Day #4 – Listening Beyond Words

Today’s daily blog post  is all about a person’s ability to listen beyond the words that are actually being spoken. The secret entrance to the inner centre of my mind heart and soul.

I am very aware that I am not the easiest person to get to know on a very personal level & I am very very aware that burrowing under my defensive barriers is also not one of the easiest things to do.

I feel things very deeply and am very easily hurt… if a person is able to get past all my defensive barriers then I become 100% committed to being friends with this person.

When I am put in the position where I become hurt or alienated by a person’s betrayal either willing or unwilling I become so guarded and push backwards into a wall that very rarely has a return or replenish point to our relationship.

Author: – Hidden Beside-Lily B 2017

“To understand a woman,
You must learn to listen to what she says.
But you should pay more attention to what she says in her.”4C3362F5-3CC8-4467-91BA-BA0DAA8C3594The above pictured quote to me aliterates the very written verse of my unspoken self… there are times when I am able to talk and talk, looking as though I am either well read or have plenty of knowledge or plenty to say… but my inner self is actually very quiet and relishes on silence … that quiet and silent part of me prefers to sit and listen… taking in the thoughts and vocal cues of those around me but the other side of this coin is that I am instantly drawn to people who can sit in an empty space with me… expecting little conversation and be comfortable in doing so….

I love the back and forth banter of endless conversation with or without a subject or meaningful explanation behind its conversation… but what I really love in a persons communication is the unspoken and un-judgemental vocal cues in a persons body language…

For me attentive listening (thinking and acting in ways that connect you with the speaker. While active listening usually happens naturally when we are very interested in what someone is saying, we can also choose to listen actively whenever we want to maximize the quality of our listening, both in terms of the effect it has on us and the effect it has on those we are speaking to. By contrast, when people “multi-task” while someone speaks, they rarely listen effectively).

I personally love the connecting eye contact that active listening brings… there are moments, however, when I don’t feel comfortable in using eye contact… I personally think that eye contact is very personal… I think that eye contact is like a front door to a persons house… the entrance into someone’s world, someone’s life… well I think eye contact offers up the same entrance… an entrance to my soul, my mind and my thinking… a rare and often closed door to the introverted person that I prefer to be.

Author. Tanya Kelly


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