Day #3 – Self Love – (Letter To My Body In Regards To It’s Ms Related Antics

Below is a funny moment I had  moment in the wake of one of Ms moments. I had to wake and take a pen to paper in order to make light of  one of my Ms moments.


Dearest Body… what can I say but thanks for the reminder that you gave me today… you know the reminder that slapped me a good one.. my Ms was horrendous today leaving me feeling as though I had swallowed to much salt water after a slam dunk wipe out tumble in the bloody surf.

I awoke this morning in the wee hours after just getting to sleep but barely less than an hour before your rudimentary wake up call… it wasn’t bad enough that I had a 1 man band pounding loudly and out of beat in my head; that I also had my left leg dragging along the carpeted floor; as though it was trying to find a way to set fire to my left foot.

I felt absolutely celebrated when you allowed the shower to to show me how much it loved me as i face planted it straight into my soapy snail strip that was placed on the shower screen by my hand that was clearly working to save me from any slip and slide motion to the showers floor.

I get your attempt at humour when you made me hit myself in the head with the brush… so in order for this merited stunt to finish up it’s daily encore, i have taught myself to brush my hair with my other hand or oooooh I just don’t do it at all.

Seriously body I am ever so grateful that my funky walk that lands me into walls and door knobs without warning isn’t the only gift that you have given me… my sliding door wardrobe too loves to get in on the action when i lean on it for support and it launches me heading to the floor…

Last laughs on that damned funny wardrobe as I haven’t YET hit the floor. I have skills you know !! and not all of them show my lack of flexibility and some mornings there is very little effort needed on my part to pull any of them off.

My knee is all bruised this week… the coffee table tried to bully me… my knees had friends called hands and they helped to stop the beat up…

Dear dear body of mine…
How could I thank you anymore than to say thank you for kicking my ass. Sincerity may not be seen here in my heart felt thanks for your support but in earnest you are simply a pain in the ass.

I feel that we are celebrating the 12 days of Christmas… but instead of the three french hens and two turtle doves i get a sore foot, a sore leg, a sore back and and a rolling thundering head… & due to the lack of
sleep; all day eyes popping out out of my head but I’m sure that the endless gift giving days will will come to a plato’d place…

So as wounded and as bruised as I am this week
I truly am great full for all the effort that you put into me, your gift giving is generous and your love is truly overwhelming…

But above all else you have made me aware that I’m still breathing and alive to to relive it all again tomorrow .. ooh how I look forward.

Till tomorrow my guaranteed companion
Good night
I await your reply!

Author. Tanya Kelly


6 thoughts on “Day #3 – Self Love – (Letter To My Body In Regards To It’s Ms Related Antics

  1. Tanya- I just found your blog in our Sunday Night Writing Group feed. Please just keep writing. Don’t worry about the format/template/etc. You’re obviously already a writer. Just keep spinning off whatever comes up, I think.

    I have no idea what my new blog will become (or not), but writing forms a purpose beyond a destination (book, etc.?) — but fundamentally, I think Maitri’s approach is on to something — writing everyday helps you discover what’s currently important, for whatever that’s worth.



    • Hey Lisa thanks for the visit to my blog…

      I have been writing for many years and have many directions in which I can go in my writing… I have a book of poetry and 2 book ideas in different stages of writing
      … Maitri does indeed have a direction worthy of a great following… I have had similar teachings in the past… but absolutely adore her and her ways

      Thanks again Lisa for your beautiful message.


  2. Tanya, I am sorry your body decided to do battle with you today. Good for you for swinging right back. You tell it a thing or two. You are the boss. Well maybe just in your brain. Glad you are here for me to follow as you lead.
    Gentle hugs,


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