Day #11 – At Ease

4F3F0524-4F6D-4ED9-9CFB-300EB4A0CB64A Written Clue To Who I Am

When I am in the presence of others; I may appear calm, comforted and at one with my environment… all along I am yearning some balance in my soul. I hold on and do what needs to be done… dancing with my inner chameleon pushing back against the planned routes of escape, but always aware that i am in a struggle with the inner depths of my own lost self, fighting hard to keep hidden from others the me that is trapped within.

Humanity is a rat race; forever running about the place, running from A to B. I myself am one of those humans who are better left in 1 place.. the deeper my roots are planted the more at ease I am.

Till Tomorrow’s Blog Post

Author. Tanya Kelly


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