Day #5 – Song Appreciation – “Unwritten” Natasha Bedingfield


So here it is… day #5 of my 365 day blogging challenge showcasing One Of  My Unofficial Anthems “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. Unwritten holds a special meaning to me as it talks about the autonomy that we as humans must take in our journey to what is the story of our lives.

The greatest gift that a person can give to themselves is the gift of self actualisation, the path to a person becoming who it is that they want to be, free of restraints fro from family or social expectations…. letting go of the ties that keeps us safe from life’s obstacles… realising that letting go doesn’t necessarily mean cutting ties completely… but it does mean letting you feel life in the winds that take you through your life’s journey…. free to return to the security and safety of your yesterdays self but yet far enough to allow self-growth and transformation in the wee that becomes I.

“My Unofficial Anthem – Unwritten” Celebrates who is that I am… standing tall in my own convictions… journeying through my own life’s path… The songs “Brave” by Sara Bareilles and “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield give me the words that my heart sings.

“Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield” – Rewritten Interpretation

You woke on this day
And truly began to breathe
Scared for your tomorrows
And the night draws near.

Breaking free from your shackles
That life has you anchored to
Awakening soul
Fresh eyes
And free will
You are busily flipping through
The pictured storybook of your life to now.

Beautifully coloured
Even the speed humped moments
Are depicted with love.
Wrongs are written
With quotations of lessons learned
With pictured drawings of ropes
Showing you with enough rope to swing
To feel the pain
But close enough to yank you back
To the shackles that protect you in your life.

Each page
And each day
And journal living and breathing
What should be your life?

I’m reading you now
The story of my life
Not wanting to erase you or rewrite your past
But your shackles I am removing
You must let me fall, in you I trust
Let go of my rope
I must feel me live in winds of my life.

Today is gone
And tomorrow will soon be here
Pages in my history book
Is left blank for the new me.

Scared and afraid of this journey that I have begun taking
But looking forward to the feelings
That only freedom can bring.

Let me free fall into my life
Holding my weight up in this world
Embarking on a journey
Let me fulfil my dreams
My journey I have to undertake
Let me grow to be me
Free from the shackles
That keeps me safe in my days.

Each page
And each day
And journal living and breathing
What should be your life?

I’m reading you now
The story of my life
Not wanting to erase you or rewrite your past
But your shackles I am removing
You must let me fall, in you I trust
Let go of my rope
I must feel me live in the winds of my life.

Each page and each day
Will tell a new story in my book
Living and breathing
The path that my life was born to become
Free from my shackles
Untied from my ropes
Free falling into life
Walking tall
And into the sun.

Author. Tanya Kelly

Here Is My Questionnaire On “Unwritten”

“Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield
1. What does the title of the song tell you it is about? The title of the song is Brave… it tells me about the strength and the courage that a person possess in order to get through a given moment in their life.
The title of the song is “Unwritten”… Unwritten tells me that there is a story to be told but yet to be researched and or told.
2. Read or listen to the song quietly. What is happening?
What is happening in the song “unwritten“ a person journeying through life finding their pace and place in the world, writing their story on the blank pages of what is the story of their life.
Working at who one can be and become and who it is that they will be when the conditional lines and expectations that are placed upon us by our families and society are rewritten by our own selves morals and values…
A song that loudly and proudly sings that life should be embarked up with arms wide open, expecting the experiences that only life’s adventures can give…. experiencing life in a journey that only a single soul can experience…
An undefined, an unwritten journey of self-discovery in the world that only we can walk in. Life doesn’t come with a written mapped out path, that we must live life for ourselves.
3. What is your first impression of the song?
My first impression of the dong unwritten is of a person trying to find themselves in our fast-paced world… a song that sings a story of a person writing their our journey, their own destiny through the paths that they choose to walk in the exploration of their lives.
4. Now read the song a second time. Notice how it is punctuated. Do any images
stand out to you? Is there a rhyming pattern? What is it? Is there a noticeable rhythm to the words?
The image that is depicted in the song “unwritten” is that of a teenager leaving home for the first time… mum is crying and saying “please don’t go” but the call to living one’s life is screaming freedom.
The rhythm of the song “unwritten” is upbeat and full of twirling sun glancing twisty turns of a young person bring called to the beginning days of the first days of their life’s freedom.
The sound becomes faster when it sings about reaching out into the distance for a life outside of what they are conditioned to live and breath… in the distance but yet close enough to reach…
The song “unwritten “ sings a story of self-discovery that we eventually venture into… once we step outside of what our life was yesterday we begin live our life in the tomorrow… a blank page in the story of our life, a story that only we can be charged with writing… every person for him or herself scribing and drawing their life’s map
5. Is there an obvious meaning to the song?
“Unwritten” is clearly a journey or a path of a person’s life that has no trace roots or written story… a fresh start, new beginnings, the birth of ones self in a world where the only conditions that we are held to are the rights and wrongs that see for ourselves as right and wrong.
6. Is there an implied meaning?
The implied meaning of the song “unwritten is the freedom that coming of age brings…. living life to the fullest without a care of what living life in the world with no guarantees of personal safety (security, housing, money, food)…
Unwritten is about stepping out on ones own… walking head first into the distant sun… journeying through life one day at s time.

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2 thoughts on “Day #5 – Song Appreciation – “Unwritten” Natasha Bedingfield

    • Cant wait to see what you come up with… look forward to reading what you write… this is one of my little exercises that I do … worth the try… find a song that you like and have a go….loose yourself in the hidden thoughts of music that moves you XX Tan XX


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