle worn love.

Video Url

My Research Of Adele’s Song “Hello”

In the chorus, Adele says hello from two different places: “the outside” and “the other side.” The former would seem to refer not to location, but to thinking a bit beyond herself to better understand who she is now. The latter is similar — it’s about a woman who lived through a very difficult relationship, as detailed in 21, and the influx of fame and came out on “the other side” of it.

Much has been made of the phone elements in both song and video form of “Hello.” In the song, Adele sings about calling someone at home “a thousand times.” On its surface, that seems odd. Why in 2015 is she calling someone on their landline? Taken as Adele trying to connect to herself, however, it makes sense.

“Hello” is not a literal song. The “million miles” she says separates her from the person she’s addressing aren’t physical — they’re emotional. No one who’s been through what Adele has could possibly be in the same place psychologically. In four years, she’s grown leaps and bounds. “Hello,” and by extension 25, are an exploration of what it’s like to come together with yourself after such growth.

With the release of this song, Adele seems to be saying she has met herself. Now, she’s ready to introduce this new Adele to us.

Reference –

Video Url
Another view On Adele ‘s Song – Hello

This is about a lack of communication between two people. They’re on different wavelengths. When the speaker has swallowed their pride enough to apologize, the other person has accepted the ending of their relationship.

They seem to share a common denominator, however, involving the progression of their lives. They had such positive feelings about life and their relationship (or friendship?), before the world interfered and gave them a wake-up call. Although she has made it far in life (“away from that town where nothing ever happened”), she still feels like she is behind and outside this person (or what they’ve reached). They’re both “running out of time” of being in-sync with life and other people so that all of their relationships don’t fail. Adele truly is outside–with her successful career, family, her old life–everything–that is, if she is the speaker.

Reference –


Adele Herself Write’s

“The song is about hurting someone’s feelings but it’s also about trying to stay in touch with myself, which sometimes can be a little bit hard to do,” she said. “It’s about a yearning for the other side of me. When I’m away, I really, really miss my life at home. The way that I feel when I’m not in England, is… desperation. I can’t breathe anywhere else.”

“I’m so attached to my whole life here,” Adele added. “I get worked up that I’m missing out on things. So Hello is about wanting to be at home and wanting to reach out to everyone I’ve ever hurt – including myself – and apologize for it.”

Reference –

As you can see I see music and the lyrics that the artists that sing them in a very in-depth way. Music is very important to me and my daily well-being…. music I believe can truly comfort the restless soul.

Till Tomorrow’s Daily Blog Write.

Author. Tanya Kelly
Copyrighted By Tanya Kelly. 2018


2 thoughts on “Day #26 – Song Appreciation “Adele – Hello”

  1. I am in awe of the depth with which you see things. I don’t know that I have the capability to do so. While music affects me deeply and moves me, I don’t tend to analyze or change what I hear. I am guessing that you are musically inclined in addition to all your other talents. I shall keep you on a pedestal my dear as I admire your talent and your spirit.


  2. I am in aww with your comment about my song appreciation covering “Adele’s Song Hello”

    I am not at all musically inclined.. my only claim to fame in the music department is playing silent night on the organ ( my mum thinks it gets real old around May)… oh and I like to sing outside my daughters door when she isn’t wanting to move off her xbox….

    music just has a way of bringing out things that inspire my pen to flow….

    Thank you Lauren for your beautiful reply


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