Day #19 – Some Of My Favourite Music

Some of my favourite artists are as follows:-

Corrs, Abba, Dido, Reo Speed Wagon, Anne Murray, The New Radicles, Juice Newton, Shania Twain, Helen Reddy, Snow Patrol, Chris Brown, Toni Braxton, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Metallica, Inxs, Back Street Boys, Kate Perry, Kate Alexa, Guy Sebastian, Taylor Swift, Pink, The Black Sorrows . . . Anything in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s era’s & every now and then something in today’s realm catches the attention of my ears.

images17v6uh0n.pngThere are many empowering songs and ballads that I hold onto… all for different reasons, & each with different meanings … but my small list below is the makeup of the words that sing true to me.

● ” The Fight Song ” – Rachel Platten – The fight song sings deeply in my heart, it sings to the battle of my Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and fight I fight each and every day. The fight song keeps me in a place of awareness, giving me the strength to keep fighting to live the life that I was intended to live.

● ” One More Night ” – New Kids On The Block – This song by New Kids On The Block renovates my love for one of the best boy bands of my lifetime. One More Night is a song that begs for life to bring forth one more of passion to a couple who long to revisit their love and relationship for the last life.

● ” Just Give Me A Reason ” – Pink – I feel this song visits the very feelings that we all have when we are in a relationship, we all question and second guess the mind made questions of is our relationship going to stand the tests of time. – Pink shows how the mind can play with a person’s emotions and insecurities and turn them into manifested feelings & thoughts that make for an uneasy manifestation in our hearts and minds.

● ” Raise Your Glass ” – Pink – I just love this song and its beat… the very fact that its a song for the struggling underdogs that strive to be the best people they can be is worthy of celebratory cheers.

● “ Strong Enough “ – Cher – A dedication to my inner strength and determination to live through my own diversities.

● “ You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me “ – Cher – This song is my personal anthem.. my chosen farewell song if and when my fight for the breath that I breathe takes me to heavens gate. I would like this song to play at the conclusion of my funeral as a celebration and a guarantee that in spirit and through memories that I will live on.

● “ Jolene “ – Miley Cyrus – I absolutely love the song, Jolene… Dolly has made this song the everything that is… it asks if a relationship can be left alone and unaltered the love of another. Despite the plea for a relationship to be left alone it also commends Jolene for her beauty without a bitching and spiteful attitude. Dolly sings this song so well but Miley with the addition of the banjo strumming in the background a fresher sound & heartfelt plea.

● “ Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough ” – Reo Speed Wagon – Reo Speed Wagon a favourite band of mine since I was 15 (1991-1992) brings forth a song that shows that no matter how deep love is that sometimes love just ain’t enough, proving that it takes more than just words to show and prove love.. that without empowerment in the relationship that loves itself will not hold two hearts together.

● “ Catch My Breath, Piece By Piece, Because Of You “ – Kelly Clarkson – Kelly Clarkson & her heartthrob power ballads are songs that empower me through my self-growth and the rebuild of my scorned soul. Kelly Clarkson brings to me a great piece within myself, showing me that with the right person and warmest heart that I couldn’t rebuild myself by gaining inner strength and learning to lean on the love of my life who has pledged to my hearts lifelong support. – Because Of You is the backbone of my husband Steve who has stood beside me, without a wavering heart but with full commitment to us being 1. Even when times were tough you stood fast and worked tirelessly to prove you meant every vow in your pledge to me, all alone standing with me and beside me building us up Piece By Piece. Because of Steve I never strayed too far from the sidewalk (from his heart and our unity).

● “ Queen Of Hearts ” – Juice Newton – Queen of hearts has been a forever favourite of mine… this song represents me and the fullness of my giving heart. This is also a song that I would like to be played at my funeral as a background song to my slideshow – the celebration of who was me.

● “ To Sir With Love ” – LuLu – To Sir with love is a shout out to my year 5 teacher the then Miss Cook now Ms Campion… She proved way back in 1987 that a teachers job was not only to teach reading, writing and arithmetic… she taught me the lifelong lesson of “lending a hand”.. Ms C took me to a Camp that she herself helped to pay for… I will never forget her wonderful generosity. here’s to you Ms C with My Forever Love.

● ” Brave ” – Sara Bareilles – I love the lines Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out Honestly I wanna see you be brave… – I think it’s refreshing to hear people speak their truths whilst being brave in the deliverance of their thoughts and words & it’s even more refreshing that someone would ask someone to speak their mind rather than deterring a person from sharing their thoughts and feelings.

