Day #15 – Dusty Book


The Dusty Book
By Author – Christie L Starkweather – CLS Poetry

I was nothing more than a dusty, forgotten book When you pulled me off the bottom shelf.
All tattered and worn out,
Still, you stumbled your way through my pages, Carefully turning each one,
Learning My Story,
One chapter at a time
And when you had finished the last one,
To my surprise,
You did not put me back on the shell
Like so many had before.
Instead, you wrapped me up in your arms
And took me home,
Where you gave me a new place to belong…
And a whole new chapter to write.

My Take On The Poem “Dusty Book”
Original By – Christie L Starkweather – CLS Poetry

I was both the author and the reader of that dusty book… I came to the realisation that the only person that could save me from my life’s journey, my life’s path and the harsh pathways that plagued my path was me…

I had put myself on the very bottom of the bookshelf and never gave a thought to apply myself to what I could have made of my life.

I had become lost, tired and overwhelmed by all that engulfed my life… I was worn out and no longer had the presence to think of me as anything other than who I had become.

I read about my life’s story
Annotating my thinkings and thoughts
In the footer of every page…
And without returning myself back to the bookshelf
Way down low and out of reach,
I gathered my strength
And made changes
That would make me into this person
Of whom I have become.

Being my own best friend
Was the only gift that I had to give me…
But you gave me a belonging
A sense of self
A place to belong
And a guarantee that we would work together
And forever be one.

Written By
Tanya Kelly

I love the writings of Christie L Starkweather – CLS Poetry. I often follow many writers in  their writing journeys… sometimes I dabble in re-writing or reinterpreting what others write, putting my spin and my story into the light of the written verse in front of me.

I love to see how the written works of others can bloom into a whole new story, and or a new take on the original story line.

Author. Tanya Kelly
Copyrighted By Tanya Kelly. 2018.


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