Welcome To My 365 Day Blogging Challenge


The Journey Begins

(Photo Above Taken At The John Whitton Memorial At Emu Plains)


Day #1

Today is October 6th, 2018 & it is also the first day of my 365 day blogging challenge.

As promised in yesterday’s personal daily writing, I said that I would sit down and finally hit publish on my blog… getting it finally out of draft mode, out of my head and into the blogging community. I have been procrastinating for far to long, I have had many excuses for why it is that my blog isn’t up and running… no it’s time to put some direction into my blog; or die trying. So here I am here to finally getting down to the barebones of my long-awaited blogging journey.

My writing groups mentor Maitri Llibellulea initially discussed with us as a group about how it would be great for us to all to have our own blog, working alongside each other in our own blogging/writing challenges; each with our own idea’s about what it is that we are would be sharing with each other, our reading subscribers our community… all whilst supporting each other in our journey along the way.

Before Maitri suggested the 365 Day Blogging Challenge I was in the midst of starting up a personal blog that was going to be added to my personal website… so as well as starting up of a new project that is my blog I am also currently rebuilding my personal website that I will share with everyone at a later date…  at the beginning of all this my blog was in its infancy stages when Maitri spoke about our writing group undertaking a blogging challenge. There I was getting seriously weighed down by the design concept and what it was that I was going to write about – how could I have so little idea of what I was going I was going to write about? you ask – after all I have many writing projects that I am working on…. I couldn’t possibly have nothing to share and nothing to say… but the truth is; my writing voice was silent… “A Mid design/sentence crisis”…. I wasn’t and am still not out of things to write about… I have many pieces of written works already completed… but again the design element of my blog was forever in the forefront of my thoughts… there I was a person with web design experience struggling to get my blog off the ground.

Well I hit the wall hard and decided many times to start my blog design over.. & here I am at I think design number. My blogging plan was to either come up with a WordPress template that I would learn to like or go back to my computer and redesign something that would spur on my creativity… I scrapped the idea of a self hosted blog so that I could meet the looming start date that everybody was starting on… & thanks to a few other people seeking help I managed to gain some experience in using WordPress… so I decided to follow trend … and deliver my blog in a WordPress design & platform. So here I am using WordPress instead of designing my own personal blog – a new learning curve but a far easier one then actually sitting down and designing a blog from scratch.

What’s Behind the name “365 Day Something’s” ?

“365 Day Something’s” – “I want my 365 day blogging challenge to have a generalised topic area where I can write about the many things that go through my thoughts on a day-to-day basis… I will be sharing all sorts of things such as:
– Self-written poetry
– Written & pictured quotes – meaning and interpretations of
– I will be sharing photo’s of the areas that surround my home
– Morning pages / mindfulness (I was never a fan of morning pages still I started my writing group under Maitri Llibellulea. Maitri through her writing has given me a fondness for appreciating the gift of writing in the rise of the morning’s sun, being appreciative of the day that is being given a dawn and being appreciative of what life offers and brings my way.
– Condensed version of my personal daily writes

Right now and at this very moment I am feeling a little overwhelmed… I am a little uncovered and a little unhinged… I am lost for words and struggling to get this blog post done and dusted before the strike of midnight (1hr & 50 minutes away)… the other day I was watching a movie called “the book thief” – A story about a young girl who is given to adoptive parent in the beginning days of the second world war. As Liesel witnesses the horrors of World War II Germany, she Liesel finds solace by stealing books and sharing them with others.

Liesal’s adoptive Father Han’s promised that he would return a favour to his long time ago friend when ever he needed it. So when world war II broke out he found himself protecting a young Jewish man named Max in the basement of his home. Max’s father had saved Hans’ life in World War I and promise was never forgotten.

Liesal was Taught to read by  kind-hearted Han’s – her foster-father, the girl begins “borrowing” books and sharing them with the Jewish refugee being sheltered by her foster parents in their home. Liesal and Max became friends and Liesal kept the hours & months that Max spent  in the basement one of learning to read, and sharing with Max the story’s in the books that she later from the snow, fire, and the mayor’s wife, keeping Max in touch with what was happening outside of the basement walls and in the world in the midst of world war II.

