Day #10 – ” My House Of Self “

House Of Me
I undertook a writing task idea that I found on a blogging prompt site that instructed me to “find a poem or verse and re-write it, make it your own it said… write your story within its context but in a whole new tone & voice.

For me this short verse or poem provoked the strength that it takes for me in my every day building of myself… the strength for building one step & one brick at a time.

In my version of the poem/verse, I pay homage to the nurturing place that my inner mind seeks, offering up the strength to push through the toughest days, giving strength to push through to the days that has courage and calmness laying in its wake … a comforting place where once the tears once lived but long ago were wept and fallen.

When I first saw Noor Unnahar’s poem/verse I felt an instant connection to its words. I felt that Noor Unnahar’s poem was telling my story of how I built myself up & became me.

So in order to pay homage to Noor Unnahar and her verse/poem; this is what I came up with… using her ideas as the bread crumbs to my own self-expression.

My version “ A poem titled “My New House Of Me” was inspired by Noor Unnahar and her version of she building herself into a house “ (Noor’s Facebook Page).

Noor Unnahar’s Original Poem

I am building
A house
Where the floor is
Made up of strength
Where the walls are
Crafted of ambition
Where the roof is
A masterpiece of
I am building

My Re-Write Of Noor Unnahar’s Original Poem – titled “My House Of Self”

Far into the fractured ravines
Of the flower fields of my mind
Stands the ”my house of self”
Solemnly and companionless
Patiently awaiting the arrival of
My mindfully peaceful self.

Where the waves that once crashed
At the edges of my shoreline
Now stands the foundations
Where I will build my house of self.

I have dug deep into the land
Upturning the saturated soil
And even deeper still
To the bedrock of my heart.

When at the bedrock
I did like what I saw
I was comforted by its beauty
And I stood tall in its strength
But I knew that to leave it
Meant giving up the way to change
There would have been
The same old me standing in the ravines of my yesterday’s self.

I knew to keep excavating
The hurt in my heart
Keep toiling at the soil
In order for my heart to find the better place it longed for.

Through darkness
Through rain
Through sunshine
Through light
I dug out the worst parts
Of my flower fielded land
Laying down in the dirt
To build the very foundations
That would soon become the new me.

I became my new foundations
Because only I knew me
And whilst I was working the rebuild of new and improved me
Not everything was trashable;
My memories I wanted to keep.

My house of self
Was built with my hands
So it is truly fitting
That my floors would be made of my strength.

My walls were built tall
With the bandages
That was once wrapped around my heart
They once kept me together
And protected from my pain
So now they can take pride of place
Holding up my empowered roof.

The empowered roof
That I did just speak of
Is perfectly built and structured
My rejuvenated heart a perfect material for its covering.
Beating strong and tough
Once under restoration
Now beautifully repaired.

My yesterday’s memories
Are today my adorning windows
They let the light in
And reflect my beauty
Whenever I pass by them.
They shelter me from storms
But allow the seasons to pass through.
Where once they cradled tearful weeps
They now they stand beautifully
Reaching for my tomorrow’s happy ever afters .

Not every part of the old me
Has become my new house of me
What was once my pain
Now feeds my flowered fields
Keeping my landscape gardens
Blooming and green.

My new house of me
Is now sitting on my shores
Where the only waters that flow freely
Are from the oceans that feed through my inlets.

I no longer cry from sadness
The only tears I now cry
Are in remembrance of how far I have come.

And I now no longer fear being alone
Because just like the strength of my footings and foundations
I now stand happy and perfectly one within myself.

Written By
Tanya Kelly
Copyrighted By Tanya Kelly. 2018.

Both Verses/Poem depict inner strength and the willingness to transform oneself into the persons that Noor Unnahar & I wanted ourselves to be.

My version of “My House Of Self” depicts the clearing of the land (my heart, my mind & my soul – the broken parts of me) and building strong foundations in order to build a house that adorns both the old and new parts of me, giving new life to old treasures and finding uses for even the painful parts that now serve their purpose of giving strength in growth to the walls that hold me up.

What Noor Unnahar’s poem gave me was the foundations to appreciate the strengths in the person that I am in my here and now – both myself and the poem/verse
“My House Of Self” have become a version of something reformed to make a new.

Till Tomorrow’s Blog Post

Author. Tanya Kelly


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