Day #18 – Letters To My Today’s, My Tomorrows & My Future Self

999.jpegThere are times in my daily writing when I make use of written & pictured quotes in my daily writes & thoughts. I find & collect, save and use them at times as stepping stone to the thoughts that pour out of me… and at other times The written pictured quotes that I selectively use say everything that I am feeling in the here and now.

So in today’s daily blog… I have chosen a few written pictured quotes that put upon this page the words behind my todays thinking’s for my tomorrow’s future self. I have put together a few of my favourite written & pictured quotes to aid me in writing a letter to “My Today’s, My Tomorrows & My Future Self”  – just like in the days of tape recorders and the weekend morning tvhits music show, I will be making a mixed daily entry (similar to a mixed audio tape, instead of music I use written & pictured quotes).

(I go in and out of writing in the 1st & 3rd person)

(A Thinking Thought To Myself)
Before I start today’s writing I want to say that the last few months throughout our writing journey it has all been about us; both negative and positive.. as well as happy and sad… writing about our past woes and our futures dreams.

So I will start my letter to you by saying this…

556“Today I Am Wise, So I Am Changing myself… today.
As I write my toughness, is in the tenderness & strengths is in the giving that I give to others… we live our today’s life in a continuous flutter of inner courage, being courageous and always willing to go that extra mile… the road less travelled may have taken it’s toll on us emotionally, mentally & physically but today we stand tall in our convictions and in our undying love for our family and friends.

In the eyes of those around us, we are often seen as mysterious, introverted, convincingly loud at times and a person who stands up to what I believe in… I will never apologise for my strong will or my willingness to say how it is… Living life in the truth line hasn’t won me any medals… but I am always true to myself & for that reason, I am proud of who I am and who I have become.

what I learned through the process of becoming is this… feeling sorry for yourself makes you the obstacle in your own journey… that everything has happened for a reason & that feeling sorry for yourself will get you know where fast… the only choice that we have is to get up dust ourselves off and move forward in our days.. growing and learning from the harsh lessons that life has handed us.

sometimes you.jpegQuoting one of today’s written pictured quotes “Sometimes you have to stop being scared and just go for it. Either it will work, or it won’t. That’s life – “Reference – Learning In Life.”

In the journey of our life I am very much a person who thinks and feels things deeply, as a child I was told that I was high-strung and a highly emotional young person but as an adult I can see that the deepness that I feel in my heart, mind & soul shows how my life is impacted but the people I cross paths with through the journey of my life… I am certainly not a hot mess I am a person who is in touch with the reality of the world around me.

Another pictured quote that I will use in a note to you is –

iseeyou.jpegI see you
I see your strength and courage,
Your hesitations and fears.
I see the way you love others, and
Your struggle to love yourself.
I see how hard you work yo grow,
And your dedication to healing.
I see your vulnerable humanity,
And your transcendent divinity.
I see you, and I love what I see.

What this written pictured quotes should tell you is that in our life’s path we have had to learn to grow into the adult that we are today… we had to grow and learn to accept the person who we are… learning to love ourselves for who we are.. putting our own questions about who we are on the hardened table and demand that we deserve an explanation and the right to live our life the way that we deserve.

Indeed we are all very vulnerable humans…. “transcendent divinity” (the belief that God is so above and beyond this world that there is no way for human to understand what God is thinking or what God has decided)… maybe not but nevertheless full of empathy, love and compassion for all who enters our world.

This following written pictured quote sums up the above paragraph.

recognisedmyself.jpeg“I never recognised myself… never spied the beauty of my own soul until I stopped trying to see “me” in the mirrors other chose.”

What this written pictured quotes message is saying is that I have always seen my self-worth through the glare of others… in the month of January 2018, I told myself that I had to evolve into the person that I internally saw myself as… no longer to be vulnerable to the glaring words of others, no longer allowing the visions of other people’s say so’s to engulf my heart, mind & soul. I grew into me in January 2018 – I was no longer role-playing me in my life… I was growing into my full actualised self.

