Day #2 – Quote That Resonates With My Blogging Journey

A written quote that is very appropriate this week – a quote that resonates with my blogging journey & learning curve is as follows:

Author:  Lemn Sissay

“A Blog Is Neither A Diary Nor A Journal. Many People Think Of Blogging In Relation To Those Two Things, Confessional Or Practical. It Is Neither Of These But Includes Elements Of Both.

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Thia quote speaks to my me in so many ways… my life’s ve for writing has been with me since I was a wee child… Over the years I have Dabbled in short story writing and in many forms of poetry… someday the bits and pieces of  my untitled book that lives in scribbled paragraphs in an unkempt messy manuscript of book magazine get tired of being a “pipe dream” kept on a pile of unread books and finally find a place far more deserving of its hidden words.

I tell people that I am not just a writer of poetry dnd I am not just an amateur blogger… I am a sentence forming person who gives light to msny unwritten things.

writing for me isn’t a hobby its what keeps me sane.

Till Tomorrow’s Post

Author. Tanya Kelly


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