● ” I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You ” – Savage Garden – – Our wedding song (October 28th, 2000) – chosen because we felt that this song symbolised the brief meeting that we had in 1992 & then nothing but our names being spoken by others in passing conversations until 1995 when we set eyes and hearts into the pursuit of us being our forever.

● ” Walk Right In ” – Dr Hook – My Mood Fixer, always pumping loud when the mood needs an attitude adjustment. Definitely a toe-tapping driving song.

● ” Dj Got Us Falling In Love Again ” Usher – how I feel every time we; Steve and I get the chance to check back in and take a moment to be one. The dance of our hearts is the Dj to our love.

● ” Perfect Life ” – Levina – The words of Perfect Life say it all… Gathering thorns from the stems of a thousand roses Weathering storms on the long way home I look for the sweet in every bitter moment tasted In every last mistake, I see the other side I’ve been walking asleep Dreaming awake Finding I bend but I don’t break I’m almost a sinner, nearly a saint Finding with every breath I take I’m not afraid of making mistakes Sometimes it’s wrong before it’s right That’s what you call a perfect life. This song sings about me in my self-awakening.

● “ One Last Time ” Arianna Grande – A beautiful song that sings a beautiful heartfelt sorry.

●” Reset All” & ” I Can Breathe ” – Tina Arena – Some years ago Tina Arena released an all-time favourite song of mine

● “ Tina Arena’s album “Reset” not only rebuilds my love for her, but it shows that she has reset herself into a place where her songs rejoice in every word she sings. She gas rebuilt herself from her inner scars and delivered herself back to greatness.
” Coming Home ” – Sheppard – Coming home helps me celebrate my journey of me returning to a place where I am whole again, and comfortable in my past. A celebration of me returning back to me.

● ” Let Me Go ” – Hailee Steinfeld – Tells the story of a love gone sour. “I’ve been hoping somebody loves you in the ways I couldn’t… a dedication to a love that once was beautiful but has now soured and turned its back.

● ” Hailee Steinfeld sings on the hook. “Somebody’s taking care of all of the mess I’ve made, someone you don’t have to change. I’ve been hoping, someone will love you, let me go.

” Like Hailee’s song above”, I see this song as a love song rather than a heartbreak song… I too have loved and felt that I have dishonoured my friend with a choice between loving me and or moving on and losing me altogether.

I am not ashamed to say that when I love someone I wholeheartedly commit to loving them forever. I struggle to let go and feel that I should learn to let go of the tight grip that I have… after all my friends are free spirited people with the right to love and be loved. –

●Delta Goodrem – “ Let Me Go “… is a song that shows me that love doesn’t forget where it felt love before and that in letting go I return the right for my friend to feel love again.

●Delta Goodrem –  “ Sitting On Top Of The World “ – Delta Goodrem – Delta’s Child Of The Universe Album & song Sitting On Top Of The World gives me an inner strength that keeps me from folding my hands in my lap – preventing me from giving in & giving up. Showing me that I had to save myself so that I could be sitting on top of my own world.

I listen to most genres of music & as part of my daily writing I occasional practice a writing exercise that I call “music appreciation.” Music Appreciation is where I firstly listen to the song, then I watch the video clip & finally I write about it and what it means an says to me… Summing up all my thoughts and feelings up with a self written re-write of the song, making it my own.

There are many more of course, in future posts I will reveal more about myself, my hobbies, my interests & my tastes in music.

Author. Tanya Kelly


5 thoughts on “Day #19 – Some Of My Favourite Music

  1. Tanya, I love your broad range in music. I love many of the same songs. I even still love and am inspired by music my mother and grandmother loved. To me, the lyrics are everything and the music simply helps to elevate the passion of the words no matter the era. Brought back some strong memories. 🤗 Thank you for sharing.


  2. I’m basically a classical music lover, along with some of the poetic voices (Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Mary Chapin Carpenter, etc.).

    But it was so telling that our recent German HomeExchange partner loved the iPod music that I had attached to our music system, so much that he asked if he could download it. It was a subset of music received from my Dad (a huge music fan), with an enormously elective range of digital music, received on a hard drive a few years back.

    Happily, I was able to tell him how to access the key to the locked understairs closet, so he could find the hard drive and download everything to his laptop — it made me happy to share my Dad’s gift.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Music is meant to be shared…. what grooves in our heart moves the feet of others… & at times the songs that we treasure hold inner story’s that we dare not tell other…

      Thankyou for your reply Lisa… appreciate you stopping by


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