I remember so clearly your voice calling my name; at first, you softly calling from somewhere in the distance, I awoke to hear you clearly telling me that I wasn’t alone… you spoke so clearly and this is what you had told me. You told me that I was no longer the victim of my life’s war… I was slowly becoming the survivor for my Tomorrow’s future… fight took over… wiping away my deeply rooted guilty tears… I watched the inner child in my fall to my feet and she surrendered her driving force for her to be in charge of we… the fury of the ocean’s tide; calmed to a peaceful still… the fight for purpose had been one … the storm become our calm.

My inner solitude became welcoming at this point… I was on my way to me reclaiming myself. I knew at that moment that I would soon fall to my knees… you had broken me, broken opened my heart… dripping in tears you let me grieve for me, for the years that I have sheltered both you and me…

You spoke again to my broken soul…

showme.jpegShow me more of what made you.
Don’t bring the fancy.
Don’t give me veiled tales of bliss.
I want to know how you earned your scars.
Tell me what brings you to your knees
In the darkness of the night.
Peel back the layers,
Let me see the things that make demons run
And lesser men hide.
By Jay Long – Reference – writer Jay Long
My demons were running and the child in me was no longer my shadow and I was no longer hers… the scars of our journeys are our maps to our future.
We became our new own saviour.. every moment of our life’s past happened and we knew that there was no redo… but what happened… we together came to terms with … We that we were growing in strength… and we were brewing inner empowerment… feeling sorry for ourselves we knew that we withoutrain.jpegcouldn’t go there… we had to come to the ground, reroot and grow towards the sun.

A written pictured quote sums up the last written paragraph… ” without rain nothing grows, learn to embrace the storms in your life.”

I want you to know that I cry no more … forgiving me was hard but … in time the inner peace that I am beginning to feel will come full circle into me being able to fully let go, forgive and to come full circle – arm and arm with true inner peace and those that I love. The burn holes in my heart will the treasure gifted to my soul… adorned in the mirrors reflected the beauty that was once long ago shunned.
Another written pictured quote that I will write in its fullest is a message that I would write to my future self in recognition of our journey thus far. This written pictured quote is also a reminder to future self… reminding me of the importance of not forgetting where we come from… a reminder to embrace the journey…. the good and the bad.girlinside.jpeg

That girl inside you… she needs
Some air. She needs some sunshine.
She needs some moments that
Will make her smile again and
Believe in the magic of living.
Away from the noisy streets and
People bouncing off each other.
Nurture her every now and again.
Slow your day down and have
A dance together. Because she’ll
Be a part of you.
And forgetting what’s inside
Us is why we stop believing in magic.

Author – S.C Lourie
Reference – butterfliesandpebbles
In the years that have led up to now –
invisible.jpegMy entire life I have felt invisible
An understudy in a nightmare
Behind the scenes
Setting up the props
But her rebirth was stunning
She lifted herself up from
The depths of despair,
Memories she embedded them into her heart
And walked forward into
A future that only her will
And vision could control.
Taken in part (added some here also) from Jennifer Eayre & Yung Pueblo

I have for many years I felt very distant from the life that I pretended to be living … invisible and an understudy to the life that was me. I wasn’t the main character… I was just vessel that served my younger self, keeping calm the environmental barriers.. loving, trusting and nurturing the failing beat of my heart…. distant in the mind and distant in the soul…never ever feeling 100% myself. I knew that I was different… I was for a long time broken in half… my inner child protected me always and kept my childhood memories locked away in her heart… now we are one… she has unlocked her soul… standing tall at the bricked paved road that she built… walking forward into her future that only her will
and her vision could control.

(todays daily blog shows that you can get ideas from writing from almost anything that you read, touch and feel… it’s a matter of reinterpreting the written/pictured words & putting them into one’s own life’s context).

That is my letter To My Today’s, My Tomorrow’s & My Future Self… mixed daily entry (similar to a mixed audio tape, instead of music I use written & pictured quotes).

Someday day in my future I will read this as my future self.

Till Tomorrow & Until My Future Self Is Here.

Author. Tanya Kelly
Copyrighted By Tanya Kelly. 2018
Credit & References Also Given.


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