Max spoke of a the word write and how important it was for Liesal to write, that the subject wasn’t important that the writing itself was important. Liesal & Max shared an  affinity for words. He writes two books for her and presents her with a sketchbook that contains his life story, which helps Liesel to develop as a writer and reader, which, in turn, saves her life from the bombs.

What stuck with me and had pushed me back into my blogging journey is Max telling Liesal to write, write about anything, just tell your story. so from the movie “The Book Thief” I had to make a deal with myself and put onto paper the following things that would take my blog from my scribblings and my minds thought to being seen on my partially designed blog:

Steps To My Blog Materialising

1. Choose & finalise my blogs name “365 Day Something’s”
2. Choose a WordPress theme or design a layout that I would be happy within myself to use.
3. Start writing and compiling written works for my blogs content – well into returning to my writing for the past 10 months, I have written of many ideas that I would like to have on my blog and am currently working on these ideas in my daily writing.
4. Write my introduction page

“I want my 365-day writing challenge to have a generalised topic area because I want to commit to an ends purpose and in doing so give myself a goal to work towards… In returning to blogging and or writing on the world wide web I can write about the everyday things that happen to, around and in my life in a condensed form of daily writing”.

If all the above isn’t enough pressure on my writing and mental thoughts I am also thinking of perusing a journey of writing a book… this thought has been in the background of my thoughts for many years… what would I write about? What would I call my book? Mmm these are questions that are this time to much of a thought process to have an answer for…. But some of the ideas that are floating around in my head are: surviving mental mindlessness, maybe even a book of my many pieces of self-written poetry.. or stories of my past years… who knows where my “pipe dreams of writing a book” will lead me.

So with my thoughts now on the “Breaking it down into bite size chunks”

So there it is s promised in yesterday’s daily write… “My Blogging Plans In Writing”
who knows if it will prove to be slightly adventuress, and it certainly isn’t know if My Blogging Plans In Writing will work for me…. They may or my not need to be looked at later; Nothing is set in stone… that is why my plan is called a plan… there is always room for change in my thoughts and change in my direction.

Today my writing journey will be to:

– I will begin working, writing & collating things that are needed for the first few weeks of my blogging adventure.
– I will put my digital camera to good use I will begin to take photo’s that I will use in my blog/website.
– I will endeavour to bring my website up to being up-to-date
– I will continue to do my daily writing for 750words.com will continue at an agreement of a minimum of 750 words daily, posting condensed versions of my thoughts in my daily blogging entries.

So there it is my “My Blogging Plans In Writing” – now to get started in my writing and blogging adventures.

This week I hit a personal goal of 500,000 written words written for my daily writes that I keep and post at 750words.com. This personal accomplishment rewarded me with the Triple Flock badge This badge is worth 500,000 words. This is the equivalent of 10 good-sized novels, and just a little less than the total number of unique words in the Oxford English Dictionary. Bravo to you! – an accomplishment with a significance only to and for myself.

I only returned back to writing at 750words.com In January this year. I am in awe of my dedication to my daily writing, I always knew that if I just got restarted back at my writing that I would stick with it and flow my flow of words and thoughts… but 500,000 words is an accomplishment that I truly didn’t see coming till I received The Double Flock Badge from 750words.com. This badge is worth 250,000 words back in July this year.

I am truly in love and in awe with my return to my writing… I am committed and can see the benefits of me writing daily in all aspects of my life. I am happier and calmer and have found a place to off load my airport baggage claim/carousel’s mind of thoughts… for the most part I am back at sleeping regular hours and find that I am a lot less mentally tired throughout tiresome and long hours at my computer.

If my daily writing means nothing else but the allowance of the changes in the above listing to be made, then I am personally honoured to receive this calmness that my writing has gifted to me.

I look forward to undertaking this blogging challenge both in my own challenge and in supporting my writing groups members in theirs.

Till Tomorrow’s Daily Post

Author. Tanya Kelly


5 thoughts on “Welcome To My 365 Day Blogging Challenge

  1. Ah dearest Tanya,
    You are so wonderful at wtitng. Your dedication ti write so much will surely lead you to a novel ir two or ten. Your determination and talent walk hand in hand to bring forth the pletheria of ideas waiting to leave your head.
    Such a great gift to share with the world.
    Thank you
    With respect and love

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